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27 Delicious Vegan Eggplant Recipes

    A summary of simple, plant-based, gluten-free vegan (or eggplant) recipes. You can enjoy it without feeling guilty. If you want something delicious, nutritious, and slim during those hot nights, a perfect summer dish like stuffed eggplant or curry is always a good choice.

    Whether you use aubergine or aubergine, this is one of the best vegetables in the world. When cooked properly it has a dreamy, creamy texture and can absorb almost all flavors.

    And eggplant is a very versatile vegetable! Eggplant can be used in everything from curry recipes to vegan recipes such as noodle dishes, salads, sauces, and kabobs. Or stack it on a goat cheese ring for a fancy starter (try our best fun veggie recipes here).

    27 delicious vegan eggplant recipes for eggplant lovers and skeptics. From sardine stuffing to sardine curry, there are recipes that anyone can make. Most recipes are gluten-free or gluten-free.

    10 Minute Creamy Vegan Bean

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    10 creamy minutes of vegan beans and eggplant casserole. Ideal for when you want to enjoy dinner quickly and easily. Try this tasty dish overnight and enjoy a hearty, healthy and holistic meal!

    This casserole may contain just over 5 ingredients, but it only takes 10 minutes. It is completely vegan and packed with protein.

    He’s been eating this for a week since I made it. So far, I’ve been eating it with brown rice, mashed potatoes, and roasted potatoes. Everything was great! I think my favorite so far is cutting small potatoes into four pieces and baking them. This is very similar to cooking in a lightened Patatabra bath.

    Thai Basil Eggplant (vegan, gluten-free)

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    This Thai Basil Eggplant is a healthy, vegan, gluten-free dish based on the favorites of popular restaurants! No need to fry, easy 5 minutes sauce and plenty of flavor!

    If you’re making this dish with sweet chili tofu, lime or garlic pepper tofu, brown rice or quinoa, don’t miss Thai food! The point of this recipe is the brand of Hoishin sauce that I use. I have tried different brands, but the only one I really like is Khun Chun Hoisin Sauce.

    Vegan Eggplant Rollatini Stuffed with Couscous and Pine Nuts

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    Place the stuffed aubergine and the rolled one in a gratin dish coated with margarine or olive oil. Place between the center of the gratin and the eggplant. Sprinkle with chopped parsley or basil.

    Classic Vegan Eggplant Parmesan

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    Make a delicious and healthy meal a special dinner with vegan Parmesan eggplants made from homemade Parmesan cheese and mozzarella cheese.

    This recipe is a parmesan vegan version of the classic Italian eggplant. Eggplant grilled with Parmesan cheese, two kinds of homemade cheese, and the sweet and delicious marine sauce will surely make you love this delicious meal.

    Miso Glazed Eggplant Kebabs with Kale Seaweed Salad

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    Let’s enjoy the aubergine miso glaze. Immediately bake the gently baked eggplant caramel miso glaze. With kabobs/kebabs, you can make the most of the delicious, gooey frosting that covers your bite.

    We stay home and have parties. Based on this post, you can guess what you are doing the most lately. I’ll give you a clue. We want to stay in sweatshirts, but there may be a dance routine to apply a delicious miso glaze to the roasted eggplants …

    It is salty and sweet, and the taste is perfect. And it’s really easy to cook this dish at home and so much easier on your wallet!

    Instead of offering the whole eggplant, I started making kebabs with them. Kebab is always more fun. Seriously, I found grilling bite-sized eggplants to be great for two reasons.

    First, it allows you to not only restrict the eggplant but also get a more delicious glaze around all the sides of the eggplant. Glazed is really about this dish. Then food + wooden sticks make a good time. This format is easy to eat and is a unique dish made for friends during the entertainment.

    Vegan Eggplant Shakshuka w/ Tofu Scramble

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    A dish with plenty of vegetables in a rich tomato sauce topped with flavorful tofu, and completed in 30 minutes!

    This eggplant shakshouka is perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is very easy to make. This dish uses simple, readily available ingredients and I like the fact that you can change it as you like!

    Can’t access Anaheim Bell Peppers? Add more peppers! No olives? Go to Caper or leave it alone! Are you a fan of parsley? Coriander is an excellent alternative and goes well with the flavor of food. The list can go on and on. We’ve seen so many different versions of this recipe, so we recommend that you make it your own and enjoy it!

