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Top 10 Cities In Virginia

    Virginia is the 35th most populous state in size and has a large population similar to other states on the U.S. Eastern seaboard. Virginia is the 12th largest state in population, with a total of 8,631,393. Virginia is ranked 14th regarding population density. It has 218.6 inhabitants per square mile. This is spread across a total of 42,775 sq miles. Richmond is the state’s capital, and Virginia Beach is the most populous town in Virginia’s Commonwealth. Below is a comprehensive list of Virginia’s most populous population centers.
    Largest Cities in Virginia

    Find all the vital information regarding the biggest Virginia cities to determine which will meet your requirements and preferences.

    Virginia Beach

    Four hundred fifty-nine thousand three hundred seventy-three people were living there in the 2021 U.S. census 2020; Virginia Beach is Virginia’s most populous city by the number of people living there. Apart from being a hub for residential and a significant tourist destination, it is ideal for visitors.

    There are numerous hotels, restaurants, shops, and other tourist attractions on the shoreline and within the city’s central area. Tourist attractions include The Boardwalk, Ocean Breeze Waterpark, Town Center, and False Cape State Park. Tourists from all across Virginia and the entire state of Virginia, and all over the world, are enthralled by these iconic coast attractions along with the beaches.

    Virginia Beach is located where the Chesapeake Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean. The town is home to a variety of beaches. It’s among the most beautiful beaches in the entire state. It is home to three beaches: Virginia Beach Oceanfront, Sandbridge Beach, and Croatan Beach. The beaches will keep you entertained whether you want to splash and twirl waves or lay back in the sunlight.

    The residents of Virginia Beach appreciate the combination of living in an urban place and a hive of many things to do. Neighborhoods can provide some respite from the popular areas while having plenty of things to do and entertainment options.


    It is located in Chesapeake, is among Virginia’s most prominent and second most significant cities, and is immediately east of Virginia Beach. The town was founded in 1963 and named for Chesapeake, the Native American tribe.

    Chesapeake is famous for having the longest stretch of deepwater canals in the United States.

    The residents in Chesapeake can enjoy many fun things to do, including the top destinations to explore, such as Chesapeake City Park, Chesapeake City Park, and the Greenbrier Mall.

    Some of the most desirable areas where you can work in Chesapeake include DB Schenker, Chesapeake Regional Medical Center, and Technical Systems Integration.

    If you’re moving to Chesapeake with children and looking for one, the top schools to consider are Grassfield High School, Hickory High School, and Western Branch High.

    Chesapeake Population: 244,835
    Chesapeake Area: 338.5 square miles
    Chesapeake Median Age age: 38 years old
    Chesapeake Median Household Income: $77,847
    Chesapeake Median House Price: $290,900
    Chesapeake Density 723.3 persons per square mile


    With an estimated population of 240,000 people, Arlington is not a familiar name to many on this list. The Virginia city feels like something other than a town, by the way. It’s more like the size of a city that is semi-crowded and large. It’s dense but is also a large city.

    If you’re looking to reside here, then check out. There is the high price and high level of life. It is famous for the abundance of American patriotic spots. It’s also the perfect place to reside.


    Norfolk is also among the biggest city in Virginia. Of all towns listed, Norfolk has been one of the cities with a declining population in the past few years. Don’t let it hinder you. Norfolk is a welcoming city with a high rank, with 236,000 residents.

    The city of the coast is the perfect mix of rustic and modern, all with an urban inclination. There is a high density of people living there. High. If you’re a lover of museums, no worries. Norfolk is home to several Museums along the city’s outskirts.


    The city is brimming with fascinating historic sites and landmarks of culture; Richmond has impressively been the capital of Virginia since 1780. It is one of the most ancient cities in the whole U.S., located on with James River with attractive antebellum structures and centuries-old Civil War sites scattered throughout the city.

    It is a fascinating place to explore. Its charming streets are surrounded by memorials, museums, and notable memorials, like the stunning State Capitol and St. John’s Church. Although many visits to view the numerous attractions, some also explore its vibrant art and music scene or stop by its dozens of craft beer breweries. There are also many beautiful riverside walks to explore, and white water rafting is an exciting alternative.

    In light of the fast-paced lifestyle, Richmond mainly appeals to younger professionals and millennials, with the relatively high crime rate, while also turning off retirees and families.

    Big Stone Gap

    The west side in the west of Virginia is another great place to make a home and start families. More peaceful and tranquil than all of the areas mentioned, The small city in Big Stone Gap has outstanding schools for children, low crime rates, and fantastic housing that residents can take advantage of.

    Though it did not develop into the ‘Pittsburgh in the South’ that the residents had hoped, its initial economic activity was primarily based on iron ore and coal mining in its nearby mountains. After the mines shut in the late 1990s, work has become challenging due to the remote settlement and the need to be within walking distance from any significant city worth mentioning.

