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what is notification grouping

    Your mobile, laptop, and other device notifications keep you updated with what’s going on in social media, streaming, and other services. Sometimes too many messages can make you feel anxious.

    We have put together a detailed article on Notification Grouping. This article will show you how to use the feature. We also discussed managing notifications and scheduling a summary.

    What Is Notification grouping on iPhone?

    iOS 12 has a new feature called Notification Grouping. This feature is a new addition to iOS 12. The feature allows users to group alerts from one application.

    A bundle of notifications makes it easier to see the lock screen and saves users from feeling confused when they see so many alerts.

    How to use group notifications on iPhone

    • Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
    • Next, you must go to the section “Notifications” in Settings.
    • You can select any app you would like Notification Grouping to be configured. You can only adjust Notification grouping for some apps simultaneously.
    • Scroll down, and select “Notification Grouping.” This setting can be found in the “Lock Screen Appearance,” although it also applies to the Notification Center.

    There are three options for Notification Grouping. Automatic is the default.

    Automatic: Notifications received from the app are automatically grouped by threads or topics.
    By App: All notifications are collected from the app.
    Off: Notifications will not be grouped.

    Android Notification Grouping

    Enter any value you wish in the “Group Key” field of the Android Options for Sending Push Messages. This parameter is android_group. Notifications with a similar group key will automatically group on your device.
    The above should cover most notification grouping situations and is the recommended route.

    Android 7+ has some limitations regarding summary notifications. You can modify the text, accent color, and small icons but not large icons. You can, however, change the children.
    Amazon devices can also be used. Just set the group keys listed under Amazon settings.

    Group Message

    Only for Android 6.0+. Display a group summary notice that isn’t visible in the main notification. By default, #new messages will appear on the device if more than one notification is received with the same group key. To change the count, you can enter a statement with the custom string’ $[notif_count]”.

    Set up a summary notification

    iOS 15 and iPad 15, or later, allow you to set times when you’d like to receive a summary each day. This will enable you to catch up on your notifications whenever you are available. The summary is personal and arranged by priority, according to how your apps are used. The complete reports will be the most relevant.

    An iPhone that displays a summary of the Notifications on the Lock Screen. The overview shows notifications from Yelp, ESPN, and Reddit.

    To schedule a brief notification summary:

    Navigate to Settings > Notifications> Turn on Scheduled Summary.
    Select Apps in Summary to select the apps that should be included in your notification summaries.
    Click on Schedule to add a new or removed schedule. Adjust the time for each of your scheduled summaries.
    To add apps to the summary, return to Settings >Notifications > Scheduled Summary and select the apps in Apps in Summary. Each app will have a number that shows how many notifications you get daily from the app.

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