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Rama and krishna are two species of which plants

    Shyama Tulasi’ or Krishna (or Shyama) is Purple Leaf Tusi. He is well-known for his sharp, peppery taste. Its dark purple stems and leaves are dark. Krishna Tulsi has been used to treat bronchitis.

    Rama Tulsi (Green Leaf Tulsi) is known for its cooling and milder taste. Rama Tulsi may be used to treat Fever and Leucoderma. It can also be used for Heart and Liver Tonics, Paralysis, and Cough.

    Krishna Tulsi, a more health-friendly option than Rama Tulsi, is better.

    Vana Tusi or Wild Leaf Basil

    Vana Tulsi (third of four varieties) is the most popular. It is native to India (Sri Lanka), Java (and the northern and eastern part of Africa). Vanatulsi’s scientific name Ocimum gratuitasimum. It can grow up to 2m tall and bears highly aromatic and hairy green leaves. Vana Tulsi is known for its strong antioxidant properties that slow down aging.

    Kapoor Tulsi (Heavy Flowered Basil)

    This type of tulsi was named for its sweet aroma, which can repel mosquitoes and insects. Kapoortulsi grows the tallest and produces the most flowers out of all the varieties of tulsi. Kapoor-tulsi can be used for the treatment of bronchitis.

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