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What Does Idle Mean On Discord

    On Discord, “Idle” fame typically means the user has Discord open on their laptop or internet browser but hasn’t checked out in a while.

    If you want to alternate your fame manually so you appear idle while browsing Discord, you could tap your profile picture and change your reputation.

    Suppose you often use the Discord messaging platform. In that case, you have, in all likelihood, observed that every so often, positive Discord users will appear as “Idle” in place of online or offline.

    What does Idle imply on Discord?

    “Idle” is a kind of Discord reputation represented through the yellow crescent moon. When the popularity of a Discord person is set to “Idle,” it indicates that the consumer has been inactive for a time frame; however, the Discord utility remains on their tool.

    Discord automatically sets the reputation as “Idle” if you are inactive for about five minutes and transfers it to “Active” after you contain a few hobbies. In contrast, if you manually set your Discord fame as “Idle,” you have to exchange it for your own.

    How to manually set your Discord status as “Idle.”

    Open Discord and log in on your account if precipitated.

    Click on your profile photo in the lowest left corner of your screen. 

    A small menu will seem to list diverse person statuses. Click on “Idle.” 

    Now, your status will seem as idle automatically, even if you’re currently energetic on Discord.

    How do you prevent Discord from going idle?

    Discord automatically units your status as either Online or Idle until you select to exchange it manually. At this time, this is the simplest way to stop your Discord profile from announcing you have been “idle” — you would manually choose some other reputation for it to reflect. Alternatively, you could manually set your Discord fame to “idle,” which means even while you’re using the application, it won’t say which you’re lively.

    Set Up an Inactive Channel on Discord

    If you’ve got voice channels to your discord server, you may also set an inactive or AFK channel for idle customers. Any sedentary person inside the voice channel will automatically move to the AFK channel after a selected time. This way, users will understand that they user is idle and will be part of the voice chat while they arrive lower back online. Check the underneath steps to install an inactive channel:

    Open your discord software and navigate to the server wherein you are the admin.

    Now click on the Server call on the pinnacle left to open the drop-down menu. Choose the Create Channel alternative from the list.

    Select the channel type as Voice Channel and name the channel AFK. Then click on the Create Channel button.

    Note: You also can name it something else aside from AFK.

    Types of Discord statuses

    These are the multiple statuses that you may set on Discord:


    Online signifies that you’re online and available on Discord. We could make others realize that you are prepared to engage at the server, study messages, respond to them, or get hold of notifications.


    As referred to above, Idle means that you’ve been AFK (Away From Keyboard) for a couple of minutes. The Idle repute indicates to others that you might be far from your laptop or have the Discord app open within the historical past.

    Hence, it suggests that you may need to be reading the state-of-the-art messages and received’t be capable of responding to them right away. However, you may still obtain notifications even as on Idle.

    Do Not Disturb

    The Do Not Disturb (DnD) fame lets others know that you’re unavailable for chat and shouldn’t be disturbed. It seems like a crimson circle next to your avatar. This popularity also robotically mutes all your Discord-associated laptop notifications.

    This reputation needs to be set manually, so others recognize that you have chosen to be no longer disturbed as you’re busy with something else.


    The streaming reputation on Discord shows that you are streaming a recreation on Twitch. To display this reputation, you must link your Twitch account to your Discord account and allow the streamer mode on Discord.

    If you have the streamer mode enabled on Discord, it’ll mechanically detect while you are streaming a sport and display a status for this reason.


    Offline is a status set robotically via Discord while you’re offline. It’s the default case when you still need to open the Discord app.


    Invisible is just like Offline, but the distinction is that you can set your reputation as Invisible manually. When you put your reputation as Invisible, others will see that you’re Offline, even when you have the Discord app open.

    However, you’ll nonetheless be able to access all of Discord’s features and messaging daily.

    How to set Idle fame on the Discord Mobile application

    Are you a Discord Mobile user and stressed approximately setting Idle fame for your account? If yes, then no worries! We have given you coverage. The beneath-given instructions will show the method of putting Idle popularity at the Discord Mobile software.

    First, open your Discord application and faucet to your profile photograph. That is a gift at the bottom right side of the display screen:

    As a result of the preceding operation, you’ll be navigated toward the “User Settings” menu. In the opened menu, pick the “Set Status” option:

    After doing so, pick any “Idle” as your Discord popularity in the various listing of other alternatives:

    Upon doing so, the Idle fame is efficaciously set for our Discord account, which may be seen as a yellow crescent moon:

    We have compiled the most straightforward approach to set Idle fame on Discord Desktop and Mobile application.


    On Discord, “Idle” manner that the cutting-edge person is inactive for some time, but the Discord software continues to be open on their device. To set Idle popularity on Discord computer, click for your profile photograph, and from the pop-up menu, pick out “Idle” as your Discord repute. While on Discord cell, tapping on the profile image will cause the “User Settings” menu, which offers the choice to “Set Status” as “Idle.” This write-up discussed the Idle manner on Discord and the technique to set Idle repute on Discord.

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