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16 Delicious Vegan Sandwiches to Pack for Work & School

    If you are looking for a healthy and satisfying vegetarian dinner with TASTE, check out these ridiculously delicious Vegan sandwiches and rolls. Ideal for working lunches and light meals on weekdays!

    They are the best picnic food. They are easy to pack for lunch. How can you spend the entire summer without a “sandwich night” and eat dinner at least 3 times a week?

    If you are reading the actual publication date of this article, then I am now on the first day of high school! like what? ! How did this happen? I am ready to fight as a champion this year. 🏆

    Bomb A.F.’s boxed lunch for college champions, this is because your girl is too cheap to pay $15 a day for lunch! I believe you feel the same way. Let’s pack a vegetarian sandwich and become the coolest kid on campus!

    Vegan Tuna Sandwich with Chickpeas

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    This vegan tuna chickpea sandwich is ready in no time and incredibly delicious! And with the help of dried seaweed, it looks so much like real!

    This veggie tuna and chickpea sandwich is my favorite veggie sandwich of all time! Ready immediately and delicious! Thanks to the dried seaweed, the taste is very similar to the real one!

    Something like a jackfruit braised pork. You just have to try and you can go vegan. And boy, I was surprised! Really good. I spent some time coming up with some twists and turns that made it perfect for me. So, today I have prepared my favorite recipe for vegetarian tuna salad for you. It’s very simple and doesn’t require a lot of ingredients. And it has a lot of protein!

    Green Goddess Veggie Sandwich

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    This beautiful rainbow sandwich is my dining dream. Chopped carrots, radishes, butter lettuce, avocado, goat cheese, family tomatoes, bean sprouts and thinly sliced ​​cucumber layers. All are wearing luxurious green goddess clothes.

    Green Goddess Vegetable Sandwich! This sandwich is mixed with various flavors and vegetables! Homemade green goddess sauce, tomatoes, bean sprouts, avocado, goat cheese, radish, carrots. No vegetarian, vegan or gluten free.

    Smashed White Bean, Basil, & Avocado Sandwich

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    After spending a weekend of leisure, I spent an unforgettable day following simple, healthy recipes that can help me through the whole week. Out of town trips (at least my trips) are usually full of decadent food, eat out more than usual, and have more cocktails than usual, so on my way home, my body desires fresh, healthy homemade food. (But also chocolate, because it will never leave).

    Open-Face Roasted Tomato Sandwich

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    The highlight of this open grilled tomato sandwich is the cream, fresh and basil-infused pesto, the whole two slices of bread are full of sulking [in Belgium, this is undoubtedly an amazing family, with bakery in every Corner! ].

    Feel free to add sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, and whatever you want on top of Pesto and juicy tomatoes. During the last few minutes of baking bread in the oven, pay close attention to the bread to make sure it does not burn. Later in the day it tastes best warm, but it can also taste good cold.

    Hummus Collard Wraps

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    These simple and wholesome vegetarian hummus burritos are perfect for light meals, snacks, or snacks. Vegetarian and gluten-free. Together with Sabra.

    Are you ready to celebrate National Hummus Day yourself? Go to Sabra’s website to get a printable coupon, grab a container of hummus and have these packs ready. Eat them for lunch, dinner, snacks, or in between meals! It’s so simple and delicious.

    Philly Portobello Steak Sandwich

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    There aren’t many dishes that can be cooked in 20 minutes, so when I find a dish that everyone likes, we cook it over and over again. Here’s a vegetarian sandwich with Philadelphia cheese steak with mushrooms. Even people who hate mushrooms love to smother them with a viscous vegan cheese sauce.

    Fast, simple, healthy and comfortable food for those busy at night. This vegan Philly portobello steak sandwich is full of vegetables, light spices and rich flavor!

    Smashed Chickpea Avocado Sandwich

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    This is a delicious sandwich full of high fiber content. The avocado holds everything together very well, and the sandwich is crunched by the addition of celery. This is a light and light sandwich, suitable for you to go to work or have a picnic-strong tolerance-there is no raw bread here.

    The skin of chickpeas is transparent. When you grind the chickpeas, the skin will peel off. You can ignore them and just add chopped chickpeas to the avocado mixture or take a minute or two to peel them. This is what I did-I wasn’t crazy about getting the last one-just chose the obvious.

