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what candy bar is considered good luck in japan?

    Kit Kat In Japanese is spoken “kitto katto,” which is very similar to the Japanese word “Kitto katsu,” which translates to “you will surely win.” “Katsu” in Japanese means “you will surely win,” “Kitto” in Japanese standards “surely or absolutely,” and the word “katsu” means “bound to win.”

    Due to the closeness of Kit Kats to the popular word, it has become synonymous with luck. Japanese parents often give Kit Kats to kids before a major exam or test as a compelling luck charm informing them that they will succeed and perform well in their examinations. Nestle has claimed that they usually witness a surge in sales in January, which is when Japanese college entrance tests are scheduled. Most of the time, when students receive Kit Kats, they’re not intended to be eaten and consumed but instead to use as an amulet to ensure the success of their exam.

    What kind of candy is thought to be lucky in Japan?

    Kit Kats are a massive hit in Japan since they symbolize good luck. They are also must-have luck charms for those who are taking entrance tests. Three out of three students receive a Kit Kat before taking an exam. Kit Kat is a Japanese pronunciation of the word, Kitto Katto is a bit similar to that of the Japanese expression Kitto Katsu which means “you will surely win,” and that’s why people began to give them as luck charms. Kit Kat even partnered with the postal service to create “Kit Kat Mail” so you can deliver a bit of luck to your students. There are more than 300 unique Kit Kat flavors sold in Japan, including sweet potato, wasabi, or even sake.

    What are Kit Kats called in Japan?

    The Kit Kats that are famous for their chocolate that are the ones with the catchy slogan of ‘Have a break Have the Kit Kat’ are pronounced as ‘Kitto katto’ Japanese, and the ‘Kitto Catto pronunciation is similar to the famous Japanese phrase called ‘kitto katsu”, which translates to luck charm or ‘you’ll surely have a chance to win.’

    Kitto is a word that refers to absolute, and the term “katsu” refers to winning. Due to the striking similarity to the title of this candy bar made of chocolate and the Japanese phrase, the company was deemed lucky. It is customary for Japanese parents to give their children Kit Kats before taking an exam or exams to ensure good luck to signal that they are confident that their children will succeed in the exam.

    Kit Kat candy bar. Kit Kat candy bar is great luck to Japanese students.

    In Japanese, the word “Kit Kat” is pronounced ” Kitto Katto, “which is strongly reminiscent of the phrase ” Kitto Katsu, “commonly used by Japanese students to show themselves confidence, particularly before taking a test. It says, “you will succeed; there’s no doubt about it!”. “We might say it’s the equivalent for us of a traditional “shit” that is well-placed for wishing good luck to someone you love.

    The bottom line:

    The information mentioned above can help you answer the query of good luck candy bars in Japan. Now, you can buy the most delicious and diverse varieties from Kit Kat in Japan as they are considered good luck.

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