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What Is Silenced Call On iphone

    Did you miss an important phone call because your iPhone stopped the call? There could be various reasons why your phone calls have been silenced, and you did not receive the alert. If you’re unsure what caused your iPhone to do that, We can help determine the cause.

    In this guide this week, we’ll be discussing iPhone call silencing issues and ways to resolve the issue. Let’s begin.

    What is Silenced calling on the iPhone?

    With iOS 13 in 2019, Apple introduced a new feature for iPhones named “Silence Unknown Callers” that will allow users to block calls from numbers they do not recognize. If this feature is enabled, iOS will block the number you don’t have saved in contacts and those you’ve never previously been in contact with.

    You will continue receiving calls from numbers you have stored within your contact book. iOS can even allow incoming calls to be received from numbers that you’ve texted or sent messages to or when someone else has given the number to you via email.

    What are the reasons for utilizing it?

    Apple’s “Silence Unknown Callers” feature allows you to ignore calls from unknown callers, including calls from toll-free numbers. This means that you won’t be constantly notified of calls that aren’t of concern to you. Unknown calls will only be answered when Siri can locate the number in question from your messages or mail.

    In this way, you won’t get woken by random strangers in the middle of the night or at the office since your phone will block the people around you.

    Fix iPhone Silencing Calls

    Your iPhone may be able to block all calls that come in. However, this is mostly because of your activated options or settings. Most of these issues do not arise due to problems caused by iPhone hardware or software. Here are some suggestions you can make to solve the problem of your iPhone blocking all your upcoming calls.

    Silencing Calls on iPhone

    If you’re wondering what you can do to turn off the calls you receive on your iPhone, Our step-by-step techniques will assist you in completing the task with minimal effort.

    • Enabling the “Silence Unknown Callers” Feature
    • You can access the iPhone Settings menu to silence calls by following these steps.
    • Go to Settings.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the screen, and then select “Phone.”
    • Tap “Call Silencing and Block Contacts.”
    • Switch on “Silence Unknown Callers” to enable the feature.
    • All calls from unknown callers have now been shut off from your iPhone.

    Using a Silent Ringtone

    An easy method to block phone calls using your iPhone is by turning on the silent ringtone option for the contact you want to silence.

    • Access the iTunes Store on your iPhone and purchase an unassisted ringtone.
    • Open the Phone app, and then open it. Then, go to the “Contacts” section.
    • Choose the contact you would like to silence.
    • Click “Edit,” scroll down to tap “Ringtone.”
    • Select the silent ringtones you downloaded previously.
    • Navigate to the previously used menu and tap “Done” to save the modifications.

    More Info

    On all iPhones, there’s an alert slider on the right that you can lower to silence incoming calls or notifications instantly. Turning them off is enough to increase the slider for alerts.

    Using the Do Not Disturb Mode

    You can utilize your Do Not Disturb feature to silence calls, notifications and alerts typically sent when you lock your device.

    Create a New Contacts Group

    Visit on your computer and sign in using an Apple ID. Navigate to “Contacts” and tap the plus (+) icon in the right sidebar. Select “New Group” and give the group the designation (e.g., “Family”). After the group has been created, you can visit “All Contacts” and select those contacts you want to be contacted. Drag the selected contacts into the Family group to the left.

    Changing the Do Not Disturb Settings

    Start your Settings App on your iPhone and tap “Do Not Disturb.” Select the “Allow Calls From” option and choose the group you just established (i.e., Family, a group).

    What other options do you have instead of a silent call?

    If you don’t want to enable the “Silence Unknown Callers option, you may remain adamant about the calls of unknown numbers by using one of the options below.

    Make a call silently.

    There’s no need to use Apple’s Silence Unknown callers option to stop a phone contact on iOS. If you receive an unidentified phone call, you can put the call off by pressing one of the buttons on the iPhone or the volume button or the Sleep/Wake button.

    If you turn off calls manually, they can be answered before voicemail. It is just a matter of waking up your screen by pressing the Wake button and then tapping on your phone’s green bubble on the screen.

    Turn off the Ring/Silent switch.

    All iPhones have an actual switch for Ring or Silent located to the left of the screen. It can be toggled from Ring Mode or silent mode based on the position in which it is switched. When the handset is set to Ring mode, the will iPhone plays all sounds and notifications. You will be alerted of every phone call you receive.

    You can utilize this manual trigger to turn on Silent mode, after which your iPhone will stop ringing, play music, or send alerts to any phone messages or calls.


    In this guide to what a silent call on an iPhone is, we’ve defined the word and have also covered a variety of ways to silence calls that come from unidentified numbers.

    I hope one of these techniques worked for you, and now you can silence or mute messages on your iPhone and keep others from interrupting your work while working on your important task.

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