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16 Healthy Vegan Broccoli Recipes

    Are you one of the kids who absolutely refuse to eat vegan broccoli recipes? Perhaps their appearance discourages you: green saplings with green trunks may not be the most attractive to children. Maybe this is the way to prepare. Most of us may only taste delicious broccoli in stir-fries in Chinese restaurants or during holidays (when cheese-wrapped broccoli becomes a popular side). In addition, the broccoli we encountered may be miserable, pure, steamed, and without any flavor. It’s not that we don’t like pure broccoli, but it is definitely not to impress our taste buds.

    Broccoli is one of the vegetables that I think is bad for rap. People are not very ambitious, usually just inclined. We provide everything here for any occasion and lunchtime. If you have this wonderful vegetable in your kitchen but are not sure how to deal with it, then this summary is for you.

    If you want to get more inspiration from plant meals, please check out our detailed guide, where we have selected the best dishes we can find. Today, I have 16 vegan broccoli recipes that can help you reduce your savings. If you have this dish on hand, you can use frozen broccoli in most recipes.

    Roasted Broccoli with Creamy Basil Dressing

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    Roasted broccoli with creamy basil sauce. Put the broccoli in the garlic and chili and bake. Serve with basil sauce and cashew nuts with cheese. Vegan recipe without soy gluten-free. Add the broccoli, chili, garlic, salt, and oil to the cayenne pepper (because it’s cold outside) and grill until crisp. Served with creamy basil cashew sauce, or with lemon juice + nutritional yeast. I like this dressing! And I like to combine broccoli with broccoli (without the exclamation mark like Huber), but I prefer to serve it with spicy broccoli. The baby reaches out to hug the broccoli.

    Vegan Macaroni and Cheese with Broccoli

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    Vegetarian macaroni and broccoli cheese! Creamy broccoli with steamed broccoli is a plant-based food for adults and children. Gluten-free pasta can easily be gluten-free. Do you say vegan Mac and cheese? Yes macaroni and cheese without cheese. A fuzzy velvety cheese sauce that coats broccoli shells, corners and crevices, completely delicious. If you are like me and you are always looking for more vegan but cheesy recipes, then this is for you.

    The sauce is extracted from cauliflower and cashew nuts. If you have ever spent some time on vegan cheese sauce recipes, then you know that both are popular competitors. When you have both, why choose one? Cauliflower clarifies everything, while cashew nuts provide a delicious taste and richness. There are also nutritional yeast, mustard, ketchup and turmeric.

    Vegan Bang Bang Broccoli

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    Asian-style broccoli panko is fried to perfection with a sweet and creamy chili sauce. This fried broccoli is so good, the filling is nice, but still crispy. The perfect comfort food for chilly nights! The whole recipe has only 12 ingredients (including oil for frying) and only 3 sauces! The usual Bang Bang sauce includes sweet chili sauce and honey. I thought there was too much sugar, so I served a simple veggie mayo, chili sauce, and agave. So simple, so sweet, spicy, but not too sweet 🙂 The dough has only 5 ingredients and everything is mixed. After dipping it in the batter, you just need to put it in panko so that it is a nice, brown and crispy crust.

    Vegan Broccoli Soup

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    You would never think that this creamy vegetarian broccoli soup is dairy-free! It is made from a mixture of rich, delicious potatoes, vegetables and herbs. This vegetarian broccoli soup recipe should not be confused with broccoli soup cream. There is a super delicious green creamy broccoli soup on page 55 of my first cookbook. It is made with leeks, coconut milk, broccoli, lemon and spinach. It is light, healthy and tastes similar to the soup my mother made for me when I was a kid. This recipe (vegan broccoli and cheddar soup) is thicker, richer, and more cheese-like. I think you will like it.

    When trying this vegan broccoli soup, you never think that it is made without cheese or cream. Its creamy texture and rich flavor come from these plant-based ingredients: to make this recipe, sauté onions, carrots, celery and broccoli stems until tender. Add potatoes and garlic. Then add broth and low heat. This creamy vegetarian broccoli soup recipe is our favorite healthy comfort food! Don’t skip dill, this is the key to complete the salty, cheesy taste of this soup.

    Vegan Broccoli Balls

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    Vegetarian broccoli balls. Cheese balls with broccoli, vegetables / meatballs. Served with Italian condiments or pasta or garnishes. Simple vegetarian recipe. It can be gluten free. Roll 10 to 12 1-1.5 inch balls. Go to the recipe. These balls work well and give me a bit like eating broccoli. Roast the broccoli to remove excess water, then mix in the spices, almond flour, breadcrumbs, and chia or flax eggs, roll into batter, and bake until crisp. As the roasted balls are laid in the spices get stronger and I like the stronger spicy flavor. A little vegan cheese on the balls also contributes to the texture and flavor of the balls.

