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How To Turn Off Carplay

    You can now disable Apple CarPlay if you need to add a synced vehicle to the Settings app.

    To turn off CarPlay completely, go to the Content & Personal Restrictions settings.

    CarPlay is again available by connecting the vehicle and enabling the feature.

    Apple CarPlay can be found in many vehicles. It allows drivers to connect an iPhone to their car quickly.

    CarPlay can be very convenient, but you may not wish to use it anymore with your iPhone.

    You can turn off this feature in the Restrictions tab of Settings, or you can forget a synced car.

    The latter will stop CarPlay from activating once you plug it into a relative’s or friend’s car. It will also allow you to continue using your phone in your vehicle.

    How to Turn Off CarPlay

    Disclaimer: These guidelines do not replace specific instructions for your vehicle. Before performing repairs, please check your owner’s handbook or repair guide.

    There are two ways to disable CarPlay. One is through your Settings. This lets you disconnect only from one vehicle. The other is through your iPhone restrictions to prevent you from connecting to all cars.

    CarPlay Through Settings is disabled

    Start the Settings App.

    Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “General.”

    Select “CarPlay” under the “General” settings menu.

    The “CarPlay” menu shows you the vehicles synced from your phone. To disconnect from one vehicle, tap on that option. Selecting a car will bring you to its menu.

    Tap “Forget This Car” on the vehicle menu.

    By tapping “Forget,” confirm that the vehicle will be forgotten. This option allows one car to be overlooked while your iPhone can connect to another.

    How to disable CarPlay on your iPhone under Restrictions

    Open the Settings App on your iPhone.

    Tap Screen Time.

    The Settings app for iPhone is highlighted with the “Screen Time” option.

    Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions.

    The iPhone’s “Screen Time” with the “Content & Personal Restrictions” option is highlighted.

    You can turn off the toggle for Content Privacy Restrictions if this is the first time you have used these restrictions. To activate this feature, tap on the toggle at the page’s top to change it from grayish to green.

    The iPhone’s Privacy & Content Restrictions settings are highlighted.

    Stefan Ionescu

    After turning on the feature, tap Allowed Applications.

    To toggle CarPlay from green to gray, tap on the CarPlay toggle.

    Disable CarPlay in Your Vehicle

    Settings menu Subaru Infotainment System

    You can also permanently disable CarPlay by launching your car’s head unit. While every vehicle (car, SUV or truck, van included) is different, the general idea of CarPlay can be applied to all vehicles. Every car, SUV, truck, van, etc., is another. However, you will usually find the option of disabling connected devices in the device’s settings. If you are still looking for the opportunity, consult your vehicle’s owner manual.

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