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How To Turn Off Power Reserve on Apple Watch

    How often do you place the Apple Watch to charge? There are many instances where the Apple Watch battery is low, and you’re not in a position to charge it. In general, the Battery of an Apple Watch works fine for 18 hours. However, this could differ based on the use that gadget is used. If you want to use the Apple Watch battery for a more extended period, you will have to set it up in the Power Reserve Mode. When you are in a Power Reserve mode, only certain functions on Apple Watch are available. Apple Watch is expected to run for 72 hours. In this article, we will go over how to turn off Power Reserve on Apple Watch.

    Does Power Reserve the Same Thing as Low Power Mode?

    Basically, yes. Suppose you want to preserve battery life by turning off a low-power Mode by reducing its capabilities. For the same function with Apple Watch, you turn on Power Reserve. The two watches are the same; however, they have different names.

    How to disable Power Reserve on Apple Watch

    As easy as activating Power Reserve mode is, shutting it down again is even simpler since it is only a matter of rebooting the device. To accomplish this, hold and press the button on the side till the Apple logo is displayed. Then it’s just a matter to wait for your Apple Watch to reboot again. If your battery is low if Power Reserve was enabled, the Apple Watch will likely need to be charged before that.

    To extend your Apple Watch’s battery life, the watch will inform users that the battery is at a low of 10 percent. It asks you if you wish to enable Power Reserve mode, and activating the feature will ensure that on the Apple Watch is a primary state, which is to inform the time. Here’s how to disable the power saving feature.

    To enable Power Reserve mode, swipe up on the face of the watch to access Control Centre.
    Touch the percentage of battery to move down the Power Reserve slider.

    Your Apple Watch will display the time when Power Reserve mode is turned on.
    To turn off the switch, hold and press this button on your left until you can see an Apple Logo.

    Your Apple Watch will likely restart. It could take a few minutes, but it will be back to normal after a while. Apple Watch will be back to its previous state after it is restarted.

    It’s no secret that the Apple Watch is a trendy smartwatch and, with the introduction of both the Series 6 and Watch SE models, that won’t change anytime very soon. In addition, with the addition of new features such as Time To Walk, which integrates into conjunction with an Apple Fitness+ subscription service, The Apple Watch will remain an innovative and functional device and the ability to manage features such as Power Reserve all the more vital.

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