    Eggplant curry

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    This recipe may not be Italian, but it’s definitely delicious. After all, Italians love eggplant and I think it’s very important to use them in everything from pizza to sandwiches to pasta dishes.

    In Turin, I lived in a small apartment near Italy’s largest farmer’s market, so (of course!) I had the opportunity to buy lots of fresh vegetables from the farmers every day to taste the eggplants.

    Stuffed Miso Eggplant

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    Slice it thickly, bake like a burger, grill to make homemade eggplant meatballs, and even make veggie bacon.

    Recently when I saw the recipe from Steamy Kitchen, I stuffed Steamed Miso Eggplant with a mixture of ground beef and eggplant. I don’t know what other ingredients can be used to replace meat. The eggplant was the first choice for meat substitutes, but the double eggplant filling didn’t work.

    Chickpea, Tofu, and Eggplant Curry

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    This chickpea tofu eggplant curry is a delicious and easy-to-make weekday dinner recipe. It’s naturally vegan + gluten-free and super creamy with coconut milk.

    When eggplant fans say that the eggplant curry they just made is one of the best curries they’ve ever made, it’s a good sign that you’re crazy about something. Wait to do? ?? One of the best? will purchase!

    Roasted Eggplant Mushroom Salad – Vegan!

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    Vegan Roasted Eggplant and Mushroom Salad is the perfect side or starter salad for any occasion!

    I usually mix a plate of vegan aubergine and mushroom salad with another salad of my liking, so preheat the oven, chop up those veggies, and add some pure nut syrup and olive oil. Drain and put the tray in the oven and put it in the oven Roast.

    Moroccan salad bowl with preserved lemons

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    At least my taste buds. After the luxury of Duncan’s famous chocolate-orange twist and a six-step trial of another sweet recipe (coming soon), I thought it was time to make something healthy again.

    As you know, I love making delicious bowls for lunch, which is my favorite, inspired by the taste of Morocco. Dive dreaming of a trip to the colorful Marrakech market.

    Grilled Eggplant and Spinach Salad

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    This Grilled Spinach Eggplant Salad is a wonderfully fresh, healthy, and warm seasonal meal. Eggplant is smoky & delicious. Smoked paprika & lemon sauce can further enhance the flavor.

    It’s a great choice for a meatless diet and blows away the herbs in your life. Cooking lots of fresh herbs is one of the best ways to taste great without adding extra calories.

    You can use the suggested herbs or add your own. This is the perfect recipe to use these garden herbs.

    Low Carb Eggplant Bites

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    These low carb eggplant bites are a great and satisfying way to enjoy eggplant. They were breaded with flavorful, delicious, crispy breadcrumbs and topped with fresh vegetables and cashew almond cheese sauce!

    These low-carb eggplant bites are vegan, gluten-free, and low-carb. If you’re hungry for pizza but afraid of carbs, these delicious treats are for you! I realized I was hungry for a gluten-free pizza, but I didn’t have the diamond pizza I bought over the counter because I didn’t have all the ingredients to make a Mediterranean pumpkin pizza.

    Eggplant and potatoes in tomato sauce

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    This has become quite difficult for me. I’m trying to put up with it and never scream again, my favorite food! I am a foodie. I’m sorry about that. But this is very good food. again. It’s ridiculously easy and you can use the rest of the boiled potatoes here. Perfect for Monday through Friday dinners with eggplant, garlic, curry flour, and tomatoes.

    Maghmour: The Moussaka from Lebanon

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    In a world called Maghmour, a Lebanese moussaka, there is an amazing vegan mix of eggplant and chickpeas. It’s a dish you’ve probably never heard of outside of Lebanon and countries in the Middle East. It stops today. These are delicious and simple, so you need to know. Also, you will always be happy just by making and ate maghmour .

    Vegan Eggplant Roll Ups with Black Bean-Potato Filling

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    These vegan eggplant rolls are a type of dish that looks quite eye-catching for special occasions but can be made effortlessly for a casual dinner.

    These roll-ups are not only completely vegan, there are no additional oils in the recipe. My only hope was to buy two aubergines instead of the other.

    These vegan eggplant roll-ups are delicious dishes with Italian sparkles meant to warm your heart and soul! If you use a large eggplant and cook at work, double or triple the recipe. When made with pools or table salt instead of soy sauce, it is meat, milk, egg, and gluten-free.

    Baked eggplant with lentils

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    Rich and very delicious grilled eggplant using spicy garlic lentils, tomatoes, and fresh herb dressing.

