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Top 10 Haunted Hotels in The World

    Hotels give the impression that they have a lifestyle significantly more expensive than what it is. You can rest assured that your bed is perfect as you get there in the evening, and the fantastic meals are served in the morning buffet. The super-soft sheets and cosy bedrooms make the ideal place for escaping the everyday stress and routine unless you are forced to spend the night in one of the hotels with the highest number of haunted guests around the globe, where there is a chance to be in a state of terror.

    There are some haunted hotels worldwide, and their rooms have become haunted by violent murders, suicides and deaths, and ghosts in residence to terrorize guests. For instance, the Stanley Hotel, for example, is so plagued it was even rocked by Stephen King, which inspired him to design the notorious and hungry Overlook Hotel in The Shining. There’s a place situated in Los Angeles believed to be where the spirits of famous people who passed away before their time, and another located in Canada which has been designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO; however, some guests claim they were able to see the ghosts of a governor who died there in the latter half of the 1600s.

    Certain hotels are ancient. Some are in disrepair, some are abandoned, while others are simply the site of several tragic events. However, they have something to share. Among their regular residents are the mourning souls of fascinating, frightening and fascinating characters. Only the brave can stay the night in one of them. Which is the most haunted Hotel around the globe?

    The Hotel Chelsea, New York City

    Patti Smith, Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, and Madonna are just a few famous faces called Hotel Chelsea home. Hotel Chelsea home. There are, however, two names that have been reported to be haunting the rooms. The Hotel shut its doors in the year 2011 to undergo renovations, and it reopened in the spring of this year; former tenants and staff have for years noticed paranormal activity around the spirits of Sid Vicious, accused of killing his wife when they were in the Hotel, as well as Dylan Thomas, whose dedicated plaque that is on the exterior of the Hotel reads “Dylan Thomas wrote and lived in his home at the Chelsea Hotel and from here the ship sailed off to his death.”

    The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

    The shadows cast by the Rocky Mountains is this famous Hotel in the 20th century. It is renowned as the inspiration for Stephen King’s novel, “The Shining.” A 1911 blast in room 217 of the Hotel injured the Hotel’s head maid, the paranormal marks were left behind. Even though she recovered, it is believed that after she passed away, her spirit returned to the same place where she was once employed, as did the ghosts of the Hotel’s proprietors, Flora and F.O. Stanley. There’s a chance you’ll hear Flora playing the old Steinway, snap a picture of F.O. watching a billiards game, or discover your possessions in a strange manner left unpacked.


    The world-renowned, 768-room Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel stands as a symbol of the beautiful town of Banff, Alberta. The Canadian “Castle within the Rocky Mountains” has provided the most generous hospitality to guests for over 150 years. But, if ghosts cause you to feel scared, it’s recommended to stay clear of staying at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel since this Hotel is famous for being haunted.

    The Ghost Bride is the most well-known ghost in the Hotel. It is believed that during the 1920s, the bride was thrown to her death when she walked down one of the marble staircases on her wedding day. In the years since, hotel employees and guests have all claimed to have seen a silhouetted figure walking up and down the staircase or the figure wearing the wedding gown dancing around the ballroom upstairs.

    The Sagamore (1883) Bolton Landing, New York

    There are rumours of the ghost of a woman with silver hair dressed in a blue polka-dot gown dropping down from the second level towards the Trillium, The Hotel’s upscale restaurant.

    Crescent Hotel & Spa (1886) Eureka Springs, Arkansas

    Many celebrities have “checked out and never returned,” including Michael, the Irish stonemason who built the Hotel. Theodora, one of the patients at Baker’s Cancer Curing Hospital in the latter part of 1930, and “the woman wearing the Victorian nightdress,” would sit on the side of her mattress in Room 3500 to gaze at the guests sleeping as they lay down. These are just three of the many spirits that guests have encountered at the Ozark Mountains Hotel.

    Le Pavilion Hotel – New Orleans, LA

    Le Pavilion is said to contain several ghosts. However, the one that is most likely to be rumoured about is Adda. The legend says Adda was struck by a carriage that ran off during the 1840s. Visitors today report witnessing a woman strolling around the lobby. In case you happen to bump against her, she’ll apologize. At this point, the guests are saying that she has disappeared!

    Crescent Hotel Crescent Hotel Eureka Spring, AR

    A different hotel is believed to be haunted by ghosts in the rooms. The most well-known tale is from 1885; Michael was working on constructing the Hotel when he was thrown to the ground and died. It is believed that within Room 218, near his supposed death, Michael is still playing games with guests hitting walls, doors and even headboards. It’s easier to sleep a decent night’s sleep if Michael has been around.

    The Red Lion Inn (1773)

    Rumours of ghostly happenings continue to rage within the Hotel that has witnessed the presence of numerous mediums and paranormal investigators. The fourth floor, particularly, is claimed to be home to the most active. The cleaning staff, as well as the guests, claim to have seen a “ghostly young lady wearing flowers” as well as “a male wearing the top cap.” According to reports, guests have awakened with the sensation of someone watching in front of them on the bottom of their mattress. Strange knocks, cold spots and electrical disruptions are all reported. Guestroom 301 has also been reported to be a Hotspot.


    The Langham is among the most luxurious and historic hotels located in London. It is the preferred location for famous people and royals, and I’m sure you’ll find ghosts. Ghosts reported to have been present are distinguished soldiers and the spirit of a German prince who committed suicide in one of the rooms, as did Napoleon III himself (who lived there in his last days of exile).

