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how to turn off active status on facebook

    Facebook is among the most well-known social media platforms around the globe, with nearly three billion users using the platform.

    Since almost everyone you know is likely to be on the platform, it could be overwhelming to keep up with all your notifications and messages. It can also be uncomfortable, mainly if others know you’re on the platform but are not engaging.

    There is a way to browse the site without your family and friends being aware that you’re on the internet. This is ideal for security and reduces worries about not ignoring a few messages.

    Continue reading to learn how to switch off your Status active on Facebook.

    Why should you turn off your active Status?

    Some users can benefit from becoming temporarily inaccessible to Facebook when they log on. Since everyone uses Facebook in different ways, some are seeking greater privacy. Some prefer not to have specific Facebook users or friends know they’re connected to the social media website.

    Turning off your active Status will also block your Friends or particular contacts from being aware of when you are most active in Facebook Messenger. But, turning it off also stops you from knowing the date when your contacts or friends were most active.

    The most challenging thing for people who are not tech-savvy Facebook users is knowing how to locate the option to change their Status on the menu for users. While the location for”active status” isn’t as prominent, it is easy to locate after you’ve read our tutorial.

    What does “Active status” be? What does it mean, and how can it be used?

    Active Status displays your connections and friends online on Facebook or Messenger. If you’ve been looking at an article on Facebook or chatting on Messenger, For instance, they’ll be able to see a green star beside your profile picture to indicate that you’re online or an actual time stamp that shows when you last logged in on.

    Switch off Active Status within the Facebook app.

    You can open Facebook on both your iPhone and iPad. Follow these steps to deactivate the Active Status feature:

    1.) Click on the menu (three-line icon) button in the lower right corner.

    2.) Scroll down to the lower right corner of the screen, and then click to open Settings and Privacy.

    3.) 3. Tap the Settings.

    4.) Scroll down, then tap Active Status.

    5.) Switch off the switch to Show when you’re on.

    6) Reconfirm this action by pressing to turn off the device.

    HOW DO YOU DISCOVER the Status of your Facebook account on DESKTOP

    By turning off Facebook’s active Status, Facebook will stop people from seeing when you’re online as well as when you last logged on. If you frequently utilize Facebook Messenger on your desktop, This is the procedure you should follow to turn off your Status as active. We discovered that you’d need to turn off your active Status on every device you’ve logged into if you wish to stop using Facebook Messenger completely.

    First step: on your PC, start the Facebook website in the browser of preference.

    2. Click the Messenger icon that is located in the upper right area of the screen. Click on the three dots icon at the top of your search bar.

    Step 3. Select the “Turn Off Active State” from the menus that appear.

    4. Facebook provides a granular option on who can view your profile the time you’re online. So, you can choose from 3 options: pick from:

    Remove Active Status on all of your contacts. Select this option if you don’t wish anyone to be aware of it when you’re online.

    You can turn off the active Status for all contacts. This option blocks you from most of your contacts, with a few exceptions.

    Remove active Status for specific contacts: This option allows you to be online, but only for those contacts you’ll need to manage manually.

    Control Who Sees You Online on Facebook

    Privacy on the internet and Facebook aren’t the same thing. However, there are ways to gain control over who can see your online presence on Facebook and how you are even seen online.

    Utilize the settings described in the article below to gain some privacy as it relates to whether your contacts list can see when you’re online.

    How Do I Turn Off The the Active Status on Facebook Messenger For One User?

    Everybody has that unpopular friend, colleague, or family member who contacts us when we log in to Facebook. This isn’t even the most unpleasant part. The most annoying part is that they are annoyed at us for not responding immediately. You cannot even stop this annoyance of our existence through Messenger to get some peace. Hiding your online activity within FB Messenger from this one person is the only way to stay clear of this modern-day torture. It is good news that Facebook lets its customers turn off their statuses selectively in Messenger.

    Go to

    Click on the “message” icon on the menu bar at the top.

    Three dots are available that appear from the chatbox

    Select the Turn Off Active Status

    Select the third option, “Turn off active status for only some contacts.”

    Write in the first name of who you wish to hide your Status in FB Messenger.

    Just click on “Okay.”

    How can I hide the last-seen Status of an unknown user on Facebook?

    Suppose you discover that an unidentified person is messaging on your Facebook and isn’t on your contact list. In that case, Facebook will notify you that a reply to that chat will be shared with your profile online and last seen Status with the individual.

    The best way to avoid the possibility of this happening is to not respond to the message. If you reply to the letter, the last time you were seen and your following live Status would be seen by the person who answered. However, if you’ve already responded to these individuals, you can avoid posting your Status online by blocking the individual from your side.


    You can set your Status to inactive and appear offline if you do not want to bother anyone when working. You now know how to disable your active Status in Messenger Use the knowledge you’ve gained to keep yourself away from irritating family members. If you are being harassed by email and threatened in your inbox, blocking them or restricting their use of Messenger can be a more practical option than ignoring them.

    If you turn off the active Status of Messenger, it will appear offline when using the application. All you need to do is locate your Active status option in your Messenger application’s settings and then switch the Messenger to Active Status. It’s that easy! If you do not want your acquaintances to believe that they are not online when you’re actually on the platform, then you have the option to appear offline to a small group of annoying users.

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