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What Size Mirror For 60 Inch Vanity

    Do you know how large your Mirror for the bathroom you place over the sink is? First, it’s essential to choose the right size. When you do that, you will be able to enjoy light, style, and an impression of room and spaciousness even in the smallest of bathrooms. Therefore, selecting the ideal Mirror for your vanity is important, and selecting the perfect Mirror begins with choosing the appropriate dimension.

    Mirrors for bathrooms above the vanity must be larger than the sink but 2 to 6 inches smaller than the cabinet. The Mirror’s size in the bathroom should be able to hang from the vanity without touching it, lighting fixtures, backsplash ceilings, wall mounts, and adjacent walls. You should have a clear view of your neck, head, and about a foot over your head.

    There aren’t any regulations or guidelines on the size your Mirror for your vanity ought to be; however, there are guidelines for design that must be adhered to to create the most beautiful and most balanced appearance.

    What size mirror should I hang over the Sink?

    The size of the Mirror is typically determined by the size of the countertop on your vanity. Mirrors designed by designers typically are between 2 and 4 inches wider than the countertop (including the sink, counter, and the storage space around it).

    The dimensions of the vanity are contingent on the dimensions of your bathroom. Bathrooms with large master bathrooms typically use a double sink vanity; however, in smaller powder spaces, a single vanity is more appropriate. Narrow vanities are ideal for small bathrooms and generally include a sink. Bathrooms with large spaces could be comprised of either a double or single vanity that could span all the length of the wall. A double vanity has two sinks, counters as well as storage beneath.

    3 Key Points to Be Considered


    When you’re choosing a mirror for your wall to your bathroom space, the primary thing to think about is whether you want something with additional storage (such as a cabinet for medicine that is mounted on top of the sink on a pedestal) or if it is beautiful! Bathrooms in the main bathroom and ensuites need storage for toiletries and everyday grooming tools, but powder rooms usually do not. Suppose you do not have a storage space under the sink in the bathroom you use for your primary bathroom or the bathroom in your ensuite. In that case, you should consider installing the possibility of a mirror in your bathroom that has storage, such as the Mirror in a medicine cabinet. But, if you’ve got sufficient storage space already, you’ll be able to choose from a range of wall-mounted mirrors to pick from!

    2 Lighting

    Next, choose the kind of lighting you would like to install. Options for lighting arrangements be:

    Wall-mounted sconces that are mounted on both sides of the Mirror.

    Wall-mounted sconces over the Mirror.

    One pendant lamp, or two on each side on either side.

    LED lighting is integrated into your Mirror.

    The layout of your Mirror and the lighting can determine the size or shape of the Mirror. For example, if you want sconces on the opposite side of your Mirror, opt for a more narrow and taller mirror. And if you want the sconce to be on top of your Mirror overall rectangular shape will provide enough space to put an above-the-mirror sconce. Pendant lights will, however, differ in size based on the overall height of your room. Keep reading for more information on lighting in the “Mirror and Sconce Arrangements Section below.


    Then, what kind of style do you want to achieve? Traditional, minimalist, modern, or perhaps something more fun? Mirrors can be one of the main focal elements of your bathroom. However, it can also add a bit of individuality that will match the room’s design in general.

    Keeping these essential aspects in mind while planning your bathroom’s renovation can be extremely beneficial when choosing the best size mirror. It can be overwhelming to stand in a store without a strategy, so making time to think about the above points will keep you in the right direction. We’ll be covering more about fashion to come, so be sure to keep checking back 😉

    Which Type of Mirror Looks Best?

    Mirrors come in various kinds of shapes, finishes, and sizes. According to the saying, your imagination is your only limit.

    The more traditional remodelers could opt for something oval or rectangular with style in line with the remainder of the room.
    Mirrors can be constructed or cut to perfectly fit into the space and use the same molding as the surrounding tile to create a unique style.
    Modern homeowners are likely to choose minimalist and sleek furniture (maybe perhaps frameless). They might select newer technologies such as built-in lighting or mirrors that display the weather forecast for the day.
    Creative people might opt for an interesting color or design to add interest and fun to their renovation.
    The frame or without a frame? Frameless mirrors can be a stylish style option for those who don’t need the appearance of a thick frame around your reflection.
    You need to be concerned about the shape or size you select is compatible with the space available over your counter.

    Do you think the Mirror be wider in comparison to the Cabinet?

    Mirrors that have an extended width than the cabinet are still possible. It isn’t as prevalent because if the Mirror is large, it could be awkward to use in your bathroom. If you are insistent on having the mirror longer, choose one that is just 1 or 2 inches larger.


    The issue of how much room you have to allocate between two mirrors isn’t always easy to answer. The dimensions and shape of your bathroom, the lighting options, and the kind of vanity you’re planning to use have an impact on the location and design of your Mirror.

    It is easy to pick the Mirror that is two inches smaller on either edge of the bathroom for normal situations. By aligning your Mirror to the mirrors on the left and right, the distance between them will be the same as the distance between your vanity.

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