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Screen Share Android To Lg Tv?

    LG TVs come with many obscure features that are usually inaccessible. One of these features is the option to share a screen. This feature lets you effortlessly display content from your smaller screen devices (like your laptop or smartphone) onto the best 86-inch TV screen or any other TV you have.

    To make use of this feature on various types of devices it is necessary to be sure to read the rest of the article. It addresses frequently asked questions on screen sharing options available on LG smart televisions.

    What exactly is the LG Screen Share app?

    LG Screen Share App is an application that allows you to connect your smartphone, tablet, or computer camera as well as a USB device to your television. It displays all the audio, video, and photo contents in simple menus that appear on your screen.

    To watch your Android phone on an LG TV, a good method is to use Screen Mirroring. The majority of Android phones can take advantage of connecting to an LCD TV. LG is referring to its TV screen mirroring function with the name Screen Share. LG screen mirroring isn’t mean you require extra hardware.

    You can utilize any Android device to mirror the screen. The screen mirroring option isn’t available on iOS devices on every platform, except Apple TV (AirPlay). Apple TV (AirPlay). Additionally, you’ll require an Android device that has this ScreenCast and Miracast feature that is built into it.

    How Do I Connect my LG Smart TV to my Phone?

    To share and connect screens to your LG smartphone, use the following steps. To find methods that work with other smartphones, go through the FAQs in the section below.

    • The majority of LG phones include an option for sharing content. It is labeled by the name “Share and connects.”
    • Connect the phone and television to the Wi-Fi network.
    • Start the “Settings,” or “Settings” app on your smartphone.
    • Select the “Share and connect ” option. Choose either the “Screen sharing” or “Mirror screen” option to finish making the connection.
    • It appears that your phone is successfully been connected to your TV. Now you can start showing your media without the hassle of wires and awkward devices.

    Sharing Through LG Screen Share App

    The LG Screen Share app is one of the most simple methods to share a display with an LG TV. All you have to do is follow these steps:

    Download the LG Screen Share App on Google Play Store. The original version is available however, different companies have different versions. In this article, we’ll stick with the first one to illustrate.
    Make sure your smartphone along with your LG TV is connected to the same Wi-Fi connection.
    If there is no wireless or wired connection makes use of Wi-Fi-direct for connecting your gadgets.
    Make sure you activate to activate the LG Screen Share App on your laptop or phone.
    Follow the directions in this app for connecting to connect your LG TV with your mobile.

    How to Use LG Screen Share With Android

    The mirroring of the screen feature in different models of smartphones could be described as:

    Here’s how you can use LG’s Screen Share feature with Android phones:

    Switch on Your LG Smart TV. Then select Screen Share from the home menu.

    On your smartphone, tap the Settings button (or the screen mirroring icon) then select where you want to play your media (or similar steps), and then choose your LG Smart TV in the list of devices. It may take a while to get the phone to recognize the TV.

    In the following steps in the remaining steps, it is important to note that your smartphone (HTC Android) is to the left, and LG TV is on the right. LG TV’s screen can be found to the right.

    Click on your LG TV listed to Initiate the connection process on your phone. The TV and phone will show the status of their connection.

    The screen of your tablet or smartphone is displayed onto the LG TV after the process is complete.

    In the majority of instances, content from smartphones menus on the screen, as well as the settings options will be displayed on the LG TV’s screen.

    Here’s how the mirrored content of the smartphone appears in the LG Smart TV equipped with Screen Share.

    To stop the screen mirroring session to end a mirroring session, click Disconnect in your settings for screen mirroring on your smartphone (if available) then turn the phone off, switch to another feature on the TV, or switch off the TV. If you’re watching content that is from a particular application, it will stop playing when you switch to another feature on your phone.

    How do I enable mirroring of the screen on phones?

    On Huawei, You can open the notification panel, then tap to reveal the Wireless projector icon. You can also go through Settings > Device connectivity > Multi displays.
    On Motorola open the notification panel, then tap the icon for the Cast screen.
    On Xiaomi open the notification area and tap the icon for Cast.

    How do you share the screen on LG TV with Other Devices via USB

    1. Insert a disc with data in the disc slot, or insert a USB device.
    2. Grab your Blu-ray remote, and hit the Home button.
    3. Select Smart Share, then hit either the Enter or the Wheel button.
    4. Click Movies, Photo, or Music.
    5. Then, select the file you want to send to LG TV and press the Play button.

    You’ve learned a variety of methods to share screen content on LG TV using smartphones tablets, laptop computers, Mac, and other devices. It is important to note that the LG TV WebOS must be updated to the most current version to ensure smooth streaming. If you have any questions in the above-mentioned guide Please mention them in the comment section below.


    These are the methods for you to go about mirroring your screen Android on to LG TV. You can now watch every video and movie that you have saved to your Android phones on a larger screen. In addition, you may want to think about mirroring your Android display on your PC’s screen.

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