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When The imposter is SUS


    In November 2020, LavaMeteor posted this crazy version of Evil Germa’s Facebook page on Germa Sub Ride. Then, One Guy “When the right thing to do is fail!” Gave the world the legendary. He wanted the show to be broadcast in Germany and shown to thousands of fans. The comment references the game we played and refers to an incident where the player is believed to be the perpetrator. It’s no coincidence that it became popular in a few weeks, which is an average time for memes that came out after the year 2010. The subreddit r / BetweenUs ride was also hijacked by spammers who were JermaSus, as the moderator blocked and took down the image. The subreddit on the site was active was temporarily suspended for some time.

    Jerma stated during the F.E.A.R. 2. stream that he would like the horrible Jerma to be slain in its fame stakes and said that Jerma was the only image of his face that was viewed as less appealing than any other. Then, he said that the monkey’s head could curl up to create even more horrifying; however, it is also the most well-known picture of JermaSus.


    On November 18, Redditor AnnoyingCoofer shared a photo of the stretched image in Jerma985’s subreddit, /r/jerm getting more than 380 likes within just two months (shown in the image below, to the left). At the same time, the image macro was well-known by Jerma985’s Discord server, Jerma. On November 23, a Redditor named SilverFan3702 posted a PNG version of this image that indicated the possibility of using it in the Twitch Emoji and later activated by Jerma on the Discord channel.

    JermaSus is an online meme that originated from Jerma’s channels. It’s a morphed photo that depicts the Evil Jerma wearing a hip smile. It’s also one of the rare memes that have surpassed Jerma’s popularity before moving into the mainstream.

    If the person who is an imposter is sus! Smile lip cheek fun people hairstyles, chin forehead eyebrows, skin Smiley Face Photo Iris Jaw Organic Selfie Smiley Temple Snapshot Forehead Face Smile Nose and Eyebrows Cheek and Head Chin Jaw organ Human eye lip tooth

    In November of 2020, the image macro and the photoshop received a lot of attention, and Jerma985’s followers became the source of memes. Certain memes saw posts made it into the masses via reposts. For instance, on November 28 in 2020, a repost of a Sus Jerma meme by Instagram[8repostrandy’s account, which received more than 183,000 views in just a week.

    The meme has developed well beyond Jerma’s circle. It’s being utilized as a humorous joke to mock Among Us, with the exaggerated smile satirizing its fakeness, as well as its supporters.

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