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14 Delicious Vegan Cabbage Recipes

    This amazing collection of 14 delicious vegan cabbage recipes is the most delicious, filling, and healthy recipe you can find.

    St. Patrick’s Day is about to begin. The store is full of cabbage and is sold at great prices here in most Florida supermarkets.

    Our neighbors are giving us more gifts from the garden than you can imagine and guess. I don’t really care because I love cabbage and it is very good for my health.

    You may be pulling your hair wondering what you can make with cabbage. Rest assured, we have many delicious recipes that you won’t even dream of.

    Quinoa & Lentil Cabbage Roll Soup

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    Make this easy and healthy vegan soup by dipping a hearty mixture of quinoa and lentils in a delicious tomato broth with soft cabbage. If you made my lentil quinoa cabbage rolls, this recipe will be familiar. It has the same taste as cabbage rolls, but it greatly reduces the time and effort required to make soup.

    Vegan Kimchi Stew

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    This vegan kimchi stew is quick and easy to cook, packed with flavor and as spicy as you like. A hearty meal that takes less than 30 minutes with sliced ??tofu, shiitake mushrooms, and rice.

    Then I fry the onions and kimchi for a few minutes and just add the kimchi juice, soup, sliced ??mushrooms and tofu softened. The soup was seasoned with soy sauce, sesame oil, Korean chili paste, chili flakes, and a little sugar to balance the acidity.

    When preparing this vegan kimchi stew, keep in mind that it depends on your personal taste & the quality of the kimchi you are using.

    Imperfect Foods Yakisoba

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    This was very good !!! It was very easy to do. The sauce was delicious. I love that they are only vegetables and not meat. I was especially surprised by the end of the potatoes and it was very crispy and perfect. The definitely want to do this again. I am crazy to be made up of “food waste” and leftovers. It also cooks very fast, minimizing kitchen hassles.

    This recipe uses the vegetables you have or the ones you have in a recent incomplete food box. Sure, there are traditional ingredients that are used in authentic yakisoba, but they are neither interesting nor far from traditional. We trick you, we use what we have and rock this yakisoba veggie in just a few minutes.

    Vegan Summer Rolls with Dipping Sauce Two-Ways

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    You’ll love these vegan summer rolls with fresh mango dips and creamy peanut butter dips. Lunch and snacks perfect for the warmer months. Yaki-dofu is one of my new favorites. Forget the sticky, non-flavored tofu. Bake with a nice seasoning of salt and pepper, tofu becomes the perfect and delicious base for these summer rolls. Then load and roll up all your favorite vegetables.

    But the dipping sauce beats me with these … just the right amount of sweet and spicy fresh mango chili sauce, and the creamiest peanut sauce with coconut milk and lots of spices. I’m having a hard time choosing my favorite.

    Traditional Cabbage and Mushroom Croquettes

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    Traditional cabbage and mushroom croquette. Incorporating this delicious and vegan Eastern European classic, you can easily create your dinner ideas! Hmm! There are always some flavors and aromas associated with the home … and for me cabbage is one of them. As you may not know, I grew up in a small town in Poland. Everything revolves around food there. Yes, that’s true, we love potatoes and cabbage, but who can blame us when they are so delicious?

    Therefore, when it comes to sauerkraut, all families will claim that their recipes and how to prepare them are the best (including my mother). As you can see, no one buys ready-made sauerkraut. Most people make their own. Sauerkraut has caused conflicts between family and neighbors at every rally.

    Indonesian Pork Noodle Bowl

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    Instant Pot Borscht (vegan and gluten-free)

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    This instant pot pouch is healthy and delicious. It’s a great, affordable way to stay warm through the winter while eating a cozy and comfortable vegan and gluten-free soup. Making with a pressure cooker means you don’t have to stir the pot. It is easy to prepare and eat.

    The soup is healthy and delicious. It’s a great way to start this year, and it’s amazing to strengthen your immune system. Also, grocery stores often use less expensive beets and cabbage, making them very affordable. This instant pot pouch is healthy and delicious. A great, affordable way to stay warm through the winter while eating a cozy and comfortable vegan and gluten-free soup made in a pressure cooker.

    Napa Cabbage Stir Fry with Salt and Pepper Tofu

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    This is a delicious Monday through Friday dinner with lots of umami. A white vegetable fried with crunchy salt and pepper made of tofu, mushrooms and red peppers. Make dinner for just 2 people or make a light meal for 4 with brown rice or other favorite grains.

    A quick, healthy and light dinner during the week. Serve 2 plain or 4 with short brown rice, quinoa, or other grains.

    The Best German Sauerkraut You Will Ever Eat

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    If you’re lucky, you can try the fresh German sauerkraut. It’s crispy and a little sour, but it’s sour and flavorful. Here in North American supermarkets, there is nothing like canning glass jars. Fortunately, making sauerkraut at home is incredibly easy and doesn’t require a lot of supplies or materials. You really really only need two ingredients!

    Growing up in a German background, my father, who loves sauerkraut, inevitably introduced me to sauerkraut. It shows how versatile a good sauerkraut is, especially when it comes to eating on a budget or storing cabbage grown in the backyard.

    Kobichi Vadi | Vegan Cabbage Fritters

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    Kobichi Vadi or Steamed Cabbage Fritters is a vegan Indian recipe with cabbage. This traditional Maharashtra snack is delicious and healthy! It takes about 15 minutes to prepare the steamed cake, and the fried cake can also be served at the party.

    It’s great to see the local food, the way the locals cook and the spices they use. You can also find out about some unique ingredients. You can also use the coleslaw mix to create these coleslaw fritters.

    Ruby Red Cabbage Orange Salad

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    This Vegan Raw Red Cabbage Salad is a great way to include raw greens in your seasonal winter diet, using oranges and pomegranates to add sparkle. When you need something to finish your meal, it is a good idea to store it behind the refrigerator.

    It’s great to add a simple meal as it can be kept in the fridge for a few days. Create a batch at the beginning of the week and add it to your lunch bowl. Alternately, Graham eats with dinner. When he works, he gets as many vegetables as he does.

    Roasted Red Cabbage – An Easy Recipe

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    Roasted red cabbage is a simple side dish that is easy to make and rich in flavor. Seasoned with aromatic bahara, salt and olive oil, this dish is suitable for those who have a vegan or gluten-free diet.

    Of course, I’ll emphasize some great red cabbage recipes. Then try 10 different cabbage recipes in 10 different ways.

    And it’s a very difficult task to eat all the finalists and narrow them down to the three that make him the focus of attention. Yes Yes. Becoming a food blogger is a daunting task, but someone has to do it.

    The first line is this simple roasted red cabbage. This is really perfect when winter comes and the red cabbage is plentiful. OH just loves on top of this herb chili pizza along with some anchovies.


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    This quick, easy, and colorful Kobiba Tetanushak or Cabbage Potato Subji is delicious and has a mild flavor that can be cooked in no time. Simple and with all the delight.
    The daily fried style subji pairs well with round and soft dry Gujarat Roti and Purka, making it perfect for lunch boxes.

    This delicious and easy Gujarat-style subji is made with white cabbage, potatoes, and basic Indian spices. Made without onion and without garlic.

    Vegetarian Cabbage Stew with Tomato

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    The vegetarian tomato cabbage stew has plenty of turmeric, is as voluminous as a meat stew, and is the best! It’s important to cook with fresh turmeric, packed with soft greens with a rich blend of spices and tomatoes-you’ll devour the last bite!

    Vegetarian tomato turmeric cabbage stew tastes like it’s cooked all day long, but a rich and voluminous piece takes only about 45 minutes!

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