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How To Use AI Texture Generator On Roblox

    Roblox has introduced two new AI techniques to speed up the time required to make avatars and 3D models, the company revealed on Monday. These technologies, created using Roblox artificial intelligence, were developed to benefit designers and cut down on tedious avatar setting up and texturing processes when creating material for Roblox. Roblox platform.

    The feature’s name is “Avatar Automated Setup”, making it easier to create avatars by turning a 3D body model into a real, animated avatar ready for people to take on. When a creator chooses this new option, Roblox will run various tests on the asset and automatically set up segments, cages, and even skin 3D models. Auto setup will determine the location where the avatar’s different body parts will be put on clothes; the facial features are then mapped for facial animation. The avatar then begins animating and engaging with its surroundings.

    Roblox claims that the Avatar Auto Setup will enable users to finish a task that usually takes days to complete in only a few minutes.

    What is the process?

    Avatar Auto Setup simplifies the creation of avatars by turning a 3D body mesh into an animated, live avatar that users can take on. Auto Setup will automatically rig, cage, segment, and then skin 3D models by clicking a button. It can complete a task that took a person days within a few minutes. The first alpha release was designed to grant the creators with this process using Roblox Studio and eliminate hours of manual effort.

    Texture Generator allows creators to utilize text prompts to alter the appearance of 3D objects. By using Texture Generator, it is possible for creators to swiftly test new styles for themselves, effortlessly create new textures and improve processes. As an example, suppose the creator requests the texture of the construction of a 3D wood treasure chest. The Texture Generator will create a texture that emphasizes the sharp edges of the chest and considers aspects like the planks of wood and locks. Additionally, creators can effortlessly create numerous variants of an object in various shades and textures, like creating silver, gold and bronze trophy cases.

    How To Make AI Texture Generator on Roblox

    Roblox introduced two unique AI-powered tools during GDC designed to enhance material creation within the 3D space.

    These programs, including Avatar Auto Setup and Texture Generator Avatar Auto Setup and Texture Generator, reduce the amount of time needed to set up avatars and create texturing, which could mean users save many hours or days of work.

    This Texture Generator tool can make custom-designed textures for meshes with text inputs. Selecting a single mesh or a Model comprising several meshes is possible. Type in any text input to preview the payoff in seconds, then generate a complete texture.

    How to utilize it:

    • Select the Model tab, then open the tool Texture Generator.
    • Choose the Model with MeshParts within the scene you are creating.
    • In the pane that shows previews of the tool, you can click and drag the tool to select an angle of generation that emphasizes essential features or the surfaces that can be used for texturing.
    • Select a text prompt to get the texture you want, for example, Rusted Charred Metal Castle, Mossy Stone Fortress, or Snow Covered Ice Sculpture.
    • Select Preview to show a real-time preview of your texture.
    • Utilize the Rotate button to alter the perspective by 90 degrees across the mesh.
    • Use the Back button to return to the input prompt for re-iteration or to create an entirely new view.
    • When you’re happy with the appearance of your mesh, you can click Save and Apply to create a complete mesh texture.


    The Material Generator of Roblox can be a game changer for those who wish to enrich their game or experience with distinct textures. Through its seamless integration of artificial intelligence-generated materials of high quality, as well as an intuitive interface for users, this program offers endless possibilities for customizing the texture. Check out this Material Generator today and add an element of imagination to your Roblox designs!


    Q: Can I access Material Generator without enabling beta features? Material Generator without allowing the beta to features?

    It’s not, but the Material Generator is only available via the beta versions.

    Q: What is the compatibility of the material generator for all kinds of components available in Roblox?

    Yes, you can, and it is true that the Material Generator seamlessly works with every component, allowing you to view and choose the desired design.

    Q: Can the textures be altered when applying them to an object?

    If the texture has been applied, then you can modify its appearance with Material Manager’s tools. Material manager’s features.

    Q: How many textures could I create at once?

    There’s no limit to the variety of textures you can create with the material generator.

    Q: Do I have the ability to use the materials I have created to share with other Roblox users?

    Yes, you can use the materials you created to share with others by supplying the name of the texture or sharing the texture’s ID.

    Do you have plans to expand the material?

    Generator’s features? What are the features of a Generator? Roblox continually refines and expands its capabilities. The Material Generator will receive updates and more customization possibilities shortly.

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