    The Hotel’s room 333 is said to have several ghost stories. The room, too, is available for booking those brave enough to lie in bed accompanied by spirit-hunting creatures.

    Emily Morgan Hotel: San Antonio, Texas.

    The Hotel is located in the downtown area of San Antonio. The Emily Morgan Hotel is one of the DoubleTree by Hilton hotels – it is not one’s first encounter with the supernatural. Hotel staff, as well as guests, reported numerous strange happenings. Phones ring at night without anyone calling back, mysterious sounds from rooms not being used, doors that shut without touching them, and ghostly figures roaming around in the hallways. Video cameras have occasionally recorded what appeared to be glowing orbs flying across the Hotel. Many guests attribute the bizarre incidents to the Hotel’s mysterious background.

    It was once utilized for the City’s Medical Arts Building, featuring its crematorium, morgue and psychiatric wing. The building also has a view of the famous Alamo, the scene of an infamous battle in the Texas Revolution. Make for your San Antonio trip to coincide with the Dia de los Muertos festival during Halloween time to enjoy the nation’s biggest celebration of the Mexican celebration to remember deceased loved relatives.

    The Stanley Hotel

    The family mysterious Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, opened its doors in 1909 and was run by the creator Freelan Stanley. After making a trip to Colorado, he was enthralled by the place, hoping that the cool mountain air could alleviate his tuberculosis-related symptoms. The Hotel soon earned the reputation of being a luxurious getaway in the wilderness, and famous guests such as renowned socialite Molly Brown (famous for surviving the sinking of the Titanic) and President Theodore Roosevelt, and the Empress and Emperor of Japan were all guests there. Stanley.

    The Hotel is most well-known because of its role as the main character in what is widely regarded as the most acclaimed American horror film of all time: The Shining, based on the best-selling novel by Stephen King. After spending just one evening at Stanley, King was so scared by the experience and was prompted to write his third work of great importance, which was made into a film by the director Stanley Kubrick (who famously took certain liberties in the original material).

    Admiral Fell Inn Admiral Fell Inn Baltimore, Maryland

    A few guests may be in a room with spirits in the Admiral Fell Inn in Baltimore (or, at the very least, be able to share the space with legends about ghosts. Staff and guests have shared reports of ghostly activity, and the Hotel has a hand in the myths by providing an evening tour of the ghosts and a reception, which ends with a selection of spirits you could take a sip of. Additionally, this boutique hotel is situated near the saloon where Edgar Allen Poe was seen in the days before his death.

    The Stanley Hotel, USA

    When Stephen King wrote The Shining, he was thinking of Colorado’s Stanley Hotel in mind. Has been to the Hotel in 1974 along with his son and wife. The two were the only visitors to the Hotel’s 140 rooms. The Hotel was a popular destination for writers, and King wrote the novel’s story as he gazed towards the Rockies and the snowy mountains after a terrifying experience.

    King was in Room 217, which was an odd choice considering it’s believed to be the Hotel’s most haunted room, home to the ghosts of the chambermaid Elizabeth Wilson who was blown into the ground and broke her ankles with a blast during 1911.

    The ghost of proprietor Freelan Oscar Stanley reported frequenting the bar. The pet cemetery on the premises was also a source of inspiration for King’s Pet Sematary.

    Monteleone Hotel Monteleone (1886)

    The Hotel Monteleone has earned a name in the past as one of the most haunted spots in New Orleans, a city loved by its Gothic charm. One of the most well-known stories centres around an infant named Maurice, who resided in the Hotel with his family in the 1890s. The child’s parents were avid theatregoers and frequently attended the French Opera House along Bourbon Street. Since Maurice was still a child, they often put him with nurses whenever they were out. On one particular evening, the Begeres could remain at Monteleone Hotel Monteleone before departing for the French Opera House. As they were under the watch of his nanny infant was struck with a fever and died. In grief, the family returned to the Hotel, hoping they could see the spirit of the beloved Maurice. According to the legend, they didn’t have to wait for long before seeing the ghost of Maurice.

    The boy is said to have appeared before his mother and said: “Mommy, don’t cry. I’m good.” The incident brought tears to the mother, and she was happy her son was peaceful. Several guests were also told they saw his spirit at the 14th level. Maurice Maid, also known as “Mrs Clean”, is said to haunt the Hotel. Researchers from paranormal investigations once inquired what she did to stay there, and the housekeeper, who was the grandmother, mother, and great-grandmother, also worked in the Hotel and explained that she picked up housekeeping to maintain the highest standards.

    Airth Castle, Stirlingshire, Scotland

    It is said that you’d go insane to live in this castle, and it’s not only because of the ghostly dog that nibbles guests’ ankles. Strange sightings of the Airth Castle include detections of two children and their nanny, who died in a catastrophic fire, and undiscovered children in rooms 3-9 and 23.

    Dragsholm Slot, Horve, Denmark

    In the past, the Earl of Brothwell was snatched and held in Dragsholm Castle before seclusion took its psychological toll. He was finally bound to a stone which was then left to rot. A legend says the Earl is still in a state of incapacity to get out of the Hotel’s grounds.

    Eyes of the Hawk have caught the horse riding around the park at night alongside his ghostly companion, The White Lady, whose skeleton was discovered within the castle’s walls during the 1930s.

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