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11 Best Turkish Bread Recipes

    Baking homemade Turkish bread is one of my most relaxing and satisfying things in the kitchen. I like the smell of yeast dough, how it feels when kneading the dough, seeing it lift up, watching it puff in the oven, then slice it, cut it into slices, then cut it into small pieces, and take a bite. I like all the content of this process and can easily eat all of these things over and over again.

    It’s not easy, we only focus on delicious Turkish bread and rolls (sorry, cinnamon sugar puffs! You are still loved!). However, if you wish, we have narrowed it down to the upper stratum, the breadwinner. Give them a look below, then crush and knead the flour.

    No-knead Turkish bread

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    I have a soft spot for certain Turkish breads, the fluffy bread traditionally eaten during Ramadan. Sometimes it is sprinkled with sesame seeds, sometimes it is sprinkled with pul Biber (Turkish pepper), which is delicious either way.

    We were hooked when we lived in North East London, next to the Turkish Bakery. They sold these amazing Turkish bread straight from the oven for 80 cents each. The attractive smell prevented them from going without buying or buying! When it’s still warm and fresh it’s great, but even after a day or two it’s thinly sliced, lightly pan-roasted, and dipped in various Mexican dishes to taste. Tasty.

    Turkish Simit Breads

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    Simits is a popular Turkish street food. Instead of cooking like a bagel, the twisted dough circle is quickly immersed in sugar water and sprinkled with sesame seeds. The result is a sharp appearance and a bright, refined and lovely interior.

    Turkish Ramadan Flat Bread (Pide)

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    Every year millions of Muslims observe the month of Ramadan (i.e. Ramadan). This period of spirituality and reflection is known for the tradition of fasting during the day.

    Paradoxically, after the fast is over every night, it is also famous for its special cuisine. Like all countries, Turkey also offers its own unique food during the holidays.

    There are many Turkish ingredients and classic dishes during Ramadan. But no other project breaks the fast pace better than barbells.

    Chef John’s Pita Bread

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    Unlike many other bakery products, they can buy better products from the bakery, so far, it is much better than the products you get in the grocery store, and it’s still close. And besides being delicious, it is also very easy to make!

    Bazlama – Turkish Flat Bread

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    Bazlama is a simple and delicious country bread. After moving to Turkey, I learned how to prepare it. Usually, it is cooked in an outdoor oven, but it also works on the stove. It is best to be warm.

    Authentic Turkish Lavas Puff Bread

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    If you are dining at an authentic Turkish steakhouse or ocakbasi (meaning “restaurant by the fireplace”), you will definitely try this classic puff pastry bread from Southeastern Turkey. You can use this recipe to bake authentic Turkish Lah (lah-VAHSH) at home. The bread is delicious and cooking at home is fun.

    Lava is sometimes called “balloon bread,” which is thin and crisp and puffs up when cooked. It is an appetizing smoking pipe that is used as an aperitif before a kebab meal. You’ll often find it accompanied by Turkish Tulum goat cheese, large chunks of unsalted country butter, and tomatoes and hot peppers called ezme (ez-MAY).

    Turkish Pide Bread

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    Summer is very hot, very hot. We live by the water, if there is no breeze, it will be very humid, everyone is talking about how we do it because it is too hot. Fortunately, there is usually a breeze, but not today. The temperature is 33C / 92F and humid.

    You know? I didn’t like it at all, so I decided to make myself useful and share this recipe with you. I have made this recipe 3 times and it always works normally.

    Gozleme (Turkish)

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    How to make Gozleme Turkish bread, Turkish pancakes-the delicious fillings in the recipe are also for you! Unfortunately, I didn’t bring a camera, only memory. The lady told me that she was making Gozleme, one was eating cheese and spinach stuffing, another had chopped lamb and parsley, another had potatoes…yes, you guessed it, parsley.

    This lady showed me how she did it, she only speaks Turkish, so I had to remember what she did!
    I bought two of the Gozlemes cheese and lamb. They are simply divine!

    Turkish Pide Bread THERMOMIX ® RECIPE

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    It’s amazing. I was worried about the stickiness of the dough (super sticky), but it turned out very well. Now I have never made Turkish bread before, but this recipe is so simple and it turned out to exceed my craziest expectations! I will definitely make this bread again, and may never buy store-bought Turkish bread again! I cooked half of it immediately and half of it the next day. The texture was significantly better on the first day. I suggest you put some salt on it before baking!

    Pirojki – Turkish bread recipe

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    This is a good bread and can be eaten with soup. I ate with Harira (also very good) and did a good job. Crisp shell and soft inside. I only cooked it for more than 20 minutes. And it’s done well. Dissolve the yeast in water and infuse it for 5 minutes (it should start to foam). Mix flour, salt and sugar in a large bowl. Add milk, oil and whole egg and albumin. Mix by hand until it becomes a dough, then shape into a ball.

    Ekmek Turkish Bread

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    Ekmek is a thin, slightly sour bread that tastes great when paired with cheese. It is fermented with a starter for 4 days. I recommend using pizza stones to bake bread. If you don’t have a pizza stone, the baking pan can also be used. The recipe looks complicated, but it is much easier than it looks. This recipe is very good, but the wood-fired oven used by the Turks has other characteristics that are unmatched. Enterprising young people in Turkey buy a basket of fresh bread and sell it on mature delivery routes.

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