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Olivier Rousteing -Designer, Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Dating, Facts

    Olivier Rousteing , an American designer hailing from United States. Also, the creator Olivier Rousteing – the boss of the well-known French fashion brand Balmain confessed to having been hit with severe facial and body burns after the explosion of the fireplace in his Paris residence in the year 2000.

    The post included a picture of him wearing bandages, with burning pains on his face. The 36-year-old artistic director of French clothing company Balmain revealed the motive behind the post on Sunday. The post on Instagram marked the one-year anniversary of the tragic incident.

    The famous such as Kim Kardashian Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and Donatella Versace were among the first to thank Olivier for his courage. Kim 40 wrote in his blog post “I I love you. ‘

    Olivier Rousteing Height & Weight

    Are Olivier Rousteste high-heeled? He is tall, standing at five feet eight inches and weighs in the range of 70kg. He is an exercise rat too. He has blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

    Olivier Rousteing Wiki/Biography

    Real Name Olivier Rousteing

    age 35 (As as 2021)

    Birthdate September 13, 1986

    Ethnicity Mixed

    The height is 5’8″

    Weight 73 Kg

    Measurements 44-32-45 inches

    Large Biceps 23″

    Girlfriend Single

    Net Worth of $23 million in 2021.

    Some Facts on Olivier Rousteing

    • After announcing that he’s finally comfortable and bringing this story to all the attention of humanity’ Olivier told his 7.1 million Instagram followers that he had concealed his injuries with masks and turtlenecks during the past 12 months.
    • To clarify the reason Olivier decided to keep the celebration secret, Olivier said: ‘To be truthful, I’m not sure what made me feel embarrassed, perhaps it was because of my desire to have the perfect style that fashion is known for, or perhaps my own anxieties. ‘
    • The doctor also expressed appreciation to the staff at Paris’ Hopital Saint Louis The highly skilled personnel of the famous hospital, who took the care of a huge amount of patients suffering from COVID same time, gave me the most amazing treatment of my illness. I am awestruck of these people. ‘
    • Kim as well as Kylie’s mother Kris Jenner also commented on the blog post by the designer. They informed Kylie”You’ve kept your confidence and strength through everything and I’m so happy with Kylie!
    • I understand how difficult it is to share this information can be. But keep in mind that it will help many people in various ways. ‘
    • Olivier wrote in all his words: “A YEAR AGO. I’m now ready to release the article. I’ve kept this secret for far too long, and now it’s time for you to know.
    • “Exactly one year ago, a home fire that destroyed my house was extinguished. I woke the next morning in Paris’ Hopital Saint Louis. The staff was highly skilled in this renowned hospital, and took care of the most amazing number of COVID patients simultaneously they gave me the best treatment. me.
    • “I cannot say enough thanks to them. I went to the extremes of hiding this from anyone I could, and tried to keep it secret from my teams as well as my friends for a long time.
    • “To be truthful, I’m not certain why I felt shocked or maybe this obsession with perfection that fashion is known for, and my own anxieties. “
    • His continued”As I was recovering,” I was working day and night trying to forget it all and create my entire collection, as well as trying to make everyone feel good about my collection while also covering the marks by wearing turtlenecks, masks for face and sleeves which are lengthy, and often, even bands on my hands in the course of various photo shoots or interviews.
    • “And I realized the power of social media is in the fact that it only shows what you want to show! permits us to create our own story that avoids things we do not want to share or show to the world. This is the new age.
    • “Now one year after, I am happy and healthy. I can be thankful for the blessings I have received. I thank God every day of my entire day ..
    • “My final show a night of joy and healing from pain. I am extremely grateful to my models, my production team and myself as well as my models, my Balmain family, my friends who were there and who helped to support not only the 10 years I spent living in Balmain however also in my rebirth. ‘
    • Olivier declared: “Today I’m feeling so content and happy and grateful. I’m starting the new chapter with a smiling faces, and my heart brimming with gratitude.
    • “To the doctors and nurses in Saint Louis, and to everyone who assisted me during this long and difficult process of healing and kept my secrets safe A sincere thank you. I am extremely grateful to you.
    • “God Bless You All” And never be persistent there’s always a sun after the storm. ‘

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