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How To Win Cup Pong On imessage

    Cup Pong is one of the games in GamePigeon. GamePigeon can be described as an add-on to iMessage that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store.

    The expansion includes classic games, including Basketball, Four-in-a-Row, Word Hunt and Darts.

    Cup Pong is based on the old-fashioned drinking game of Beer Pong. These two games have the same rules and game mechanics.

    Rules and gameplay

    • The game should include two players. Another player must be a part of the game to start competitively. The person who is beginning the game is the one who begins by throwing the ball towards the cups.
    • The participants must place the ball into the cup to score points. There’s only one method to earn points from cup pong: putting the ball into a mug. If the ball strikes the cup, it isn’t considered scoring.
    • Every player gets one shot every turn. Every player attempts to hit the ball one time. It will earn them a successive attempt if they succeed until the ball does not drop into the cup.
    • When a ball is placed in an empty cup, it is taken away: Each moment a ball falls into an empty cup, it is put aside until all cups have been removed. When the process is restarted, all cups are returned and placed in a pyramid.
    • The winner is the one who has thrown the ball into most of the cups. A total is made, after which the player who successfully puts the ball into several cups is the winner of the game.

    What is Cup Pong? on the iPhone

    Let’s look at how you can download Cup Pong on your iPhone and then play with your fellow players. Follow the steps given in the following paragraphs.

    • Install the iMessage app on your iPhone.
    • chat with the person you’d like to play with.
    • Click the App Store icon next to the text input field.
    • Within the iMessage App Store, search for GamePigeon.
    • After you have found the GamePigeon application, click on it to download it.
    • Cup Pong and t, the other games, will be displayed as icons for the application in iMessage.
    • In the chat window, click on the chat and tap the Cup Pong icon to launch the game.
    • Press the Up Arrow icon in the upper right corner to forward the invitation to an acquaintance.
    • The friend you invite will be notified of an invite in their message with you on iMessage. If they agree, then you can play games against one another.

    Following these instructions, you can play Cup Pong on your iPhone with iMessage. Play with your opponents by throwing virtual Ping Pong balls using a swipe or tap on the screen to throw the ball. Try to get the balls in your opponents’ cups while protecting your own. Your goal is to take out your opponents’ cups by placing the ball inside the cups. Play until one player can eliminate all of their opponent’s cups, declaring that they have been the winner.

    Strategies to win

    Cup Pong is a relatively straightforward game. Nevertheless, it is a game of competition in playing the game to win. Cup Pong is a game that relies on precision and aim.

    You might lose the whole game if you make a mistake on a throw. You can follow these tips to make your throws more precise, increasing the chances of winning Cup Pong.

    Make sure you are in the middle of the cup.

    Initially, focus on the most straightforward scores as you begin playing the game. The cups are generally set in the middle.

    They’re to the left of your ball, which requires only focus. Throw it in a straight line with the white line that runs through the middle of the board to serve as an aid.

    So, you’ll need to be worried about limiting your throwing power. Also, this will increase the chances that you can earn repeated throws.

    Be sure to check your goal.

    Make sure to review and test your direction before you throw the ball.

    Additionally, you can utilize an object, for instance, the ruler, to help you determine which direction the ball should hit.

    Place the ruler across the screen, and it will help you determine where the ball is likely to be or utilize it to assist you in choosing the best direction to take. Another straight object can be used if you can’t use an actual ruler.


    In the end, Cup Pong is a challenging game. It’s a game that relies on accuracy and success rate. If you miss a shot, it could result in losing the whole game.

    Because the game relies upon successful throws, improving your odds of hitting an attempt is ideal.

    It is possible to do this by choosing the most straightforward cups first, giving you more throws.

    It is also possible to find the spot with the highest number of cups to improve your odds that the ball will land in one of the cups. Make sure to earn maximum points as soon as you can.

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