    Baked Peanut Tofu Sandwiches with Sriracha Mayo

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    Fry Thai-style peanut tofu, then add hot sriracha to a roll and blend with mayonnaise to make these mouth-watering vegan sandwiches.

    He knows exactly what’s going on because these fuckers are delicious! If you are a fan of Thai peanut butter, this would be your wise choice. Tofu is basically like that, so it is rich, sweet, salty and full of peanut flavor, but when you bake it, the sauce will harden and turn brown. Sriracha mayonnaise can do everything smoothly, but if you don’t like heating or feeding it to your kids, you can skip it and just use plain old-fashioned veggie mayonnaise.

    Gourmet Veggie Sandwich

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    One of my biggest weaknesses has always been the placement of sandwiches well. If my diet is mainly plant-based, satisfying these cravings can be a challenge! I have to say goodbye to the many magical “guides”-I think Italian meat is piled between bread and bread, classic BLT sticks, melted turkey-whatever. I mean, sometimes I see a fancy sandwich on Pinterest and I think: “Well, ham, arugula, it melts. He waits, I can’t.”

    Mushroom Quinoa Meatball Sandwiches

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    The vegan answer to your cravings for Italian meatballs. Sourdough bread with juicy mushrooms and high protein quinoa meatballs, dressed with your favorite red sauce. Would it be better than this? Not!

    Even when I eat meat, the meatball sandwich is one of my favorite comfort foods. Delicate meatballs are dipped in rich tomato sauce and healed between two thick slices of Italian bread.

    Strawberry Avocado Chickpea Salad Sandwich (vegan & gluten-free)

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    With chaos in my own community and even across the country, the feeling that you’re writing a strawberry avocado and chickpea salad sandwich (which is delicious, of course) is really weird, almost wrong.

    When you bring your strawberry avocado chickpea salad sandwich, you will be looking forward to dinner! A healthy lunch is full of fresh vegetables and protein.

    Vegan Tempeh Reuben

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    This vegan bean eh is a classic sandwich made with pickled and baked beans, Russian homemade seasoning, rye bread and seeds.

    You will love this vegetarian Tempe Reuben! It is made from pickled and roasted beans eh, Russian homemade seasoning and rye seeds to make bold and delicious classic vegetarian sandwiches.

    This vegetarian sandwich is a mixture of smoked bean eh, homemade vegetarian Russian seasoning and salted sauerkraut. This is a favorite of families and fans, if you haven’t tried it yet, I think you should do it!

    Vegan Buffalo Chickpea Salad Sandwich

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    His vegetarian buffalo and chickpea salad sandwich is the perfect lunch for adults and kids! It is full of vegetables, beans and grains to make you satisfied. Work with Silver Hills Bakery to make delicious sprouted bread!

    Standard American lunches are usually not plant-based. Usually, it is a turkey sandwich with cheese sticks and biscuits, maybe fruit (sometimes everyone can use it, this is a completely separate question). So when you want to start packing lunch for yourself and/or your children at the factory, it can of course be daunting!

    Hummus Vegetable Wrap

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    This hummus and vegetable wrap is a great lunch option! Fill it with all your favorite veggies, beans, and creamy hummus. Vegan & Gluten Free!

    Homemade hummus in this quick, wholesome vegetable lunch & add even more flavor with your favorite vegetable and tortilla. This vegetarian packaging recipe is one of those “recipes” that looks more like a build rather than an actual recipe.

    Vegan Egg Salad Sandwich

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    Pack a vegan egg and salad sandwich and enjoy a delicious and simple meal for lunch! This classic plant-based version is even more delicious and nutritious. It is made with House Foods tofu to celebrate National Soy Month!

    In fact, many studies support the idea that soybeans actually reduce the risk of death and increase the survival rate of cancer patients. As this study said, eating soy foods may be related to better survival of breast cancer patients. This study also found that women who consumed large amounts of soybeans during their teenage years had a lower incidence of breast cancer before menopause.

    Vegan “BLT” Sandwich

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    After making eggplant bacon (or coconut bacon) and vegan mayonnaise, this sandwich is very light. It only needs 6 ingredients!

    At the heart of this beauty is bread, like my Vegan Light Whole Grain Bread! Next up is vegan mayonnaise or hummus! Then there are “B” (bacon), “L” (lettuce) and “T” (tomatoes) and onions.

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