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27 Easy and Tasty Vegan Tempeh Recipes

    If you’re looking to try tempeh, but aren’t sure where to start. Here are 27 easy and tasty vegan tempeh recipes to get you started. From Tempeh Bolognese to Tempeh Bacon, you won’t believe it. how versatile this plant-based protein is?

    Have you ever tried vegan tempeh? If so, I hope you have already joined me and the tempeh team and know how good this fermented soy cake is.

    If not, you probably think vegan tempeh sounds strange. Well yeah, it’s a bit whimsical … it’s unbelievably delicious!

    Soybeans seem to be in a difficult situation for the last few years. Once a symbol of plant-based proteins, they now tend to be over-processed to become imitation meats, energy bars, cheese replicas, sauces, and even ice creams, giving rise to red lights.

    The secret to enjoying the potential health benefits of soy is to eat it in the unprocessed form possible, including tofu and its lesser-known cousin tempeh.

    Cultivated and fermented tempeh is thicker than tofu and has a chewy texture and provides a chewy texture. In addition, some animal studies have suggested that tempeh may have neuroprotective effects such as reducing brain inflammation, a reliable source of information, and may have antioxidant effects due to its high polyphenol content. I will.

    And don’t worry, it’s no longer a so dark specialty store item. It can be found in virtually any conventional supermarket. Next time you go shopping, pick up the blocks and try these super temperamental recipes.

    What is Tempeh?

    The Rhizopus oligosporus fungus is fermented in a process similar to that of cheese making. The fermentation process makes digestion easier, and nutrients like zinc, calcium, and iron are more bioavailable than non-fermented soy products like tofu.

    Tempeh is an excellent source of plant protein. Also, the tempeh soy is still in perfect condition, leaving all the dietary fiber intact. Think of tofu as the white bread of the soy world and tempeh as a healthy cousin of whole grains.

    If you want to learn more about tempeh, including how to make your own tempeh at home, check out all the knowledge you need about tempeh on Connoisseurus Veg. I think this is the most comprehensive post about tempeh on the web.

    How Do You Prepare Tempeh?

    Tempeh can be steamed, fried, marinated, baked or fried. All you can do with tempeh is eat raw.

    Because tempeh is a fermented food, it stays at warm temperatures for several days to grow bacterial cultures. Therefore, in addition to Rhizopus oligosporus, it is possible to develop some harmful bacterial spores.

    Cooked tempeh is completely safe, but you don’t want to taste the taste of raw tempeh mix.

    Vegan Cheese and Tempeh Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

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    Tempeh vegan cheese & Portobello mushrooms are delicious appetizers with delicious flavors or healthy ingredients. Contains protein and other nutrients. This appetizer is absolutely desirable. This is a winning recipe for any party or gathering event.

    Spring has arrived. I’m sure there are plans for outdoor activities. Grills, barbecues and picnics make up our list of top activities. Packed with vegan cheese and tempeh, Portobello mushrooms definitely work perfectly in all of these situations. Easy to make and slightly confusing, this appetizer invites all mushroom lovers.

    Stuffing crumbled tempeh mix makes Portobello a thicker baby even thicker.

    Nutrient yeast and vegan parmesan give all the important cheese flavors that otherwise would not complete a mushroom filling. There is no way to explain the final result other than “party in mouth”.

    Vegan Tempeh Buddha Bowl

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    These vegan Tempeh Buddha bowls are full of useful ingredients such as fluffy quinoa, pickled tempeh, carrots, radishes and spring onions!

    Is there anything better than a bowl full of transparent vegetables?

    Maybe a bowl full of clean vegetables, fluffy quinoa and pickled beans temp! I am very happy to share these beans with you today. I have tested many bowl variants recently, and this bowl is clearly the winner.

    Buddha dishes are a great way to start adding bean eh to your diet. They are infinitely customizable, and you can mix and match your favorite ingredients. This is a vegan bean eh from Live In Kitchen, this is a bean eh recipe I can keep up with.