    Roasted Broccoli and Lemon Pasta

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    Broccoli and lemon are grilled in the oven with leeks. This is a flavor combination that I absolutely love in raw salads, but when grilled together, it takes it to a whole new level. If you have never baked lemons, be prepared for the unpleasant smell from the kitchen. This is a perfume I can get used to!

    The texture is definitely different, because it is made of walnuts, so it is a bit grainy. I often make large batches of “cheese”, so I have a glass bottle on hand that can be easily sprinkled on salads, eggs or pasta. It is easy to prepare and only requires 4 ingredients. Almonds, nutritional yeast, garlic powder and salt. There is some buzzing in your food processor, and voila, macaroons! I used Minimalist Baker’s recipe as a guide and adjusted it to my personal preference, but if you grind Parm in the refrigerator, please feel free to use it.

    Roasted Broccoli Sweet Potato Chickpea Salad

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    We are a bit bored. We eat Mediterranean cuisine once or twice a week, usually in the form of spreads, vegetables, and chickpeas, wrapped in all the pita breads, which you can tuck into your belly. One night, I used the recipe to make a Roasted Chickpea Tabouleh Salad, but added some fresh red bell peppers, roasted broccoli, and sweet potatoes. Another amazing thing about this recipe? You can buy 90% of the raw materials at the farmers market.

    Grab a beautiful broccoli, a sweet potato or two, some fresh dill and garlic, and a sweet bell pepper, and you’re done. The rest are chickpeas, hummus, lemon, and spices. This seasoning has become a classic on blogs and in our home and is my best 4 pesto dill sauce, which is inspired by Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors. It’s made from hummus *, garlic, lemon juice, and dill – ingredients you can get frequently, so it’s easy to batch and put it in everything all week long, from the Bean and Shawarma Hummus Dip to Mediterranean Sweet Potato to the grill eat this salad

    When you need something nutritious on the table quickly, you can turn it into a delicious weeknight dinner. Lunch is also delicious and can even be taken as a picnic or post-workout snack. A satisfying, plant-rich entrée or side dish with roasted broccoli, sweet potatoes, and chickpeas. Served with 4 Ingredient Garlic Dill Cream Sauce.

    Thai Fried Rice with Broccoli and Mushrooms

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    Fried rice is one of those recipes that took me a long time to make the right one. It looks like this dish should be very simple, but over the years, my husband and I have suffered many dishes that are not too hot. From downright mushy to not big enough, it is certainly not very beautiful (or delicious).

    This version of the fried rice uses both baby bella mushrooms and broccoli. However, you can certainly exchange these vegetables if you wish. I also like to garnish the rice with some garnishes, such as lemon wedges, extra chopped or mashed peanuts, and thinly sliced ​​cucumbers. But again, you can customize it to your liking.

    Vegan Quinoa and Broccoli Casserole

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    This Veggie Quinoa Broccoli Casserole is so creamy, delicious, healthy, gluten free, and so easy to make. We recently tried quinoa and fell in love with this gorgeous fake grain.

    Quinoa is an excellent source of protein and contains eight essential amino acids, making it an ideal food for vegetarians and vegetarians. It is gluten-free, has a low glycemic index, is high in fiber, can regulate cholesterol levels, prevent constipation, and is rich in essential fatty acids (ω3 and ω6), potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, magnesium and vitamins B and E.

    There are many ways to prepare quinoa, but this recipe is great. So simple, but we will share with you a simple quinoa recipe. You can also eat quinoa in salads, so it can replace couscous or pasta salads, especially if they are made with refined white wheat. The sauce is gluten free because we use rice noodles. You can use another type of flour, but you will probably need to add more or less milk, because each type of flour behaves differently.

    Smoky Vegan Broccoli Soup w/ Crispy Tempeh Croutons

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    Not your average broccoli soup! This vegan smoked broccoli soup is easy to make, healthy and nutritious, with addictive bean eh “croutons”. This soup can be mixed easily without too many ingredients. If you choose the right time, I will follow the instructions below, you can prepare soup and bean eh toast within 30-35 minutes, making this vegan broccoli soup a delicious and delicious lunch or dinner on weekdays nutrition.

    Tempeh is a rectangular pressed cake or small pies made from fermented soybeans. It has a chewy, nut-like texture and can be a good substitute for meat. Some people find it has a bitter taste, but usually steam it first to make it bitter. It can then be baked, fried, grilled, or even crushed and used directly.

