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Land Between The Lakes Camping

    Land Between the Lakes camping possibilities is among the most varied of any park I’ve been to. Choose a campsite at a well-established campground and then go with an undeveloped campsite, or create your campsite using the option of dispersed camping! It all depends on what you’d like to accomplish.

    While I was at my destination of the Land Between the Lakes, I was travelling in my trusty camper van (sadly, it’s no more with me). I purchased a 3-night pass for basic/dispersed camping, staked out a simple campsite every night, and paid the additional money to get a campground developed the night I left. What I learned about every campground I visited and some tips on which one to pick, as well as information about each.

    Basic Camping Areas

    Basic Camping Areas give you more freedom in terms of the areas you can put up your tent than the Basic Camping Areas. These camping areas comprise large open fields that don’t have designated campsites. They have vault toilets, garbage removal, mowed areas and boat ramps. However, they may or might not have picnic tables or fire rings. Also, they require basic camping permits. The basic camping areas include:

    • Kuttawa Landing
    • Demumbers Bay
    • Pisgah Point
    • Ginger Bay
    • Neville Bay
    • Gray’s Landing

    Campgrounds & Backcountry Camping

    There is nothing quite like camping. It’s possible to appreciate all the amenities offered by campgrounds, including hookups, recreational programming, and more. However, you might enjoy “roughin’ it” in the backcountry using a basic hammock and a few supplies.


    Land Between The Lakes has four campgrounds that are fully serviced and additional camping spots that are basic within the national recreation zone.

    Hillman Ferry Campground

    In the northern portion of LBL, close to Grand Rivers, Ky., Hillman Ferry campground has more than 380 campsites that offer a range of amenities and services. Hillman is located on the shores of Kentucky Lake between Moss Creek and Pisgah Bay, so the campsite has a variety of lakes and lake views sites.

    Landlubbers can also sleep in the tall trees in one of our many woodland spots. You can set up your tent or connect your RV to our water, basic electric, sewer or electricity campsites. Each campsite has the option of a fire ring or picnic tables.

    Other amenities on the campsite include modern toilets with showers, staff members on call, and Outpost Supply, which sells camping equipment and rental (open from April through October).

    Enjoy your stay! There’s plenty to accomplish: Hillman Ferry Campground has an expansive swimming area, two boat launching ramps, and a fish cleaning station. For groups, you can make use of our campfire theatre and pavilion.

    Are you a fan of the outdoors? Rent a mountain bike at our Outpost and ride some of our trails made specifically for Hillman campers. Archery ranges, hiking trails, a mountain biking range, and a ballfield are accessible.

    In the summer, Our staff provides various recreational activities for people of all ages.

    Location: 820 Hillman Ferry Road, Grand Rivers, Ky.

    Gatlin Point Campground

    Gatlin Point Campground sits on the banks of the Cumberland River near Lake Barkley. There’s plenty for visitors to discover in the park, such as an elk and bison park that covers 700 acres, a prairie, a planetarium and an outdoor nature centre. There are miles of trails around the forests and lakes for bikers and hikers. If you spot people dressed as the Civil War-era farmer, it’s not a dream! You’ve likely stumbled across The Homeplace 1800s Working Farm. Plan to bring a cup of tea or an afternoon nap because the activities here will wear out the most active people!

    Piney Campground

    With 384 campsites, Piney Campground is always a little larger than Hillman Ferry, making it the biggest campground in Land Between the Lakes. The southernmost campground is developed and is situated about 15 minutes from South Welcome Station. South Welcome Station on the shores of Kentucky Lake.

    Wrangler’s Campground

    Wranglers Campground is a premier campground that offers all-year-round horseback riding opportunities and enthusiasts of driving wagons. It has 220 clearly defined sites, including electrical hookups, some equipped with water, electricity and sewer connections, primitive campsites, and 12 rustic cabins to rent for a night. Many sites are capable of accommodating large motor homes as well as trailers for horses. Campers can use modern facilities with 100 miles of trails for horse activities, courts, and stalls. There are also blacksmith and farrier services on weekends between April and November. Rides with a guide and stables are open from April through October. The horses have the right-of-way in this campground.

    All overnight campers with horses must camp in the Wranglers Campground.

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