    Red curry tempeh summer rolls

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    Red Curry Tempeh summer rolls served with Manchurian or tonkatsu sauce. Tempeh marinated and fried in red curry paste + maple. Vegan gluten free recipe

    Tofu plays a major role in most meatless summer rolls, but this recipe uses tempeh for a fun and clever twist. Its nutty taste comes to the fore, and the texture and taste especially stick to the bold red curry marinades.

    Teriyaki Tempeh Burgers

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    These Asian-inspired burgers are delicious bombs waiting for you to explode! They are made of sweet and savoury teriyaki sauce with lively straw on top, perfect for evening dinner and summer cooking.

    Tempeh is one of my favorites for making vegetarian burgers. Surprise! After six years and nearly 900 blog recipes, I finally shared this news.

    I think it took a while to figure out the perfect way to use bean eh in burgers. This is Doueh Burger: Doueh is really fragrant. Therefore, when you put it in the burger, you want to use strong aromatic spices and seasonings. Teriyaki sauce is perfect!

    Baked Buffalo Tempeh Tenders

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    In this recipe, chicken wings are replaced with slices of tempeh, Buffalo sauce is made without butter, so it is completely milk-free (although check the labels on things bought in the store), and Chek rice grinds for a gluten-free coating.

    As you can see, there are many clever snack substitutes in this recipe that suit carnivores and herbivores.

    Gluten-free tempeh, baked to perfection with buffalo sauce. This is a meatless dish that the children approved with these offers for roasted buffalo tempeh!

    Griddled Miso and Sweet Ginger Glazed Tempeh

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    I have always liked Kellie’s flavor play, and this lattice bean temp recipe is no exception. Light the barbecue and try to melt sweet ginger and sweet ginger from the food to shine!

    Crispy Panko Crusted Tempeh Fries

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    Despite what their title suggests, these crispy snacks are not made in real frying, which could easily replace chicken nuggets.

    Some marinating, beating, breading and baking are included, so it might sound like a lot of work. But most of the process is out of hand, so don’t let more phases distract you.

    Sesame ginger tempeh lettuce cups

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    Beans… consider tofu, but it’s fatter, bigger, and more fermented (although its taste is not very interesting). We ate a bit in Bali where it came from.

    These light but impressive packages require only a small amount of classic Asian spices, but the taste of garlic, ginger and peanuts is salty, but sweet, crunchy, but greasy, generous but refreshing…you see.

    Simple kale Caesar with maple pepper tempeh

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    Kale Caesar salads appear on every other restaurant menu, but why spend $ 15 for one when you can make something more affordable and nutritious at home?

    This vegan version has the same classic taste, thanks to a combination of cashew topping, Dijon mustard and nutritious yeast. Throw the cooked tempeh on top so you don’t just eat a bunch of greens.

    Loaded Nachos with Cashew Cheese

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    Incredibly, this recipe requires only four main ingredients and some basic spices to store.

    In these soaked corn flakes, peppers and maple beans are mixed together instead of chopped meat, and cashew butter is much lighter than melted cheese, but still creamy.

    Blissed-out Thai salad with peanut tempeh

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    Peanut butter and bean eh appear in this salad, so this is a good way to get high-quality plant-based protein.

    This is not a boring meal: carrots and cabbage add natural sweetness, and the rich but refreshing fillings of citrus, peanut and maple syrup provide another flavor.

    Tempeh taco salad

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    Taco salad is always a good time, okay?

    In this version, you have a piece of tortilla chips, black beans to enhance the protein factor, and beans and applesauce made with smoked chili powder and tofu can make you taste delicious at dinner.

    Roasted vegetable salad with smoky tempeh

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    Roasted vegetable salad may sound good, but the spice mix and smoked beans can make it look like nothing else. The advantage of this recipe is that you can roast all the vegetables on a tray and then just put it away.

    While waiting, you can put all the seasonings into the blender, beat the beans, and then finish. Why is such a delicious thing so easy? We are still not sure, but we are happy anyway.

    Sweet and spicy tempeh sweet potato sandwiches

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    Do you think vegan meals are nasty or boring? This sandwich proves the opposite.

    With layers of avocado, sweet potato and tempered marinated maple, there are delicious coasters and BLT, when it comes to taste and pleasure. It achieves an even greater result in terms of nutrition.

