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Kirsten Titus -TikToker, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Measurements, BF, Facts

    Kirsten Titus is an Hawaiian famous TikTok celebrity with an estimated 2.3 million people of TikTok for her humorous anger, and energetic videos with a style. She was at one point involved in an break-up with a man who she casually met by setting up accounts on Spotify with the songs’ titles that were written in “I Am” “Kinda Lovin” “Someone Else” “But” “We Can Still Be Friends” by James Arthur, Trey Songz, LANY, K. Cero and Anthony Watson respectively. BuzzFeed published the story on April 9, 2017.

    Her warm and welcoming persona has drawn a lot of users on her various social networks. Kirsten Titus stays in touch with her vast circle of friends as well as her followers via the web. Read her bio to know more on Kirsten Titus’s Wiki bio age as well as Height, Boyfriend Body Measurements, Weight Net Worth Family, Career, and other information concerning Kirsten Titus.

    Kirsten Titus Height, Weight & Measurements

    How tall do you think Kirsten Titus is? Kirsten Titus stands 5 feet 5 inches in height and weighs 1.65 millimeters or the equivalent of 165 centimeters. She weighs 55kg or 121 lbs. Kirsten Titus has gorgeous eyes with dark brown with blonde hair. What is the measurements of the body for Kirsten Titus? Kirsten Titus frequently delights her followers by sharing her images of her modelling via Instagram and they are eager to show their appreciation by keeping her pictures that are regularly that are regularly updated. The measurements of her body range from 34-28-40 inches. The bra she is wearing is a 34 AA.

    Kirsten Titus Boyfriend

    Her younger sibling is Erika. Additionally, she has an older brother named Jacob. She’s single as of 2021. There’s a large circle of her friends. Her social media channels are massive. She has extremely intimate connections and friendships.


    Kirsten Titus Wiki/Biography

    Real Name Kirsten Titus

    Age : 24 years old (As as of 2021)

    Birthdate September 29, 1997

    Ethnicity Mixed

    5 feet 5 inches in height

    Weight 55 Kg

    Sizes 34-28-40 inches

    Bra Cup Size 34 AA

    Boyfriend Single

    Net Worth $100k, as of 2021

    Kirsten Titus Net Worth

    She ended her engagement to a guy she casually liked and created an account with Spotify featuring songs that had titles like “I Am” “Kinda Lovin” “Someone Else” “But” “We Can Still Be Friends” by James Arthur, Trey Songz, LANY, K. Cero and Anthony Watson respectively. BuzzFeed featured the story on April 9, 2017.

    Net worth of her estimated to be $100k.

    Kirsten Titus Facts

    • She’s always stylish and confident. She’s also able to be extremely funny and unique in her thinking and facial expressions.
    • She is extremely cheerful, charming, funny and a very pleasant person.
    • She is described as an indecisive person who has changed jobs and majors at college several times.
    • She talks about her shyness as a young girl however she has certainly transformed into a more social and outgoing person.
    • She’s also talked about her stubbornness in certain areas, such as she did not ride a bicycle for a long time because she wasn’t an advocate of wearing helmets.
    • She’s a charming and fun-loving person who attracts people who are fun, supportive and hilarious , too.
    • She loves to travel.
    • She is also a pet lover.

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