    Tempe can definitely be gluten-free, but it is usually mixed with grains such as wheat or barley. If your diet is gluten-free, be sure to read the label to choose the right brand. Hope you like this vegetarian smoked broccoli soup as much as we do. If you have tried, please come back and leave me your review and star rating.

    Best Oven-Roasted Broccoli With Nutritional Yeast

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    when I first started roasting broccoli, I sliced ​​the garlic thinly and put it in a bowl with olive oil, broccoli, a pinch of salt and pepper. The idea of ​​roasting garlic is amazing. The problem is that the garlic will brown quickly, leaving an unpleasant bitter taste.

    When a head of garlic is roasted in the oven, it is roasted slowly and slowly, coating its own skin with garlic and lubricating with oil. However, when it is peeled, thinly sliced ​​and placed on a plate, the situation changes.

    If you like to cook at home and find that you like plant-based recipes, you may have heard of nutritional yeast. Its cheesy, nutty, and creamy flavor makes it a popular seasoning for vegans and vegans, but everyone can benefit from it. These golden flakes are an important source of some B vitamins and contain trace amounts of other vitamins and minerals, making nutritional yeast a smart substitute for the non-dairy products in cheese.

    Tandoori Broccoli Mushroom Wrap

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    This delicious Tandoori Broccoli Mushroom Wrap is rich in veggies and comes with homemade masala salad. Simple, delicious, satisfying, and desirable. A side view of a set of tandoori broccoli mushrooms. This creamy sour wrapped filling is oil-free and made from cashew nuts or cashew yogurt. No need for babysitting or barbecue.

    Therefore, it can be enjoyed in any weather, especially cold weather. You can happily enjoy this pack on a comfortable warm blanket or by the fireplace without worrying about the outdoor barbecue grill.

    Broccoli Salad with Creamy Cashew Dressing

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    This salad is full of vitality, aroma and flavor, and is well received. The combination of vegetables and other ingredients provides you with various flavors and textures. Not to mention the colors! The seasoning brings this dish to the next level. This recipe is perfect for sharing. This is the perfect summer salad, and most importantly, it is easy to make and versatile, so you can use whatever you have.

    Broccoli is one of my favorite vegetables, it contains all the necessary vitamins and minerals. A cup of broccoli contains about 43 mg of calcium, which is very helpful for our daily needs. Did you know that the vitamin C in the same cup of this green food exceeds the vitamin C you need throughout the day? Well, now you did it!

    Vegan Broccoli Cheese Soup

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    Do you need a large meal to make you feel warm and comfortable? You just have to try this plant-based version of this classic dish! Plan to soak the cashews the night before, as this will produce the best results. After that, you basically need 15 minutes to send it to the desktop. simple and clear! This Pure Broccoli Cheese Soup is so thick, rich, and creamy you’d never know it’s dairy-free, gluten-free, and healthy! It only takes 15 minutes to complete the prep work, so easy!

    If I strongly recommend that you do one thing, it’s to try mixing cashew cream sauce with nutritional yeast. I believe nutritional yeast alone can add “cheese” to Mexican quinoa packaging with Mexican sweet potato noodles and cheese. But when it was spun with crispy roasted cashews and dreamy creamy almond milk, my mind was overwhelmed with deliciousness.

    Garlic Roasted Broccoli Recipe

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    This garlic roasted broccoli recipe will soon become your family’s favorite side dish! If you need healthy side dishes to add some green to your plate, then you have come to the right place! Forget the moist, tasteless steamed broccoli, because this garlic roasted broccoli recipe will soon become your family’s favorite vegetable! With the arrival of spring, the farmers’ market has risen again, and I think it is appropriate to provide new quick-fix options for fresh broccoli heads in the refrigerator.

    Coupled with a touch of garlic, a crunchy appearance and natural sweetness from the baking process, this broccoli recipe is a winner you come back time and time again. If I want to eat more vegetarian dishes once or twice, it will be very easy. I am too worried about putting the main course on the table every night, I don’t have to worry about extra food!

    The Best Vegan Broccoli Raisin Salad

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    The most amazing vegetarian broccoli raisin salad is made with a rich, creamy cashew seasoning instead of mayonnaise. This salad is great for the crowd, perfect for parties! Decided to try this old-fashioned healthy food, it still has a sweet and crunchy vibe but with no added sugar, dairy and meat are healthier.

    The key to this recipe is cashew butter. It brings all the flavors and really brings this broccoli salad to life. After soaking and mixing the cashews, they become very creamy and become a non-dairy seasoning for broccoli raisin salad. You don’t need mayonnaise or a lot of sugar! A vegan broccoli and raisin salad with a rich creamy cashew sauce instead of mayo. This salad is crunchy, sweet, and absolutely delicious, perfect for summer gatherings.

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