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How To Write Better ChatGPT Prompts

    When ChatGPT first appeared on the scene, I was apprehensive about what it might do to improve my writing output (I’m an author on After I realized how to tweak my prompts, my perception changed. After that, OpenAI provided me with custom directions, and I became enthralled.

    Custom instructions permit you to include the background details and specifications you’d prefer ChatGPT to take into consideration when it responds. As an example, you could instruct it to reply in a formal way. Also, you can include an emoji at the end of each phrase (please do not).

    If you are using ChatGPT for writing content, that means you could program ChatGPT to compose the way you write. All you have to do is be aware of your style.

    This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to recognize your style of writing so that you can learn to train ChatGPT to write as you would.

    What is the best way to design a flawless ChatGPT prompt?

    In all honesty, creating ChatGPT prompts isn’t that difficult. Writing the best ChatGPT prompts that yield appropriate results from the language model isn’t an easy task either.

    After experimenting with several AI tools, such as ChatGPT and Chatsonic, Our AI expert trainers have come up with a handful of guidelines to make use of ChatGPT efficiently.

    Don’t forget to explore the various uses of chatGPT.

    Start by introducing the word “action.

    Are you looking for AI to consider you a serious candidate? So, always begin your ChatGPT prompt by using words such as Create Writing, Make, or Generate rather than commencing with “Can you”

    Here’s a short demo of the words ‘Can you Create.’

    ChatSonic ChatGPT Prompt that isn’t followed by words: Could you explain to me the steps to becoming an expert in content marketing?

    ChatSonic ChatGPT Prompt you to take action words: Develop an action plan for your career to be an expert in content marketing by 2023.

    Check out the differences! The first answer is general and doesn’t have any specific action instructions. While ChatSonic is an alternative to ChatGPT alternative, it provides the user with a step-by-step and practical guide to becoming an effective content marketer.

    Discover more information about marketing at ChatSonic through our prompts for marketing, along with SEO suggestions.

    Give some context

    A physician can more accurately identify the patient’s illness by providing an understanding of the signs. Similar to that, ChatSonic can generate a pertinent answer that is relevant and has enough background for the question.

    Contextual ChatSonic ChatGPT Prompt This is my 3rd year of working experience as a software developer. Then, I got bored of programming and would like to move into a different job. My qualifications in education are a B. Tech in computer science, and I’m proficient in comprehending the business aspects of software, too. Provide a range of job alternatives that will allow me to move into.

    The present personality of the character is to be a ‘Career Counselor’ in order to provide expert-grade solutions.

    ChatSonic comes with 15 personal avatars for users to receive expert opinions about fitness, work, and astrology. For an eye-to-eye comparison, check out ChatSonic against ChatGPT.
    If you’re looking to look into different careers or jobs, ChatSonic can help you find a job.

    Use role play

    If you are unable to locate your avatar that is an expert within ChatSonic (we will be adding additional avatars soon), You can request ChatSonic to join in the role-play. Perhaps, for instance, you’re looking for advice regarding content marketing on increasing brand recognition to help you launch your CRM program.

    Playing role-play ChatSonic ChatGPT Prompt, you are a market veteran of software products, having ten years working in the business. You’ve developed plans for marketing that have been successful with software companies such as Vimeo, Freshworks, Hubspot, and Zoho. Utilizing your knowledge of marketing helped me figure out how to increase awareness about my latest Zilio, a CRM-related software application.

    ChatSonic is regarded as an expert in the field of marketing and has included the best practices and what doesn’t in their reaction.

    Utilize the references

    If you’re looking to emulate the style of writing that is used by a famous person, ChatSonic is also able to mimic that style, provided that you specify it in the message.

    Refer to ChatSonic ChatGPT Challenge: Create an outline of the mistakes you should stay clear of during the 20s in Shakespearean fashion.

    It’s amazing! Are you able to recognize the value of composing the perfect ChatGPT questions?

    Use double quotes

    If you are speaking to someone or giving a presentation, how can you stress the importance of a phrase?

    Then, either shout it out loud, make the pronunciation more pronounced, spread it out so that nobody misses the word, or you can use air quotation marks.

    The importance ChatSonic provides double quotes in the very first paragraph itself. If it did not use quotes, it listed the essay as “Content Marketing Introduction, and when using quotes, it stated “Content Marketing How to Reach Your People You Want to Reach.’

    Make a turn

    If you’re employing GPT to do a job that you’re not able to do, such as the writing of a paragraph or conducting research on the subject, you are able to use multiple different ways to answer your requests. Therefore, instead of asking all the questions simultaneously, you could start a conversation in which you continue to build upon the bot’s previous responses. In this way, you’ll be able to slow down the discussion until you’ve got to the goal.

    When it came to the WhatsApp bot, however, we did not perform this task in the instructions, as we had only one. The only thing we did was tell GPT to instruct the GPT bot to be active when it interacts with customers: “Ask just one question at a given time and be welcoming. ” In this way, your customer’s interaction with the bot will be more interactive, and thus, they will seem more at ease.

    Offer examples

    This isn’t something we did to our chatbot, but it’s a good idea to provide instances of what you’re seeking or not to ensure that GPT is able to come up with the most accurate responses. This will help it comprehend your needs more precisely.

    For our bot-building simulation, for instance, we could have added a case of pleasant contact with a potential customer as a message. As an example:

    “Ask just one question at a time and keep it casual. Here’s an example of when not to solicit information. For example: “Hello, could you provide me with the order number along with your contact number, and let me know why you’re not happy?”


    In this rapidly evolving technology of GPT chatbots, properly designed prompts could be the difference between having a successful GPT business plan or needing aid to stay ahead of the latest technology.

    If you follow these tips By following these tips, you’ll be on the route to designing amazing instructions for your GPT bots, which will allow you to unlock the full potential of your bots.

    If you’re looking to find out more about the best ways to utilize ChatGPT for your company, You can check out our blog or go into our Knowledge Base for more resources about how you can use GPT together with Landbot.

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