    Wallens Ridge State Prison contributes significantly to the local economy and also provides employment possibilities, just like Lonesome Pine Hospital and the satellite campus of King University. A scenic hike can be found in the mountains, with gorgeous old houses, as well as a number of museums being constructed in the central area.


    The other side of the James River estuary is from Norfolk to Hampton in Hampton, Virginia. Like Norfolk, Hampton has strong relationships with the region’s naval and shipbuilding communities. In Hampton, you’ll discover The NASA Langley Research Center, where the agency employs most of its aeronautics and battle dynamic research. Take a stroll through Hampton University and visit Hampton University Museum. Established in 1868, it’s the first African American museum in the United States with a collection that includes African American fine art and also traditional African and Native American, as well as Pacific Island artwork. Cross Hampton River and explore the Virginia Air and Space Center. It is home to an aircraft called the Apollo 12 Command Module and an experimental vehicle of NASA’s newly launched Orion program. A nearby waterfront is a beautiful place to walk around or grab food. After lunch, head towards Fort Monroe, where you can explore the national park and stroll around the coast. Casemate Museum of Fort Monroe shows the Fort’s past and importance that began in the 18th century. Go towards the north, to Buckroe Beach and Park, to take advantage of paddleboat or kayak rentals or to relax in the waves. Buckroe is an ideal place for picnics or to rest after exploring Hampton. After dark, you can enjoy a delicious meal and an evening of entertainment downtown. Hampton has plenty to offer in Hampton, which is one reason why it’s considered one of the most vibrant towns in Virginia.


    Most visitors visit Arlington as they enjoy the nearby Washington, DC. Arlington is home to Arlington National Cemetery, the Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetery, and The US Marine Corps War Memorial. It’s a lot to do. Arlington is only possible to go to Arlington with also visiting Washington DC. We need to focus on locations in Arlington. In general, the best route can take you to the Potomac River. The journey to Arlington can be easily made using Metrorail DC Metro or crossing the Arlington Memorial Bridge from the Lincoln Memorial. The bridge will direct you to Arlington National Cemetery, by it’s far the most famous and emotional place to see. The estate was initially owned by Mary Anne Custis Lee, the great-granddaughter of Martha Washington and wife of Robert E. Lee, Arlington was raided in the first weeks of the Civil War and eventually made an end-of-life place for our nation’s combat dead. Explore the grounds of Arlington and stop at John F. Kennedy’s burial site on the hill near Arlington House. Watch the poignant changing of the guard ceremony in Arlington House at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Take your time and appreciate the magnitude of Arlington and its important place in American national awareness. When you travel towards the north of the cemetery, you will see the famous US Marine Corps War Memorial. If you go south, you will get toward the Pentagon. It is an essential connecting point in the larger Washington DC metro area; Arlington offers various nightlife entertainment choices. We’re sure that Arlington is among the top 10 cities that are the most interesting in Virginia.

    Newport News

    The confluence between the James River and the Chesapeake Bay At the intersection of these two rivers, the independent town of Newport News provides a commanding position from which to see the bay. It is the 143rd-largest city in the United States and the sixth-largest in Virginia, with an estimated population of 186,247 in 2020. The people of Newport News increased by 0.59% during the last census and by 0.30% per year. The total area is over 120 square miles. Newport News is home to 271 residents per square mile.
    The Enterprise, Kennedy, Washington, Vinson, and Roosevelt were just a few of the American supercarriers built by the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company, which was established in 1886. While America was entering World War II, the U.S. military designated Newport—news as a port of embarkation. Newport News is a community with a long and rich history that encompasses a variety of trades, such as technology research, shipbuilding, and international trade.


    Alexandria is located in The Potomac River south of Washington, DC. Alexandria is famous for its classic architectural style and has many well-preserved 17th and 18th-century buildings. Take a stroll to Market Square along King Street. It is the center of Alexandria and is a fantastic place to feel a sense of the site. Photograph some photos in the front of City Hall and the large fountain. Stroll around Royal Street and visit Gadsby’s Tavern Museum, a Colonial-themed Tavern with actors from the past and musicians. Return to King Street, where you can browse through the many stores. Make sure to stop at the Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum for a walk of how the historic institution created its famous remedies and elixirs. Take a look at booking a guided walk through the town. Alexandria Colonial Tours on King Street offers various options to help you take in all that Alexandria has to offer. If you’re tired, take a trip to a cafe to get a cup of coffee or a little energy. Along the waterfront, you’ll discover the Torpedo Factory Art Center. This creative arts center is an enjoyable place to look at work by emerging artists. They always have something modern and fresh, with many artworks offered for sale. Also, be sure to visit your visit to the George Washington Masonic National Memorial, which is located to the west of Old Town Alexandria. The neoclassical monument to the country’s first president includes a museum and observation deck. By leveraging its colonial heritage, Alexandria is undergoing a revitalization. There’s plenty to explore and experience in this city, making it among Virginia’s most fascinating places.

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