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Which Celebrity Has Worked at Mcdonald’s?

    Before they gained fame or fortune and the attention of their fans, many stars worked in humble positions at McDonald’s, the place that is home to The Big Mac. They could flip the burgers, serve deep-fried salted spuds, work behind the register, or perform janitorial tasks they worked at McDonald’s similar to most Americans do. Even President Trump has a McDonald’s commercial at one time.

    Many of them acknowledge that working at your favorite fast food joint wasn’t always the most enjoyable experience; others claim to be different and say that the chain significantly influenced their lives and taught them life-long lessons.

    Rachel McAdams

    According to her admissions, McAdams wasn’t a great employee.

    “I’m not certain why they chose to keep me as I’m dawdler and daydreamer and they’d rather allow me to be the friendly voice’ who welcomed guests when they entered in the dining establishment” her statement to the Huffington Post.

    Shania Twain

    During her high school days, the country crooner was employed in a McDonald’s restaurant within Ontario, Canada. After dark, she went to bars to practice her singing, according to Us Weekly.

    Fred Durst

    Before becoming a member of Limp Bizkit, he was working during the morning shift at a McDonald’s establishment in Florida.

    James Franco

    After dropping out of college, James Franco worked the late shift at the drive-thru. He then moved to the counter in front during the daytime hours. In contrast to many fry fryers which have left, Franco is forever grateful for the opportunity. “All I can say is that whenever I required McDonald’s, McDonald’s was there for me.

    Lin-Manuel Miranda

    Before writing, composing, and appearing in the hugely popular Broadway musical Hamilton Lin-Manuel Miranda was a clerk on the Mickey D’s register.

    Jeff Bezos

    The Amazon founder worked at McDonald’s. He recently stated to Fast Company that “one of the best things I gained from my job was the ability to break eggs with one hand. My most favorite shift was on the Saturday morning. One of the first things I’d do was get a large bowl and put 300 eggs in it.”
    Shania Twain

    Macy Gray

    After achieving success as an actor, Gray appeared in a McDonald’s commercial, where he sang the following line “The excitement, the joy and the people, the feeling of achievement — it was my first major break!”

    Jay Leno

    Leno worked in the McDonald’s located on Main Street in Andover, Massachusetts, in the early 1970s.

    Carl Lewis

    The winner of 10 Olympic gold medals at track and field, Carl Lewis attributes learning essential life skills through his job at a fast-food restaurant when he was only sixteen years old. “Time is extremely important … it’s important that you shouldn’t let your fries go cool,” Lewis said to Fox News. “If I were 10 seconds behind, I’d be none of the gold awards.”


    Over two weeks, the seal was employed in McDonald’s, just enough time to make a single check.

    Andy Card,

    He was the one who famously whispered the news of the 9/11 attacks to Bush’s ears while Bush was reading a book to children.

    James D’Arcy

    James D’Arcy, better known as the butler in Agent Carter, must’ve picked his excellent food service skills when working in the restaurant McDonald’s at the time in England.

    Carl Lewis

    A former Olympic gold medalist attributes a bit of his appreciation for the timing to his job at McDonald’s.

    “Time is extremely important … the athlete can’t let your fries become cold. If I were just a few seconds behind then I wouldn’t have a the gold award,” He said.

    Andy Grammer

    Before releasing his hit song “Keep Your Head Up,” Andy Grammer took a position as a manager at Golden Arches.


    Pink isn’t so happy. Pink says nightmares constantly haunt her from working for Fast food chains.

    “Sometimes I imagine that I’m back, broke as well as working for McDonalds. It’s like the most terrifying nightmare as I’d never want to go back there. I’ve put in a lot of effort to get to where I am today,” she told me.

    Joe Kernan, former governor of Indiana

    Following McDonald’s death, he enlisted in the Navy overseas, then became the city manager in South Bend, Indiana.

    Star Jones

    Before her famed one million dollar wedding ceremony, she worked as a fry cook at The Golden Arches.

    DL Hughley

    The first job was to clean his way through the McDonald’s lobby. He’s now a mainstream star in both television and film.

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