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Janet Condra, Larry Bird’s Ex-Wife, Biography, Net Worth,

    Janet Condra came into the spotlight due to her being the ex-wife Janet Condra, the wife of Larry Bird. Larry Bird is a top-of-the-line past American B-ball player. He’s thought of as possibly the most important part of the history of American B-ball.

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    Janet Condra

    Condra’s exact birthday isn’t revealed in public reports. However Condra was born into the world in Indiana, USA. She was married to her first husband in Spring Valley Highschool. She was a passionate lover of Larry at the Lyceum. At the same time, Larry was one among the few driving scorers who did not have any issues with the ball. Some of them were an old schoolmate. Janet in her early years was attractive and normal as an American girl from the lyceum.

    Janet Condra Personal Life & Janet Condra Wife Larry Bird

    Janet Condra’s story before she was introduced to Larry bird was a bit basic. She graduated from lyceum at Spring Valley Highschool in Indiana. She was introduced to Larry bird, and they were completely enthralled by the. They are lyceum-loving. Their wedding was in 1975, but it wasn’t able to continue for more than an entire year. The couple separated by the 31st of October, 1976. shortly after their break-up, Janet brought forth a girl who was named Corrie Bird.

    As she was a single parent, it was hard for Janet to support the child on her own. Larry does not acknowledge his daughter Corrie in a loving way, which left Janet very upset. Janet once claimed”that ” she will shield Corrie from any hurt however not from the hurt given by her dad” in the context of talking about the teen’s absence from anyone else. She wore her clothes to be more solid and resigned.

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    Larry Bird Biography

    Boston Celtics are forward known as “Larry the Legend,” who has won the three NBA MVP awards and three NBA Championships and participated at the 12 All-Star games. He is widely recognized as to be one of the best athletes in NBA history.

    He became the all-time best scoring player in the history of Springs Valley High School in Indiana before his basketball playing career in Indiana State, where he was named the national player of the year in 1979.

    After his retirement from the NBA He was appointed the basketball operations president of Indiana Pacers. Indiana Pacers.

    He was married to his high school love Janet Condra after enrolling at Indiana State but then divorced her before he joined the pro ranks. He then got married to Dinah Mattingly in 1989 . there are three children, two daughters with the names of Corrie as well as Mariah and the son named Connor.

    He was the winner of three NBA championships while playing with Robert Parish on the Celtics.

    Top Facts You Did Not Know About Larry Bird

    Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame is an museum for sports and a hall of fame located in New Castle, Indiana. While it is a tribute to the women and men who participate with professional basketball during high school, college and Indiana The emphasis is on the athlete’s high school career. “Saturday Morning Fun Pit” is a 2013 episode on Futurama featuring Bird voiced by the cartoon version of himself.

    CEO of Indiana Pacers. Indiana Pacers head coach. Basketball team members from Sycamore State in Indiana State. Indiana State Sycamores Men’s Basketball. National Basketball Association players with numbers have quit. Olympic gold medals awarded to United States in basketball. Basketball players during their Olympics in 1992. Summer Olympics. Selected Boston Celtics project.

    The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame is announced. Stars of the National Basketball Association. This is the United States men’s basketball team players. Boston Celtics players. Indiana basketball players

    Janet Condra And Daughter

    Janet Condra is best known as the daughter of Larry Bird, a former professional basketball player in the Boston Celtics from 1979-1992. The parents of Corrie, Larry and Janet Condra were married for a short time, which was only for a year.

    Janet Condra, daughter Corrie Diane Bird was born on the 14th of August 1977 at the United States. She is a manager in the department of family medicine at the AP&S Clinic. Find out about the relationship she has with both her parents. In addition, we’ll be able to learn about her marriage life.

    Corrie Bird Husband

    Corrie Bird has been married to husband Trent Theopolis Batson. The couple exchanged wedding vows on the 17th of May the 17th of May, 2008. Their wedding ceremony was held in The White Chapel on the campus of the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana.

    Bird and Batson hosted their wedding reception in the Rose Hulman Dining Hall. They’ve been married for more than 12 years by 2021. Additionally, Bird and Trent celebrated their first anniversary in Vegas. There’s not much info regarding Trent however it appears Trent is an officer of public safety in Rose-Hulman according to the information on his Linkedin account.

    Corrie Bird Children

    Corrie as well as her partner Trent have four kids together, and they have two children who are stepchildren of Corrie’s. The couple welcomed their first baby girl, named Violet Marie Batson on June 18 the 18th of June, 2012. The baby had her birth in the Indiana University Hospital in Indianapolis. Similar to their second son, named Sebastian Grey Smith was born on the 20th of April the 20th of April, 2017.

    In his previous relationships, Trent has a son named Santana and one daughter who is named Christian. Additionally, Corrie has a strong relationship with her stepchildren and her step-children.

    Parents Short-lived Marriage

    One of the most revered basketball stars, Larry Bird married Springs Valley classmate Janet Condra in 1975. In the year 1975 they were both teenagers. Within one year, they separated and then divorced. A few months later Larry’s father was killed in suicide.

    Larry tried to reconcile with Janet. However, they never got married. Janet was pregnant and delivered Corrie. But, Bird never became a member to the clan. In the midst of devastating personal problems, Larry used basketball as his way out.

    Net Worth

    There’s no specific information on Corrie Bird’s worth. She was previously an executive at the AP&S Clinic but at present, Bird might be busy raising her children. However her father Larry has an estimated net worth of $85 million according to the celebrity net worth.

    The nickname is Larry Legend, Bird was named the greatest Boston Celtics player of all time. He was the Boston Celtics drafted him with the sixth overall selection during the year 1978 NBA draft. He played in the Celtics until his retirement in 1992. In addition, Larry served as head coach of the Indiana Pacers from 1997-2000

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