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top 10 most popular ice cream flavors

    Ice cream has been traced as early as 3000 BC in the past. It was a time in China in China, where crushed ice was flavoured with the juices of the fruit.

    Ice creameries have recently increased their experimentation with flavour combinations, sometimes in unexpected ways. Ice cream has moved beyond the simple chocolate, vanilla and strawberry to a myriad of new and surprising flavours that could make any traditionalist smile But are they equally popular as traditional standard flavours?

    The talented people at Jack and Beyond, a cake shop that has won awards for its online store Jack and Beyond were curious to find out if the traditional flavours that were so dear to our hearts remain the most requested by customers or whether it was the right time to make changes to our palates to allow for more innovative and different flavours that are available in the marketplace.

    Vanilla Ice Cream

    It’s an easy choice. Vanilla is by far the most well-known flavour of ice cream in the world, so it is logical to begin the list with vanilla Ice cream. Although it’s not the sexiest, it’s undoubtedly one of the best and most versatile.

    It is made from vanilla beans. Vanilla ice cream can be enjoyed independently but is often the flavour for desserts served a-la-carte. Apple pie, brownies, pisang goreng, and turon are only a few dishes we’ve enjoyed trying that are improved with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


    There are a myriad of cuisines from all over the world, and we come across a wide range of diverse flavours from around the world. The one that holds the lead is chocolate.

    Chocolate ice cream is enjoyed by 93% of the countries studied. Most countries have looked for chocolate ice cream higher than any other flavour over the last year.

    Within a month, 97,790 customers across the globe wondered what they could purchase for their favourite flavour. This equates to more than 1173,480 per year for people who love ice cream.

    Chocolate chip

    The popularity of this flavour dropped by one per cent compared to an earlier YouGov survey in 2018.


    This unique ice cream with a green flavour is sought-after by its subtle hint of the savoury taste of nuttiness. However, it could have been better liked in the survey in 2018, falling from 5 per cent.

    Vanilla Fudge Ripple

    The second spot in the top 10 most well-known ice cream flavours worldwide is the vanilla fudge ripple, which blends vanilla classic Ice cream with ripples and ribbons of chocolate fudgy. The flavour is loved by both old and young alike.

    Cookies and Cream

    The delicious flavour produced by a classic mix of vanilla Ice Cream and broken cookies, also known as cream and cookies, is next on the list. Different variations of mint and chocolate flavours of cookies are also increasing in popularity.


    Affogato is a true affogato that combines two traditional Italian drinks consisting of an espresso shot made from freshly brewed espresso with a scoop of vanilla or latte gelato. Affogato can be translated as drowned and refers to the preparation process involving steaming espresso being lavishly drizzled over the scoop of gelato.

    Affogato’s popularity has resulted in myriad variations ranging from made fortified wine, various flavours of gelato, or even adding crumbled almonds or biscuits. When served in cups or glasses for dessert, affogato may be enjoyed slowly or steadily or using a spoon. It can be enjoyed following an extensive meal.

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