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How To Use Bitmoji On WhatsApp

    Bitmojis are fun, cartoon-like emoticons you can easily customize to appear like your wacky persona. You can choose the color of your hair or skin tone, dress face features, accessory accessories, and much more. Bitmoji can then take your picture and produce a variety of stickers with fun, humorous messages that can be put in emails, text messages, social media posts, and many more.

    Would you like to utilize Bitmoji in conjunction with WhatsApp for Android? Join now, and you’ll be able to! It’s the way to live in the present. As Facebook is focusing on Avatars, which is a function for users to make personalized digital characters that can depict themselves on Messenger chats and News Feed comments, we can use Bitmoji almost everywhere.

    It is important to note that to use Bitmoji in conjunction with WhatsApp, it is necessary to download Bitmoji and configure Bitmoji’s keyboard. Bitmoji keyboard.

    How do I use Bitmoji for WhatsApp WhatsApp?

    To create a cartoon-like persona of yourself, it is necessary to download the Bitmoji application onto your device. This application makes it easy to convey an array of emotions, making it possible to participate in different interactions with people. If you want to add Bitmoji to the WhatsApp application for the Android Samsung smartphone, comply with these instructions:

    Be aware that Android smartphones have different options for setting up that they do from maker to producer. So, be sure to use the proper setting before changing your phone.

    • Launch the WhatsApp application on your Samsung smartphone.
    • Select the appropriate chat to which you want to transmit Bitmoji.
    • To open the keyboard, click on the screen that says Message.
    • The three-dotted icon is located on the upper right edge of the keyboard.
    • In this menu, click on the Bitmoji option.
    • Click on your Bitmoji radio button, then tap Continue to add Bitmoji within the WhatsApp chats.
    • Select the download Bitmoji option.
    • click on the Install option to purchase it directly from the Samsung Galaxy Store. Samsung Galaxy Store.
    • Once you’ve downloaded the Bitmoji application, sign up to sign up for an account. Continue using Snapchat.
    • Begin creating your personal Bitmoji Avatar by customizing its hairstyles, makeup, clothes, etc.
    • Then, you can go to the Samsung phone’s Settings and enable the Bitmoji keyboard for use in WhatsApp.
    • Scroll down to the menu, then select the General Management option.
    • Tap on the Keyboard List and the default choice.
    • You can turn on to enable the Bitmoji Keyboard option to use it for chats on WhatsApp chats.
    • In the pop-up window, click on OK to continue.

    How to Make Use of Bitmoji for WhatsApp WhatsApp for iPhone

    • Open WhatsApp and click on the message box to show the keyboard.
    • Bitmoji will appear. If it isn’t, tap the globe, hold the space bar, or press the keyboard icon at the upper right-hand corner (which choice you choose depends on your phone) and then select Bitmoji keyboard.
    • On the top of your keyboard are a variety of icons belonging to Bitmoji. Click on any of them to forward it.
    • If you want to write something down, type it, and the appropriate Bitmoji appears in the upper right. Click and email.

    How to use Bitmoji in conjunction with WhatsApp on Android:

    • Go to the Play Store;
    • Look up bitmoji on the search bar that is located at the top and then click Bitmoji – – Your Emoji from the search results.
    • You can also access directly the provided Bitmoji hyperlink;
    • Tap Install. Once the application is installed, it will appear on you’ll see the “Install” button will switch to “Open”;
    • Open Settings;
    • Scroll down and click to select Language and Input. This option is located at the bottom of the Settings page.
    • Tap Current keyboard
    • After that, select keyboards. Then, select the Bitmoji keyboard.
    • Now, you can start WhatsApp;
    • Select a contact. The conversation will start with the contact.
    • Enter a message in the box;
    • The menu bar is lowered to the right of your screen. The bar is where you will see the keyboard icon.
    • Click Choose the input method and a keyboard list will be displayed;
    • Select Bitmoji Keyboard. You’ll then see a listing of Bitmoji that are separated into categories;
    • Click the Bitmoji you would like to send. You will be back on the main page of WhatsApp;
    • Tap the individual you would like to make Bitmoji. Bitmoji;
    • Click the green icon and then the white checkmark. It’s located at the bottom-right edge of the display. You’ll now see the Bitmoji at the bottom of”Send Photos” and “Send Photos” screen.
    • Click the Send icon to send the Bitmoji to the recipient you want.


    You can also add Bitmoji to WhatsApp through the Bitmoji application. We hope you’ve been able to connect Bitmoji to WhatsApp using iPhone and Android. If you’re also using Snapchat on your phone, you can add your Bitmoji too.

    If you want to erase the emojis, use method 2, described in this blog post.

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