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Top 10 Spiciest Food in The World

    We’re sure you’re thinking: Couldn’t the most spicy dishes be a mix of various types of peppers? Yes, of course. If you’re not entering any contest or searching to embark on a new spiritual level drinking straight-up peppers isn’t a good idea. They will not only make your soul smoke and provide an excellent and balanced diet.

    The most delicious foods on this list do not just taste incredibly spicy. However, they’re well-loved too. The options range from soups to stews to meats and vegetable platters. They span a range of nations and continents. Yet, they are still served in eateries that specialize in ethnic cuisines across America or even cooked in the kitchen.

    10 Spicy Foods in the World Top 10 Spiciest Foods in the World

    Be ready for a smoky journey through the kitchen as we examine the top 10 spicy food items. With tongue-tingling sensations and the sensation of sweating, these foods aren’t for the weak of the heart. Over a variety of continents and cultures, they are renowned due to their high levels of spice and ability to test the most adventurous of palates.

    Begin with us on a trip which will take us from India’s fiery vindaloo and the fiery Phaal curry from India and the United Kingdom. The journey will take us through Thailand’s explosive Tom Yum soup, experience the mouth-watering Sichuan Hotpot of China, and explore the smoky deeps in Ethiopia’s Doro Wat. You’ll be able to enjoy the enticing hotness of Jamaican Jerk Chicken, discover the deep flavour of South Korea’s Kimchi Jjigae, and taste Peru’s famous Papa al a Huancaina.

    Indonesia: Sambal Oelek

    It is a favourite among travellers. Indonesia’s Samba Oelek can serve as a rub or in its dish. The guests are typically left drinking fluid as cayenne Habanero, bird-eye chillies, and Spanish peppers kick in.

    Sichuan hotpot

    It is sometimes referred to as Sichuan Huoguo. Sichuan hotpot is the smoky Sichuan variation of Mongolian food. Sichuan hotpot gained popularity throughout China’s Sichuan province around the beginning of the 20th century. Since then, it has been recognized as a hallmark of Sichuan cuisine and the food of Chongqing, one of the cities in Sichuan.

    Since its inception, Sichuan hotpot has become a popular Chinese dish in China and different parts of the World, such as the US. Like Mongolian hotpot, Sichuan hotpot has a shared word consumed while people gather around a hot, spicy broth. Different ingredients are soaked in the broth before being consumed.

    Sichuan hotpot ingredients include various cuts of meats like beef and lamb and seafood noodles and vegetables. The distinctive flavour of the hotpot comes from a combination of chilli peppers and Sichuan peppercorns. They are often mistakenly referred to as chilli peppers but aren’t connected to them.


    To prepare this Haitian dish, tender pieces of pork are marinated in a mix of lemon, orange lime, and lemon juices alongside Scotch Bonnet Chilies. Pork Griot is all about acidity and tang. When the pork has done cooking and served, it’s served with pikliz, which is a Haitian veggie relish. Its spicy, tart flavour is an absolute hit in Haiti and is consumed in almost all households on informal and formal occasions. In an article published in Gusto magazine, a Djanan Kernizan wrote that the word “griot” refers to “family, home, and ethnic roots” for Haitian citizens.

    Sik Sik Wat

    Sik Sik Wat can be described as an Ethiopian stew served on a spongy and thin flatbread. Sik Sik Wat’s spicy red sauce Sik Sik Wat is prepared using berbere that is scorching hot, a mixture of chilli peppers as well as paprika, fenugreek and paprika as well as other dried spices. It is usually consumed using your hands. So make sure not to get your hands in your face or eyes when eating!

    Doro wat

    The main ingredient in the famous stew that is slow-cooked Ethiopian stew lies in debate, an intense hot spice mix made by mixing dried red chillies with paprika, cayenne peppers, fenugreek, and additional spices. Nitre kibbeh Ethiopian clarified butter seasoned with garlic and other spices is a further sauce source. T’ej – -Ethiopian honey wine is usually used in marinades for a hint of sweetness. The juicy, tender pieces of chicken that are simmered with a heap of caramelized onions are served with spongy injera and boiling eggs. Doro wat is usually used for special occasions such as holidays or when family members arrive to visit.

