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Ways Nurses Can Monetize Their Skills Outside the Hospital Setting

    It is no secret that nurses are in high demand. The U.S. BLS projects that the nursing field will grow by 9% from 2016 to 2026, which is faster than the average growth rate for all occupations. 

    With such high demand for their services, you would think that nurses would be among the highest-paid workers in the country. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The average annual salary for an RN was $71,730 in May 2018, less than many other occupations earn.

    So, what can nurses do to monetize their skills and experience outside the hospital setting?

    Work as a Freelance Nurse

    Making money online in this digital age is easier than ever. Platforms like and offer nurses the opportunity to use their experience to earn one-time gigs or long-term projects.

    As a freelance nurse, you could provide telehealth consultations, write articles about health topics, or even create videos about nursing tips and tricks.

    The benefits of freelancing are that you can work from anywhere in the world and set your hours. These platforms also allow you to set your rates, eliminating the dissatisfaction of working for low wages.

    Start a Nurse Consultancy Business

    Starting your own nurse consultancy business is a surefire way to make more money as a nurse. You can offer your services to hospitals, nursing homes, or other healthcare facilities in this business. To build more credibility, expand your knowledge by enrolling in relevant programs. Since you can’t commit to a full-time university program, online MSN programs can help you achieve your educational goals without sacrificing your current job.

    Besides the monetary benefits, owning a business gives you complete autonomy over how you want to work. You can also choose which clients you want to work with and how many hours you want to commit. Providing expert witness testimony for legal cases or serving as a patient advocate are two more ideas for how you can use your nursing skills in this business.

    Become a Sales Representative

    Do you have a knack for sales? Can you see yourself becoming the next Mary Kay or Avon lady? If so, you may consider becoming a pharmaceutical sales representative. Many companies offer great commission-based pay structures and flexible hours. As a nurse, you already have the knowledge and credibility to sell these products. 

    Aside from the monetary compensation, you will also get to help people by providing them with products that improve their health. Wearables, like fitness trackers and heart rate monitors, are also becoming popular healthcare items. If you are interested in this option, research the best companies to work for and see if any of their products interest you.

    Teaching Nursing Classes Online

    If you’re confident about your teaching skills, this role may pay more than you think. Many online programs offer nursing classes, and they always need qualified instructors. Several websites allow people to create and sell online courses. 

    You could create a course on anything related to nursing, such as how to pass the NCLEX exam or how to start a nurse consultancy business. Although a lot of work goes into creating an online course, once it is made, you can sell it over and over again and make a decent passive income.

    Take Up Pet Sitting

    Are you inclined toward the four-legged members of society? If so, pet sitting is a promising side hustle. Pet parents are more than willing to pay someone to watch their fur babies while they are away. It’s simple and extremely fun. All you’ll have to do is take your client’s pup on a walk, play with them in the park, or just stay at their house overnight. Be mindful of the pet’s allergies, food preferences, and sleeping habits. If you follow these guidelines, you’re guaranteed to have a happy customer—and a wagging tail.

    Rates will depend on the services you offer and your geographical location. For example, pet sitting in New York City will cost more than pet sitting in a small town.

    Become a Travel Nurse

    The world is calling you; you don’t have to abandon your career to explore it. As a travel nurse, you can pick up short-term assignments in different parts of the world. You will get to travel and explore new places and get paid a premium for your services.

    Travel nurses address issues like staff shortages and provide care for patients in rural areas. The demand for travel nurses is high, so finding a job shouldn’t be difficult.

    Travel nursing is not a permanent position. It’s meant to be a way to supplement your income or get some experience in a new facility. So, we recommend keeping it subtle at your day job.

    Offer Sleep Consulting

    Today, for various reasons, insomnia has become a global epidemic. As per the National Sleep Foundation, 50-70 million U.S. adults have a sleep disorder. And according to the World Health Organization, 45% of the world’s population is affected by mental health issues.

    As a sleep consultant, you’ll guide your clients to better sleep through various methods, including sleep hygiene, environmental modification, and sleep schedule.

    You can start your sleep consulting business or work for an existing company. The average salary for a sleep consultant is $85,000. However, as a side hustle, you can earn between $400 and $600 for a 2-week intervention.

    Start a Media Spa

    Aesthetic treatments are taking the beauty industry by storm. If you have some medical training, you can start a media spa, which offers services like Botox and fillers.

    You’ll need to find a space to rent and some basic supplies to get started. You’ll also need to get certified in the treatments you want to offer. Once you’re up and running, you can start charging for your services.

    Start by collaborating with a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. You can offer your services in their office or start your own media spa.


    Nursing is a diverse and ever-changing field. With the right skill set, you can monetize your talents in several ways, from teaching to starting a media spa. Some nurses find that they can gradually shift to working freelance or part-time, while others use their side hustles to supplement their income. Whatever your reason for pursuing an additional source of income, remember that the sky’s the limit. 

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