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Pan’s Cake

    Today, I’d like to show you this fantastic small bakery that is located in the back alleyway in New Taipei City called Xiaopan Bakery. It has a delicious pan’s cake in the world It’s not right next to any train station, and since it isn’t decorated with fancy flair, Their pastry appears to be ordinary; however, the flavor is amazing! In addition that they’ve won numerous awards throughout the many years!

    Numerous restaurants and shops had returned to their regular operations. Naturally, Pan’s Cake, the bakery I visited the day before located in Banqiao, New Taipei, Taiwan, did!

    It was my pleasure to be introduced to the shop by a friend from Taipei. He told me that he’d be taking me to a famous local bakery to purchase the classic Pineapple Cake. He also stated that when I ate the first bite of this tiny slice of cake, I’d never be tempted to try brands. I was skeptical at first since I had found that all pineapple cakes I’ve had before all tasted the same.

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    Actually, Pan’s Cake was a very well-known bakery. In addition, it was the first day following its lengthy off period, which meant that the customers who had accumulated throughout the holiday all were here at the same time!

    I walked into the shop. It was a tiny stall, and it was so packed that moving around was not an easy task. My friend walked straight in to assist me in ordering the small number of Pineapple cakes while I was looking through. In addition to the pineapple cakes, there’s lots of traditional Taiwanese pastry as well as other varieties of sponge cakes. The pastry (other than ones made of pineapple) is neatly laid out on a table for the customers to select from. They’re not elegant, but they are all freshly baked out of the oven.

    I came here to enjoy the pineapple cake that is without egg yolks that are salty! Its price of pineapple cake without and with salty egg yolk was really reasonable!

    Pineapple Cake with no Salty Egg Yolk: 20 TWD (= 0.72 USD)
    A Pineapple cake with salted Yolk: 22 (= 0.79 USD) (equals 0.79 USD)

    After a long wait, I finally got the items!

    (Actually, you don’t have to spend as much waiting in line like I did if you avoid coming prior to or following the long holidays such as the lunar new year or mid-autumn celebration)

    When I returned home, I set out making a cup of coffee and then ate some pineapple cakes!

    After tasting the pineapple cakes with or without egg yolks that were salty, The cake’s skin was as smooth as a cake, however, with a bit of a crispy texture!

    Personally, I liked the cake that had egg yolks that were salty! It was not just the sweet wax gourd, sweet pineapple stuffing, and the salted egg yolks in the cake made of pineapple, as well as the precisely perfect ratio of egg yolk that is salty to that sweet filling! That’s why I felt that the one with egg yolks that were salty was better!

    The crust is similar to a sweet cake; however, it is much softer. The middle is filled with cooked pineapple meat, seasoned with egg yolks salted, and is not overly sweet with a slight saltiness and sourness. The flavor isn’t difficult to describe, and it’s one that you must taste for yourself in order to comprehend. We each had three of these cakes before stopping because it was that yummy!

    Final Words

    If you’re in Taipei the next time, I highly recommend buying a cake from us, and also an additional box from other shops; in this manner, you will be able to feel the difference between a quality pineapple cake and the top pineapple cake.

    The cost that the pineapple cakes made by Xiaopan are actually lower than what you will find from the marketplace. For the pineapple cakes that contain egg yolk, the price is 16 NT per cake (NT$20/each when it’s packaged individually)

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