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What iPhone Color is Most Popular?

    CIRP released the latest report that provides the iPhone colour options, the most sought-after features on the latest Apple phones. How do you know? Let’s see what data is available for every kind of model…

    In this study, which is lighthearted and fun, CIRP asked iPhone owners in the quarter of Christmas the colour they chose. It notes that most people stay with white, black or grey. However, some iPhones had a more significant percentage of models, with coloured designs being the most sought-after.

    What iPhone Color is Most Popular?

    Apple provides a variety of colours for iPhones that allow users to express their preferences and personal style. Check out this post until the last paragraph to discover the most sought-after iPhone colour options.

    What iPhone Colors Are Available?

    Here’s a rundown of iPhone colours by model. Be aware that the options for specific handsets have increased throughout the years.

    • iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max — graphite gold, silver, and blue
    • iPhone 12 and 12 Mini white and black. Blue, black, green and red
    • iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max –Gold, grey, green, silver and gold
    • iPhone 11 — white and black. red, yellow and purple
    • iPhone XS and XS Max Silver, Space Grey and gold (all shades have a black-coloured front, which helps to reduce the appearance of the screen notch)
    • iPhone XR — black, blue, white, yellow, red and coral (the many colour choices from the time that the iPhone 5c was launched)
    • iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Space gold, grey, and red
    • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Matte black, silver, jet black, gold, rose gold and red
    • The iPhone 6s, as well as the 6s Plus, silver, space grey, rose gold, and space grey
    • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus — gold, silver and space grey

    It is essential to have quality regardless of the iPhone models or colours you are selling. Selecting iPhones with a high-quality grade and passing the necessary functional tests will ensure your clients will receive top-quality models that will meet their needs.

    What are the Most Popular iPhone 11 Colors?

    iPhone 11 was introduced in 2019 and is available in six colours: black, white, and yellow. It also came in green, purple, and red. Each person has their preferences, and each shade has an individual appeal.

    Black Many research studies and sales figures show that the Black iPhone 11 is the most well-known iPhone 11 colour. Black is a timeless colour that has never gone out of fashion and is renowned for its sophisticated and elegant style. Its dark hue also works perfectly with the dual camera configuration as well as the matte glass finishes of the iPhone 11’s style. Black also has the added advantage of hiding scratches and marks.

    In the wake of iPhone 11’s black, the next most sought-after colour is White. Its classic colour is often linked with simplicity, innocence, and a simple style. White colour gives the iPhone 11 a modern look that many users like. White colour is also compatible ideally with the matte glass finish as well as the dual camera feature of the iPhone 11’s design.

    Red Apple worked with the Product Red organization, which combats HIV and AIDS in Africa, to develop the shade Product Red. This iPhone 11 has a bold, distinctive, attractive design and dazzling red colour. The colour is favoured by those who want to stand out from the rest of the pack because it’s associated with enthusiasm, energy and joy.

    Green is the second most popular colour on iPhone 11. iPhone 11 is Green. This distinctive green shade is often associated with the environment, the growth of nature, and newness. It provides a lively and youthful look that draws attention to the younger generation of clients.

    Purple: The purple shade introduced by iPhone 11, iPhone 11, is yet another colour to be added to the iPhone colour range. The colour is often linked with luxury, innovation, and the regal.

    Yellow: The hue yellow is cheerful, optimistic, and warm. It’s vibrant and robust in its appearance. It could conflict with other colours and might not complement the design of the iPhone 11 and different colours. However, it is an attractive and exciting shade that could appeal to younger individuals.

    What’s The Most Popular iPhone 13 Color?

    Apple does not release this kind of information to the general public. But we have a variety of sources who are part of the supply chain of Apple that have verified the fact that “Sierra Blue,” “Graphite”, and “Pink” are the three most well-liked iPhone 13 colours during 2021/22. Three of them are available. Sierra Blue and graphite are exclusively available for the Apple iPhone 13 Pro models, and pink is among the most requested colours among iPhone 13 users.

    In the past, Apple’s less conservative shades of white, black and silver were consumers’ and carriers’ most sought-after colours. However, since the introduction of the iPhone XR, Apple’s ever-growing customer base has grown to louder and more vibrant shades. Its product’s red colour, for example, has been popular for many years.

    Offer the Most Popular iPhone Colors to Your Buyers.

    The best colour for your phone is ultimately determined by the type of customer your base appears to be. Certain retailers only purchase pre-owned iPhones from wholesalers if they can choose from various shades. Therefore, wholesalers who sell to wholesalers, retailers, or other wholesalers will need diverse colour choices.

    Resellers might not have to fret as much about colour, provided they can spot trends within their selling. Be aware that the selling value of an iPhone is contingent upon the battery’s quality, the device’s condition, and the version. If you can meet customer demand for an unpopular colour, this is a good chance, as you can purchase those devices at an affordable cost.

    These general observations are based on our iPhone sales record. We recommend you use these when deciding on the best iPhone models and colours you should buy for your collection.

    If you’d like to know if the iPhone designs and colours are in stock, look at our stock now. You can find current information on iPhones with various colours, as well as receive updates on stock and other information.

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