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How To Type Exponents On iphone

    The ability to type exponents using the iPhone, for example, the cubed symbol (2) or the cubed character (3), cannot be done on the standard Keyboard. However, you can perform it in a couple of alternative ways. Because exponents are primarily utilized in math, the iPhone calculator can be the sole component of the phone, which is configured to write them automatically. However, it is possible to compose exponents into a text message or with your standard Keyboard.

    How to Create Exponents on any Keyboard

    There is no computer keyboard with the ability to use a specific key or shortcuts that allow you to write exponents, but portable keyboards can make it slightly more straightforward. If you are working on a mathematical or scientific document, check the Superscript option in your word processor. Microsoft Word, Pages in macOS, as well as other presentation programs like Keynote and PowerPoint PowerPoint as well as Keynote, use superscript formatting.

    It is also possible to utilize the caret (>) symbol to indicate an exponent written in plain language to represent an exponent in plain text. This is an alternative option.

    How to Type Exponents/Superscript/Small Numbers on iPhone

    In the beginning, Exponents, superscripts, and small numbers are identical. If you can use exponents in calculators, it’s straightforward to learn. Check out the steps here!

    These methods have been tested with iOS 17.0.3.

    Method 1. Turn Screen

    The instructions below are to turn your screen.

    • Press the center button before turning into the rotation mode on your iPhone.
    • Launch the calculator, and then turn the display. You can view the exponent options.

    Method 2. Text substitute.

    Text replacement lets you make shortcuts for texts commonly used. The text replacement feature is not available on the Notes app.

    • Choose any browser that you like. We’ve tested Google Chrome.
    • Find the Small Two Exponents or the square.
    • When you have analyzed the results After analyzing the results, click the power button two, and then press Copy.
    • Open the Settings AppApp to access your Settings AppApp on the iPhone.
    • Click General.
    • Click on the Keyboard for access to the keyboard choices.
    • Click on the text Replacing.
    • Copy and paste the Copy of the Word into the phrase field.
    • In the shortcut field, you can type any symbol you have ordered to change.
    • Click Save. If you type this shortcut symbol, it will become your rescue emission or superscript.
    • To test the system, click the messages tab and start chat. This will reveal an exponent or a power option within a few seconds.

    How do I type an exponent on a Windows PC

    For the Windows PC, the quickest option is to utilize Alt codes to type an exponent. However, you might be forced to resort to another solution if you don’t come with a numeric keypad.

    Alternate Codes for Keyboards that have a numeric keyboard

    There is a way to utilize the Alt keys to enter exponents on the Keyboard of a Windows PC. You can follow these steps for typing exponents on a PC using a numeric keyboard.

    Insert the pointer in the area where you want an exponent. Then, select the Num lock button on the Keyboard.

    Press and hold the Alt button on the numeric Keyboard.

    Enter Alt Code (0185) in a series for exponent one on the numeric keypad. Similarly, type Alt + 0178 to enter exponent two and Alt + 0179 to get three exponents.

    Every exponent has a unique numeral combination in conjunction with the Alt key, which you will quickly find using a Google search.

    You won’t be able to enter exponents on Windows 11 without a numeric keyboard. If your online Keyboard does not appear to be able to read the exponent code, refer to this guide for alternative ways for inserting exponents onto a Windows PC.


    You can use the iPhone calculator for intricate exponential calculations. Open the calculator app and turn the phone’s screen for the landscape orientation. A calculator with a scientific design appears on the screen in landscape mode with exponents x2 and xy. “y” refers to any exponent more significant than three. Alternatively, you could utilize the “EE” function to perform exponential calculations for exponential analyses using 10x as the exponent.


    What is the best way to make exponents with the Chromebook keyboard?

    The most straightforward method to create exponents for a Chromebook is using Superscript within Google Docs, after which you copy and paste it where you’ll need to use it.

    What is the best way to type exponents using Word?

    It is possible to type exponents into Word using the font tool (Superscript), insert exponents using symbols, or utilize Equation Editor. Equation Editor.

    What is the best way to use Superscript in Word?

    To use Superscript within Word, you must highlight the Word you’d like to be superscript. Then, go to the Home tab and click Superscript. Superscript (X2) icon. When you’re working with Word Online, highlight your text, then connect the three dots, then Superscript.

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