    The most common is the well-known large traditional large dark purple eggplant but in a variety of shapes and sizes. Eggplants are low in calories, high in fiber, and free of fat (although not very excited given the amount of oil they can absorb during cooking!).

    Although not particularly rich in nutrients, it is rich in essential vitamins and minerals, and dark purple skin is thought to be rich in antioxidants. Say you can eat it anytime!

    Vegan Quinoa Buddha Bowl With Eggplant And Spinach

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    Vegan quinoa bowl is healthy, Eggplant. Spinach & Quinoa are a perfectly balanced plate of plant foods!

    Since quinoa is a complete protein, quinoa bowls are naturally filling. Another great vegan quinoa lunch recipe is the Chicken Bean Quinoa Mason Jar Salad. Really colorful with cherry tomatoes and avocados, and you will love it too!

    In this healthy dish, the eggplant plays the role of meat. Eggplant has a rich natural “meaty” flavor and is very filling! First the aubergine is made into cubes and completely roasted. Make this roasted eggplant as often as a simple side dish!

    Baked Eggplant with Warm Quinoa Tabbouleh

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    Is the weather nice except for the last few days? It seems that it is going straight toward summer after passing spring. Enjoying a warm night in a hammock. I hope more days will come this year!

    When it’s very hot outside, people enjoy a much lighter meal than a heavy one. This is the perfect dish for that. I mainly bought eggplant and sprinkled vegan herring with yogurt sauce, but this time I baked it.

    Roasted Eggplant Coconut Curry

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    Nasu Curry is one of my favorite vegan dinners that I make at home. Spicy coconut curry with eggplant, beans & spices makes this meal a staple throughout the year.

    A simple recipe for their homemade coconut curry was that I (for now) said goodbye and bottled curry sauce. Why not make curry from scratch with this simple and delicious DIY?

    Curry dishes are definitely a table staple, so I thought it was time to learn how to make them from scratch. For whatever reason, I always thought homemade curry was complicated, time-consuming, and difficult to implement.

    Vegan Stuffed Eggplant with Quinoa in Tomato Sauce

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    Vegan Eggplant with Tomato Quinoa Sauce is a delicious light meal. So easy to make, and can be enjoyed as a hot or cold snack the next day.

    Healthy and delicious vegan stuffed eggplant is a gem that you can make on a hot day. It is light, low in fat and does not require a lot of effort. In addition, it contains quinoa. Quinoa has an amazing ability to lighten food and at the same time give satisfaction.

    This eggplant and quinoa recipe makes a great entree or side dish, perfect for family dinners and entertainment. This recipe will be very fast as you can make some ingredients in advance.

    Eggplant sushi

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    If you’re tired of regular muffins and the garden keeps feeding eggplants (nass) at a crazy rate, grab the sheets from my book and make eggplant sushi.

    I know it’s not very common, but who cares if it tastes good? As vegans, we have to be a little more creative than others, which is what I like. When we visited Poland this winter, we went to a vegetarian sushi restaurant on the last day and we were in heaven.

    Sticky soy aubergines on gingery peanut fried rice

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    Pure vegetarian dishes with plenty of fragrant rice and chewy eggplants are an alternative to traditional fried foods. Filled with aromatic rice and sticky sweet aubergine, this vegan dish is a great alternative to classic stir fries.

    Sweet Potato Crust Pizza with Roasted Eggplant

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    The recipes are bright, creative, and always surprise with unique flavors, clever ideas or unusual flavor combinations. This is one of the many things I like most about this book.

    If I am not encouraged or bored with the kitchen department, I know that flipping through its pages will immediately excite me. This book is indeed a gem. It will inspire you to eat more vegetables, cook according to the season, and be creative in the kitchen.

    Eggplant Teriyaki Stir Fry

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    Fried Eggplant Teriyaki Tofu! Healthy vegan and gluten-free lean meat dinners can be made in less than 30 minutes.

    There are vegetables that you like and vegetables that you can tolerate. Tomatoes, spinach, broccoli, I can eat you every meal every day, but I still love you. Eggplant, you’re fine, it will be very popular in mid-summer, but I quickly forgot when the first leaf started to fall.

    Even this sauce. Burnt aubergine with thick sweet and savory teriyaki sauce, I forgot about any warm feelings I shared in the past. Tender eggplant, fried tofu, and fragrant rice, this rice dish is amazing.

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