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Me And The Boys At 2am Looking For Beans

    “The boys at two and I are looking for beans” was once a top-rated meme on the internet of memes. It had the power to command legions of people as well as lead to the development of merchandise. Today, the meme is rather sour. Could this be the most gruesome meme of the year? Let’s first look back.

    The meme itself portrays the scene of three creepy, grey-bodied phantoms roaming in a wide-armed creepy, residential corridor. It’s dark, and the darkness is accentuated by bright yellows and vivid greens. The characters’ bright eyes are a reflection of fatigued energy and suggest that they are experiencing a high from cannabis.

    What is an internet meme?

    In large part due to the famous internet community known as 4chan, memes have gained an entirely new meaning. In contemporary popular culture, “meme” actually means “internet meme.” A meme on the internet is a type of meme that spreads on the internet.

    In most conversations, “internet meme” doesn’t cover all the possible types of memes that can and spread through the internet. In reality, particularly among tech-savvy young people, “meme” simply refers to a funny picture or a series of pictures overlayed with captions or quotes.

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