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Top 10 Ice Cream Shops In America

    As we approach hot summer days, you might feel like you imagine huge desserts with ice cream more frequently than usual. But don’t fret because you’re not the only one. The International Dairy Foods Association estimates that the average American consumes over 20 pounds of ice cream annually. It’s pretty sweet, and we’re confident there’s a better way to mark the holiday season.

    If you’re an avid lover of this delicious treat and would like to know where you can get the crème de la creme, to speak, then look for yourself in our guide to the most popular Ice cream stores across America.

    Bellvale Farms Creamery | Warwick, New York

    From April through October. Bellvale Creamery features 50 homemade Ice cream flavors offered in a cup cone or homemade waffle cone. There’s a selection of traditional flavors and unique recipes, including Black Dirt Blast, a choco-coffee flavor ice cream containing the addition of toffee bits and fudge.

    Dietsch Brothers Inc. | Findlay, Ohio

    Dietsch Brothers Inc. has been serving ice creams for more than 70 years. It is open all year round and offers seasonal sherbet, ice cream, and sugar-free alternatives. The most popular flavors are lime sherbet and toffee caramel crunch and moose tracks, Butter pecan, mint Chocolate Chip, and plain vanilla, which is the most popular.

    Bi-Rite Creamery, San Francisco

    Bi-Rite’s delicious salted caramel ice cream created the buzz for this delightful combination in San Francisco, and it’s still the benchmark all other brands strive to surpass. Since its inception, the company has launched different flavors that have gained cult popularity, including balsamic strawberries and brown sugar with cinnamon swirls, ginger and honey basil, and the ricanelas (cinnamon and snickerdoodle cookie). The bakery offers home-cooked cupcakes, cookies, and seasonal desserts. The Creamery is the bakery’s offshoot from the Gourmet Bi-Rite Market down the Street, and if the queue gets too long, it is possible to opt for a pint or even a one-quart from the store.

    Salt & Straw (Portland, Oregon)

    The flavor you must have: Arbequina Olive Oil

    Salt & Straw is famous for its partnerships with chefs and savory and sweet (and often strange) mixtures such as Fish Sauce Caramel with Palm Sugar. The company usually launches special editions (like their Thanksgiving feast as ice cream) and ships nationwide.

    Sweet Republic

    Within Scottsdale, Arizona, you are likely to in Scottsdale, Arizona; you will find Sweet Republic. The company is renowned across Arizona due to the use of recycled and high-quality products. The Madagascan Vanilla ice cream is delicious, but their Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream is the star of the show. For those who like a beverage, go for the Brown Cow, which combines vanilla ice cream with Mexican Coke for an unbeatable drink.


    If you go to the ocean coastline to the seaside coast of San Francisco, you will see a Bi-Rite creamery. The location is at 18th Street, and it is the ideal place if you are looking for homemade organic Ice cream. In the summer heat, it is possible to see lines running down the Street. When you’re looking to have some tasty ice cream, you’ll need to keep your cool. However, it’s worth the wait.

    Gelati and Peccati

    Further South to San Diego, you will see ‘Gelati’ and’ Peccati.’ This is a great location to stop by if you like ice cream but want something more significant, as the establishment serves pizza and different meals. Gelati and Peccati provide 20 flavors of ice cream and gelato, which they can do throughout the year. They also offer various seasonal flavors. There is a flavor there for all tastes.

    Blue Marble Ice Cream (Brooklyn, New York)

    The flavor you must have: Strawberry

    The company was founded by two of their best acquaintances; Blue Marble excels at classic ice creams. The available ice creams are certified organic, including milk and blended fruits. There is also a non-profit organization, Blue Marble Dreams, which aids women in nations like Haiti and Rwanda to create ice cream stores for economic development.

    Cool Moon Ice Cream (Portland, Oregon)

    The flavor you must have: Wicked Chocolate

    It is located among shops and galleries of the Portland’s Pearl District, Cool Moon Ice Cream is essential to visit on a sunny day. Cool Moon Ice Cream uses locally-sourced ingredients to make ice creams such as Bing Cherry Almond Chip, using cherries from Oregon and its Willamette Valley Hazelnut, made using toasted hazelnuts taken from orchards that lie only 20 miles away.

    Azucar Ice Cream Company, Miami

    Azucar proprietor Suzy Batlle pulls the finest flavors from her childhood and transforms the resulting tasty “Cuban” ice cream, which includes the famous Abuela Maria ice cream with vanilla, maria crackers, Guava, and cream cheese. The queen of dairy can usually create new flavor combinations made from locally grown ingredients, including her most recent invention using Knaus Berry Farm: cinnamon buns that are soaked in Bourbon.

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