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Visit a Wooden Rabbit a Stone Pig And A Metal llama

    Fortnite challenges may hide some things and give you access to parts of Fortnite that you might not have otherwise. This challenge isn’t one of these. Instead, the challenge sends you to search for large sculptures of a giant wooden rabbit, stone pig and metal llama scattered around the map.

    Each animal can be challenging to spot when you’re very close to them. However, if you’re not sure where they are, here’s some help:

    Fortnite: Where to visit a stone rabbit, a wooden rabbit and a metal Lamba

    The wooden rabbit is located just to the north of Snobby Shores, and it’s located on a small hill just next to one of Haunted Hills’ houses.

    Visit a wooden rabbit spot.

    The wooden rabbit is located at the edge of your map, on the west side, north of Snobby Shores. If you want to avoid dropping it, the wooden rabbit will be located on a small mountain that you will need for building up.

    Visit a stone pig site.
    Season 8 introduced the stone pig. You can find Lucky Landing’s stone pig on the map to the south.

    Metal llama location

    This is it! To locate the metal lama’s third part, you need to head north to Junk Junction. It should be easy to spot from the skies, so ensure you land close enough that it triggers.

    You will find the metal llama in the northwest corner of Junk Junction.

    Once you have visited these three locations, the challenge is complete with visiting a Fortnite metal llama and stone pig. Grab your favourite emote now and get some Battle Stars.

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