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if you do not see workers in a work zone

    Roadway construction zones can be hazardous, not only for those working in these zones. Motorists tend to be the fatal victims of accidents within work zones. There are around 2,000 accidents in the work zone within Wisconsin alone each year. Penalties for negligent driving in work zones can be severe.

    Drivers need to be alert and safe when navigating the barrels and signs and the lane changes that are typical in working zones. Safety in a workplace means focusing on the three S’s of speed, stress, and space.

    What are Zone Accidents?

    Work zones are designated zones of maintenance, construction, or utility work carried out on a road or highway. A work zone accident occurs when the most dangerous is happening within the limits of a work zone or upon the approach to or leaving an area of work, which results of an action, behavior, or control relating to the moving of motor vehicles within the work zone, or during construction or maintenance work in the area of work.

    Examples of workplace accidents could include:

    • A motorist on the road cannot control their vehicle within the work zone because of an alteration or reduction in the lanes of travel and collides with an earth-mover in an area of work.
    • A van in the open travel lane hits an employee of the highway in the area of work.
    • A construction vehicle for highways working at the road’s edge is struck by a motorized vehicle passing through the construction zone.
    • A rear-end collision accident can occur before the markings or signs indicating an area of work due to vehicles slowing down or stopping on the road due to the work zone activity.


    Be aware, slow down, and be mindful of the warning signs. Warning signs in the shape of diamonds are generally posted in advance of road-related construction work. In the same way, certain work zones like line painting, road patching, and mowing are mobile; moving across the road once work is finished even if you don’t observe workers right away after warning signals doesn’t suggest they’re not in the open, use caution when entering construction zones. Care.

    Make sure you adhere to the speed limits that are posted. If you do not see road signs that indicate it’s safe to proceed, don’t go back to your average speed.

    Are you able to see an official flagger? Be sure to follow their guidelines. When you are in a construction area, flaggers are given identical authority with a regulation sign, and you could be fined for disobeying their directives.

    What is the punishment for violations in an area of construction?

    Answer: Fines are doubled

    If you’re caught speeding through a construction zone, your fine could be hefty.

    Answer: Fines are increased in work zones.

    Which kind of accident is most prevalent in work environments?

    Answer: rear-end collisions

    Work-related accidents usually occur as a result of

    Answer: Speeding and carelessness

    When you drive through an area of construction, be aware of the following:

    Answer: Slow down and take your time. Take extra precautions to safeguard yourself and other construction workers.

    If you don’t see workers in the work zone,

    Answer: slow down as the lanes could be rough or narrow

    What are the duties of drivers in a workplace?

    Answer: Drive carefully and with respect.

    A speeding ticket in a work area costs twice as much.

    A ticket for speeding in a work area costs twice as much

    Answer: TRUE

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