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Hunger Games May The odds Be Ever in Your Favor

    Since the very first The Hunger Games movies burst onto the screen, they’ve definitely elevated the standard of the number of YA films we’ve been bombarded by. With its compelling storyline and female-centric protagonist, the entire franchise was a hit with a lot of individuals of all ages, we wanted to honor the films by putting together a compilation of the most memorable quotations of The Hunger Games movie franchise.

    What is the story behind May the Odds be ever for You?

    The phrase first came out following the publication in The Hunger Games novel.

    It is also featured in the film adaptation of the book The first film was screened on the United States on March 12th in 2012.

    After the film’s premiere, a separate footage from the film was posted on YouTube and shows Effie Trinket (portrayed by Elisabeth Banks) is saying “may the odds always be favorable to you”.

    The video was posted by smilecloseup in August 2012.

    The meaning behind “May the odds always be to your advantage”

    In terms of grammar, this expression is correct, however the word selection and order sound a bit formal, which can make it sound strange to an English speaker.

    There’s a falseness to this statement which accentuates the absence of truth.

    “The chances” means the chance of something happening. “In the favor of you” is a reference to something that will turn to be favorable for you.

    “Ever” here is used to refer to “forever” also “always.”

    A sentence constructed by this method, starting at “May,” is an traditional method of passing on best wishes to one or more people.

    Jennifer Lawrence is brilliant as Katniss Everdeen, a strong and powerful kickass heroine Everdeen. The film captures the dystopian world in all its brutality and raw emotions with incredible range and aplomb.

    ‘Hope. It’s the only thing that is stronger than fear. A small amount of hope is powerful. A lot of optimism is risky.’ President Snow (The The Hunger Games)

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