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integrated communications includes interoperable systems that include voice and data links.

    Integrated Communications is a group of interoperable systems which includes data and voice links.

    A. TRUE

    B. FALSE


    A. TRUE

    Integrated Communication

    Integrated Communications can easily be achieved through the use of both an interoperable plan for communications and voice and digital communications systems. Integrated communication is vital for maintaining connectivity, situational awareness and sharing information. Customers, employees, shareholders and communities can access a greater number of communication channels through the expanding digital content ecosystem. Integrated communication allows businesses to convey a cohesive message through digital and traditional channels. Businesses can build trust with audiences and offer positive brand experiences.

    The correct answer is TRUE. Integrated Marketing Communications or IMC is the integration and coordination of all promotional tools. This interoperable system can be used to link voice and data. Furthermore, these tools work better together than when they are used in isolation. IMC is used by top brands such Apple to promote their products.

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