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what candy bar is considered good luck in japan?

    Are you curious about what Candy Bar Is Considered Good Luck in Japan? Check out this article to find the answer.

    The candy bars are certainly not something that will strike you when you think about Japan. Japan is famous for a few things. The place where you can find a Rising Sun. You can enjoy a monthly subscription box of Japanese subscription boxes and food delivered right to your doorstep. Highly trained and experienced individuals. Clean environment. A good framework for training. Sakura or Cherry blossom trees. Beautiful scenes. Anime. Robots.

    Japan is also home to rich traditions and customs that make it among the top countries in the East Asian Locale. Alongside its famed landscapes, Japan is likewise known for producing unique confectionery products that satisfy your craving for sweets. Pearls and precious stones are believed to be lucky in some countries like China.

    Chocolate bars, specifically Kit Kat, are considered lucky in Japan. In reality, it’s the most powerful Kit Kat shopper, which can be attributed to the amazing enthusiasm in the country.

    What is a Kit Kat?

    Kit Kat is a candy bar made from different layers of crisp wafers and delicious chocolate. Each bar comes with two- or four, skinny “fingers” that are joined to one another by a small layer of chocolate. These pieces can be sliced quickly to break them off from the other, so it is possible to eat them.


    Most likely, the two most well-known Japanese chocolate manufacturers within Japan are Meiji chocolate and Japanese Royce chocolate. These two well-known Japanese chocolate brands are below, along with a variety of other Japanese chocolate brands and an extensive list of Japanese chocolate brands to check for.

    What Are Kit Kats Called In Japan?

    The word kitto refers to absolute, and the second word, ‘katsu,” means to win. Because of this eerie similarity to the title of this candy bar made of chocolate and the Japanese phrase, the company was deemed to be lucky. It is a custom for Japanese parents to give their children Kit Kats before taking an exam or entrance exam to be a lucky charm, as a sign to ensure that they will pass the test.

    Nestle stated during an interview they typically witness a dramatic rise in sales of Kit Kat in January since that’s when Japanese college entrance exams take place. In most cases, when students are handed the Kit Kat candy bar before taking their exams, they’re not intended to be consumed by the child but should be held to an amulet since it’s considered to be good luck and can aid them in passing the exam.

    What candy bar is thought to be a symbol of luck item in Japan

    Kit Kat is enormous in Japan as they provide the greatest of luck. In addition, certain requirements have rabbit feet for students taking a test of their posture. Every three students receive a Kit Kat before venturing through a test. That is how people started giving them out as luck-based odds and ends. Kit Kat even assisted the postal service and created “Pack Kat Mail” to allow you to send great positive karma to students. More than 300 new Kit Kat flavors are sold in Japan, including wasabi, yam, and explanation.

    Best of Luck to Japanese students

    In Japanese, the expression “Kit Kat” is well defined as “Kitto Katto,” which is unmusically similar to the phrase “Kitto Katsu,” the term that Japanese students employ for boosting their confidence, particularly before taking a test. Japanese describe it as “you will succeed without a question,” Nestle saw it as an excellent opportunity to profit from their chocolate bar’s popularity since they were satisfied with this chance. This is why Nestle has come up with the amazing idea of selling the Kit Kat “special exam” box in Japan. The box is offered at the post offices in Japan, and the standard is to mail it directly to a family member who is taking exams.

    It could be a humorous item in the current climate, but it was popular during that time, and the press and telecast extensively covered Nestle’s products on TV. Post offices in Japan were a key part of the distribution of Kit Kat to the students and will bring satisfaction to them. A child of any age can say that the candy bar believed to bring luck in Japan is not less than Kit Kat. Japanese students’ positive attitude and confidence will rise with Kit Kat.

    Which Day Gets Which Candy?

    New Year: Red Beans and Blue Beans. They are usually offered on New Year’s Day when people go to the Shrine and wish them a happy new year. The new year. Kids love collecting the beans to keep as a souvenir from the occasion. Girls’ Day: Strawberry Shortcake and Blueberry Shortcake. It’s a special day for girls and is celebrated on 3 March. The day’s purpose is to encourage girls to be confident and ambitious and celebrate the unique bond between mother and daughter! Boys’ Day: Macaron Chocolates and Choco Corn. The day is observed on 5 May, following Girl’s Day. This day encourages boys to be kind and cheerful toward other people.


    As a lover of chocolate myself, I can say that Japan offers some fantastic delicious, tasty chocolate. There are many flavors and varieties, as well as many of them, come packed in a manner that makes them perfect for giving as a thoughtful present.


    Meiji Chocolate Kouka Cacao 72% In addition to being Meiji Chocolate Kouka 72% one of the most popular sweets sold at Keio Store, it is the top-selling chocolate bar in Japan with a significant proportion from cacao beans. Each piece is wrapped individually to create an extremely easy-to-consume.

    Perks of Kit Kat Chocolate?

    The chocolate-themed thoughts can be used with almost every other event, such as Valentine’s Day, Xmas, new decades birthdays, anniversaries, and birthdays. Get well soon, and miss you. Many thanks, congratulations, and welcome to home and thank your appreciation. They can be received in baskets, boxes, and bags or be wrapped with decorations.

    There are a lot of places to search for chocolate connoisseurs online, and they all offer amazing gourmet gift baskets filled with your favorite chocolate-based delights. The baskets are filled with many gourmet candies, or you could also buy a basket of the most delicious gourmet kitchen you select. Everyone can enjoy receiving a chocolate gift to celebrate any occasion.


    There are a variety of candy items passed down through generations in Japan. However, some of them aren’t readily accessible elsewhere. But that doesn’t mean you cannot test them out! Kit Kat Kit Kat is easily available in many countries and is the perfect gift for everyone. When you next have a birthday, anniversary, or some other event, why not consider giving to someone special and unforgettable? It’s never too early to see what could be that will start a new tradition with you or your family members!

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