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How to Transfer eSIM to New Android Phone

    Recently, eSIM (embedded SIM) technology has gained much attention. It provides Android users with an easier and more flexible approach to managing their connectivity requirements on mobile devices. It is a virtual SIM card that is integrated into the phone. eSIM technology removes the requirement of physical SIM cards, transforming how people manage their mobile phone services.

    This unique solution allows users the ability to switch between plans and networks, without having to swap physical SIM cards. This solution provides unparalleled flexibility and effectiveness in managing mobile connectivity using Android smartphones. Thanks to eSIM technology, users are able to quickly activate new mobile plans, control several profiles, and experience uninterrupted connectivity. This allows them to be connected no matter where they travel with little effort and the most flexibility.

    What are the requirements for transferring my E-SIM?

    Before you try to transfer your service and services from one device to the next, ensure you can get all of the items required in a short time. In general, before you begin to attempt to transfer your service and plan service from one device to another, think about the following:

    You need to ensure that your new device is eSIM compatible. To do that, make sure you check within the settings. If you don’t already possess it, you can use Holafly’s list to find compatible phones.
    It is accurate to check with your cell phone provider to determine if they support this virtual SIM card transfer option. Sometimes, the operator must perform the setup; in some cases, the operator will only permit you to set up an eSIM on one device.
    The phone requires an Internet connection to be installed. The telephone must be installed at home and connected to a secured WiFi network.

    How do I Transfer an eSIM One phone to the next

    Moving an eSIM’s eSIM from one mobile to another could seem difficult; however, with correct guidance, it’s simple. Be sure to follow these guidelines to warrant a smooth transition:

    Step 1: Check Compatibility
    Before transferring, ensure that your old and new phones are compatible with eSIM. The majority of modern phones offer eSIM capabilities, but it’s a good idea to verify.

    Step 2: Backup Data
    Make backups of all the essential details on the old device to avoid data loss during the transfer process. This includes photos, contact messages, contacts, and any other vital data.

    Step 3: Deactivate eSIM on Old Phone
    Go to the old phone’s settings and go to the eSIM section. Click the opportunity to remove the eSIM. This will remove the eSIM from your device of choice and allow it to be used for transfer.

    Step 4: Obtain QR Code or Activation Details
    Contact your new carrier or service provider to request an activation code, QR code, or information to activate the eSIM transfer. The code will contain the details to enable the eSIM in the new device.

    Step 5: Activate eSIM on New Phone
    Go to the eSIM settings on your new device and select ‘Add a new eSIM.’ Then, use the QR code or activation info supplied by your provider to enable the eSIM on your new device.

    Step 6: Test and Confirm
    Following the eSIM activation, verify your connectivity to ensure that calls, messages, and data services are working correctly on the new phone. This is essential in confirming the transfer’s success.

    Transferring an eSIM From Android to iPhone

    If you’re trying to transfer your eSIM on your Android smartphone to an iPhone, it’s the same; however, there are slight differences. Below are the steps needed to transfer your eSIM data from the Android phone to the iPhone:

    Switch on your brand newly purchased iPhone, then follow the setup steps. Connecting to WiFi and signing in using an Apple ID is necessary.

    You can turn off the integrated SIM on your Android device. Go to Settings > Network and internet mobile network, Advanced eSIM. Then, select the feature to disable, delete, or perform any similar command.

    Contact the eSIM service provider you use to get the QR code or transfer the code to your eSIM. You can do this through their website, a specific application, or by calling their customer service.

    Push to Settings > Cellular > Add Cellular Plan if you have a smartphone.

    • Enter the eSIM QR code or transfer code supplied by your service provider.
    • Wait a while for your eSIM to activate on your iPhone to activate.

    How to Transfer eSIM to a New Android Phone

    To transfer eSIM data onto a new Android phone, follow the following steps:

    Keep your older and new phones in one place.
    Switch on your phone and follow the instructions on the screen until you are presented with the Connect to the Mobile Network opportunity.
    Tap on Transfer SIM From Another Device.
    Press transfer SIM for (name of your phone) on your new phone.
    You can scan the QR Code from your new smartphone with the old one.
    When the transfer has been completed, contact your provider to confirm your transfer.

    Alternative methods to move your electronic SIM

    This article will provide an example of what to do with older Galaxy phones on the T-Mobile network. If this feature is available from your service provider, the steps you must follow on your mobile phone are most likely identical.

    Select Connections, then SIM Manager, or something similar in the Settings menu on your smartphone.
    Select Add eSIM. Then, transfer the SIM to another device.
    Follow the instructions to sign in to your account online. This could include the verification procedure.
    Enter the phone number in the number you would like to transfer. Press Continue.
    You will receive a message containing a verification number. Tap the code to enter it, then verify.
    Follow the prompts on the screen, and then the eSIM of your T-Mobile account is added to your brand-new phone. This can take several minutes.

    The Bottom Line

    Be careful when moving your eSIM from your iPhone to an Android device. Follow an extensive guideline to ensure an effortless transfer of your mobile. With the advancement of technology and evolution, using devices correctly is essential. This article outlined a complete method to provide a more efficient experience.

    It is easy to transfer eSim data from iPhone onto Android devices through detailed instructions. If you’re searching for a method to transfer data, you should consider using EaseUS MobiMover. The versatile software facilitates the transfer of essential data and improves the efficacy of transitioning between diverse mobile platforms.

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