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What Is The Recommended Reddit Profile Banner Size?

    Reddit is among the most intriguing sites online. I believe in it, and it’s hard to convince me otherwise.

    It’s an excellent way to connect with others. Whatever interests you, it is possible to find people in the group who share your interests and would like to share their thoughts.

    As I headed to college, I started subreddits specifically for graduates of high school and my future college. I’ve been following subreddits on my favorite television shows and for pet owners (and specifically for breeds of dogs). When I was planning my wedding, I frequented relevant subreddits. I’ve even discovered how to manage my curls.

    In this case, there is no limit to what you can do, meaning you have plenty of options for those looking to create the community of their choice for any reason. The good thing is the possibilities for community building can be extraordinary… If you know how to go about it.

    The most important thing to do when you want to start an influential subreddit is to nail the Reddit banner. This is why we’ll discuss everything you should know about the perfect Reddit banner and the five best practices that can help.

    What exactly is a Reddit Banner?

    Reddit banners are images that appear on the top of each subreddit’s page. (subreddits are smaller communities within Reddit that function as forums for niche topics.) Below is the logo of the subreddit group Vegan Recipes, which has healthy food items as well as spices

    A well-designed Reddit banner grabs the reader’s focus. It instantly conveys the subjects’ mood and how belonging to that community can make the reader feel. The article can be the starting point for the community as a whole. Therefore, you should need it to be excellent.

    What is the recommended Reddit banner dimension?

    The dimension of the Reddit profile banner will depend on the banner size you want to design. Three banners of different sizes to use on Reddit profiles. The ideal Reddit banner size consists of the following elements:

    A large banner: The dimensions of Reddit’s giant banners are 1920 x 128 pixels or an aspect ratio of 5:1. This banner is considered one of the larger sizes because it allows for more fantastic details on high-resolution banners. It also offers high quality to boot.

    Medium Banner: A typical medium banner size is 1920 x 256 pixels, with an aspect ratio of 7.5:1. If your banner elements, such as colors, silhouettes, images, backgrounds, or even the actual file, have a lot more details, you can opt for the medium-sized banner.

    Small banners: The dimension of a smaller banner is 1920×128 pixels, with a ratio of 15:1. Using a small flag, you can announce the existence of your YouTube account’s channel page as well as your company logo or perhaps suggest that the subreddit on Reddit focus on art, charity, and quantum physics.

    How do I upload my Reddit banner?

    Follow these steps to upload the banner to your Reddit banner:

    • Launch the Reddit app from your computer and sign in to your account.
    • Select your username at the top right of the screen.
    • From the options menu, choose the User Settings option.
    • Go to the Profile section on the User Settings page.
    • Scroll down and select the Drag or Drop option. Option to drop or upload a banner image.
    • Choose the image you want to put on your banner.

    Please note that you must ensure that the image is in PNG format. It is not required to be in PNG.

    • Select Save.

    Bottom Line

    In the case of uploading images, the most common mistake people make is failing to follow the guidelines concerning the size that is recommended. Ultimately, this software adjusts images based on their requirements, and the idea needs to be better cropped.

    It is crucial to adhere to the dimensions guidelines when designing banners. Additionally, using Pixelied, You can get the aesthetic aspect done, leaving you to focus on more critical requirements.

    Create your custom-designed pictures on Pixelied and experience the impact the professional online design tools create. Your images will not only appear like they were made by a professional, but you will also be able to sync your designs across different platforms. While you’re at it, keep crucial information, such as the perfect Reddit dimensions for banners, in mind.

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