    Jamaica: Jerk Chicken

    A variety of the best Caribbean ingredients are used in Jerk Chicken and include cloves, spring onions, cinnamon Thyme, nutmeg and garlic. We must not ignore the flavour. Very rarely will you come across real jerks in the UK. However, if you do, you’ll have heard of the taste. Infested with allspice and scotch bonnets, use rice to protect yourself if you cannot handle the scorching heat.

    Jerk Chicken

    Jerk is a Jamaican cooking technique that entails dry-rubbing or marinating meats in a Jerk spice blend with two main components: Scotch bonnet peppers and allspice.

    Jerk Chicken is bone-in or deboned chicken breasts dried-rubbed or marinated with a Jerk spice blend.

    If the marinade is wet, the spices are usually left out of the brown sugar and blend dry herbs and aromatics with the juice from an orange.

    Scotch Bonnet Peppers have a Scoville score of 100,000-350,000 units. This is 100 times more hot than jalapenos. I love chicken jerk in a moist marinade because it disperses heat by releasing the sweetness of citrus.

    Phaal curry

    Similar to many curries consumed outside of India, Phal was first discovered in England, particularly in Bangladeshi establishments in Birmingham. It is considered spicier than vindaloo’s iconic curry (fueled by chilli powder, green chillies, and garlic and paprika). Phal elevates it to another step by adding the scotch bonnet or habanero peppers into the tomato-based dish. Confident home cooks with a flair for spice have made Phal curry using ghost peppers. They are 400 times hotter than Tabasco; however, they have a distinctive sweetness and fruity taste should you push beyond the hotness. A New York City restaurant describes Phal curry in this way: “excruciatingly hot curry, more pain and sweat than flavour.”


    Mexicans can cook using spice. It is why Mexico is regarded as one of the nations with one of the World’s most spicy cuisines. Some dishes are made from Jalapeno, Pabloan, Serrano, Habanero, and Ancho in Mexican cuisine. They are the hottest foods in Mexico, and everything here is well worth trying. And it will leave you wanting even more. Peppers are used to add chilli to all kinds of food items, from soups and quesadillas to desserts and sweets. Remember to sample the Pozole and some Mexican Tacos prepared with a spiced meat mix, beans, and salsa served on the flat, soft, thin tortilla.

    Papa a la Huancaina

    It is a type of potato salad that’s superficial appearance can fool the eye. It is a unique Peru dish made up of eggs and potatoes that have been cooked along with a cold cheesy sauce made from fiery Amarillo chilli and Habanero. Burn guaranteed!

    Phaal Curry

    It’s more intense than vindaloo! Warning: This is one of the hottest dishes. It’s among the hottest out there! Take it up if you’re in the mood. However, please don’t go to us to complain about it being too hot. The gang has warned you.

    Ma Po Tofu

    Sichuan dish combines a hot chilli bean sauce, ground tofu, and tofu pork. It also includes the Sichuan peppercorn, which is very popular in Sichuan food preparation.

    The smoky Chinese cuisines come from Sichuan, Hunan, Chongqing, Guizhou and Yunnan. Your tongue could be burning, but believe me when I say it’s worth it.

    Jerk Chicken

    The smoky hot food originated from Jamaica, and the credit for the spice goes to the scotch bonnet chilli peppers and other Caribbean spices—a perfect dish to test the love of spicy foods.

    Doro Wat

    Oft referred to as the national food often referred to as the national dish of Ethiopia, the berbere-spiced Doro Wot is the crown gem of the spiced Ethiopian food. Doro wot literally translates as “chicken stew.” The term doro refers to chicken, and wot refers to stew.

    This dish is flavoured by an infused butter that is referred to as the nitre Kibbeh and berbere, the spice mix that usually contains hot chiles, fenugreek, cardamom, paprika, and coriander. When the cooking is finished, the eggs are cooked hard and cooked in the stew.

    Laal Maas (India)

    Laal maas can have hungry eaters eagerly anticipating the spice. It is a well-known Rajasthani curry because of its strong garlic flavour and fiery taste. Additionally, the curry’s mutton base gives off an exquisitely rich red colour because of red chillies—Indian bread such as naan chapatis or rotis best with a rich and thick recipe. If you want a spicy curry, try this Rajasthani curry when you visit the city with the most stunning forts in India!

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