    BBQ Baked Tempeh Chips

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    All your favorite guests appear in this favorite southwest – black beans, corn, cherry tomatoes, red onions – but the real heart of the recipe are homemade sauces from the grill and ranch, which are extremely easy to make in your kitchen.

    Pro tip: Put vegan chopped cheddar cheese and slices of avocado on top, so that they look even more like the original.

    Tempeh Reuben sandwich

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    Ruben is perhaps one of the most non-vegan sandwiches out there, so removing milk and meat can sound like stretching to him. This recipe manages to do it justice. It’s hard to explain. Just do it.

    Buffalo tempeh sandwich

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    Taste seeker: This is your meal. Homemade buffalo sauce will provide you with warm ingredients, while fresh avocados and ranch ham are stuffed with cold vegetables. After all, life consists of balance.

    Served with homemade sweet potato fries, topped with lemon juice and sea salt. This is the greatest comfort food.

    Expert Tip: Save this recipe on a plant basis by buying vegan ranch sauce in the store or using this recipe to prepare at home. Also, use store olive oil or vegan butter (such as Earth Balance) instead of butter in the sauce.

    Tempeh sandwich

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    This blogger loved ham and cheese sandwiches and needed to find a way without meat and dairy to fix it. But what could the heartiness and simplicity of his favorite snack provide?

    You guessed it, tempeh. Between a meat substitute and a broken avocado spreading on toast, it will surely satisfy you. Do not forget the pepper arugula and dried tomatoes to hint of Mediterranean flavor.

    Best Vegan tempeh BLT sandwich

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    Vegan BLT always seems like a little scratch to the head, but work with tempeh long enough and you will see as much as possible and easily.

    Tempeh can easily absorb all the flavors that BLT needs: salty, smoked and a little sweet. The trick in making bacon is to cut the tempeh extra thinly and let it marinate for half an hour before you cook it.

    Tempeh salad sandwich

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    Following the example of turkey, chicken or egg salads that you will find in the delicacy, this tempeh mixture was born to be in your regular rotation during lunch.

    Here you will find typical ingredients such as celery and carrots, but also some heart-healthy updates like avocado instead of mayonnaise. Somehow it is still as rich and creamy as the original. You will see.

    Peanut tempeh stir-fry

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    Peanut sauce Tempeh + is a match made in the gourmet sky, and this sprinkle is one of the easiest ways to get to know. The key is that it gives your tempeh enough time to sit in the nut marinade before cooking – it adds an hour to the preparation time, but it’s worth that much.

    Kale and tempeh curry

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    Tempeh is no stranger to Southeast Asian flavors, so in this spicy dish, it can be paired with coconut milk, turmeric and curry powder. It is also mixed with kale and can be used as a hearty soup, but it is ideal when steamed with rice.

    Vegan pumpkin and smoky tempeh chili

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    Want to indulge in a little chili without going through minced beef or turkey? Look no further than tempeh.

    This meat substitute sticks to kidney grains and a rich pumpkin and tomato sauce, and liquid smoke makes it so meaty, you may have to eat another dish to make sure it’s really plant-based.

    One-pan tempeh butternut squash bake

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    When the temperature gets cold, this dish will be a helpful and comfortable dinner. Mix simply seasoned mushrooms, bean eh, and butternut squash and hang in the oven until they are crispy but still tender. This is nutritionally equivalent to a warm hug.

    Spicy tempeh stuffed peppers

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    Stuffing stuffed pepper is usually a type of ground beef and rice, but this recipe changes tradition in the following ways: Tempeh replaces meat, and broccoli reduces the amount of carbohydrates.

    Vegan tempeh carbonara

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    Who needs pancetta and egg yolks when you can make an equally luxurious carbonara with Indian sauce and sharp tempeh? Soy protein is so amazing at mimicking meat, it may be better than bacon.

    Bottom Line

    Tempeh is one of those ingredients that you often see in the supermarket and want to try, but you can’t figure out what to do with it. Now there is no need to put it back on the shelf – you have a complete overview here.

    From BLT to pasta, chili to taco salad, you will run out of tempeh before you ever run out of options in the kitchen. This is one basic plant food that should be kept on the list of food products every week.

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