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how to turn wifi on lg tv?

    If you’ve followed technology closely over the last several years, you’ll know how LG TVs are reliable, user-friendly, and the most cutting-edge technology. However, If you’re not aware of what to do to fix the usual LG TV’s WIFI not working issue, your life might not look appealing when you encounter it. Today, we’d like to help you avoid an unpleasant experience.

    How do I solve the LG TV WIFI turned-off issue? Turn off the TV and switch it on, alter the time settings, and set DNS settings. As the last resort, it is possible to reset the TV’s factory settings. You can turn off the QuickStart or Simplink functions. If none of this works you can try straightening the wires that connect to the WiFi module. WiFi module.

    Why LG TV WiFi is Turned Off?

    A possible cause could be due to an upgrade or re-installation of the most recent firmware. Another possible reason is whether someone changed the settings of the TV and shut off the WiFi in a deliberate manner or not. In either case, an error in the dates, times, or settings for DNS could cause the cause of your issue.

    You may have heard”software bugs”, or malware. These bugs don’t just affect smartphones or computers. The WiFi on your LG TV could be a source of the problem and, if it occurs the TV’s WiFi may be affected.

    Hardware issues can also cause your LG TVwifi issue. It is essential to identify the problem with your hardware and repair it when necessary.

    LG TV WiFi Is Turned Off

    If you’re using an LG TV with wireless, it can sometimes stop connecting to the wireless router. To enable wireless internet on your TV, activate it by turning on Wi-Fi in the menu system of your TV. If your TV’s one of the Smart TV that uses an HDMI port, then on the TV, you can go to Options > Network Settings > Status. ensure that both wireless and wired connections are on.

    LG TV WIFI connection problem could be due to a variety of causes. Take the following steps to resolve problems with the LG TV WIFI issue:

    Turn ON Wi-Fi via Wireless Router/Access Point

    Follow the instructions below to turn on Wi-Fi through Wireless Router or Access Point on your LG TV.

    Step 1: First, turn on your Wi-Fi device to link to Wi-Fi using a Wireless Access Point or Wireless Router on your LG TV.

    Step 2: Now turn to Your LG Smart TV, and then access the Home Dashboard to enter the TV’s settings.

    Step 3: Then you have logged in to the Network/Connection settings on the screen of your TV and select the Wi-Fi connection settings tab.

    Step 4: After you’ve enabled the Wi-Fi connection feature, your TV will begin to look for a local Wi-Fi network.

    Step 5: In addition, the Wi-Fi router comes with an option to sign in to your LG TV to the internet using the Password by clicking it.

    Step6: Now, you are now able to click the connect tab to connect to the Wireless Router or Access Point with the LG Smart TV

    Switch the TV on and off / Hard-Reset the TV

    Older LG TVs could be hard reset to fix the WiFi issue. They have a reset button which you push to bring everything back into order. This isn’t like modern versions, which do not have a key reset feature.

    They let you:

    Remove the television from power sources.
    Allow it to sit for around 2 minutes.
    Connect the TV again and you’ll be good to go. You can reset your TV and WiFi problem fixed.

    Check your router

    LG TV WiFi Turned OFF? It could be that you have an issue with your router’s Wi-Fi.

    You can determine if your other devices have a connection to the internet.
    Verify that your Wi-Fi username is valid.
    Verify that you’re not using a different Wi-Fi frequency, which could be the cause of this issue.
    If you’re still having trouble connecting then check if the router you use is blocking your TV’s Wi-Fi connection.
    Restart Your WiFi Router. It will refresh the address of the network in most cases. This can resolve the issue.

    Factory Resetting TV

    If you notice any issues in the settings, you will need to reset the TV to the default setting. In reality, Factory resetting will remove everything on the TV. It will remove linked apps, LG accounts, other streaming accounts, and more. You can reset your LG television model. For this, follow these steps:

    On the remote Press the Home button, then choose an icon for the Cog.
    Switch to Settings followed by General.
    Then, click Reset to Settings from the beginning.

    Change Time and Date Settings

    Time and Date Time may be incorrectly set. To correct this the problem, you need to open the menu on your TV and follow the steps following:

    Go to the TV’s menu and select Setup and System. Network settings.
    Click on “General” and then “Date and time.”
    Remove”set automatically” in the “set automatically” option.
    Manually make sure you have the correct date and time.

    How Do I Disconnect My Tv From The Internet?

    • Your TV is now linked to an Internet browser.
    • Select the Settings menu and then choose an appropriate option.
    • Modifying the Web Browser Settings is simple.
    • You can pick any category that is general here.
    • Make sure Delete History is selected.
    • Select Yes to affirm that you would like to erase your data.
    • You will be able to confirm that your history was erased on your confirmation screen.

    How do I turn on Wifi on LG Smart TV?

    Apply these methods to switch Wi-Fi on your LG Smart TV They are

    • Turn ON Wi-Fi via Wireless Router/ Access Point
    • Connect Wi-Fi to a Hidden Network on LG Smart TV
    • Turn ON and Connect Wi-Fi via PBC on LG Smart TV
    • Connect Wi-Fi via PIN on LG TV
    • Connect to Advanced Wi-Fi setting on an LG TV
    • Utilizing these methods using these methods, you can enable the Wi-Fi feature on the LG smart TV.


    This article is about how to fix the issue with your LG TV WiFi being turned off. It can be done in a matter of minutes if you’ve got the information about what you need to do and the best place to click.

    Take each step very carefully. This will help you fix your LG smart TV with no additional assistance from anyone else. If you’re still having issues with your device, or if it’s not functioning in the way you expect after these methods, call the LG customer support anytime at any time for quick technical support.

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