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which of the following is true regarding data sharing and stewardship?

    Here’s the solution to the question: Which of the following statements is relevant to sharing data and Stewardship? Find the correct answer below.

    The Right Answer is

    Researchers receiving federal funding could be subject to an obligation to share data.

    Reason Explained

    Researchers who receive federal funds might be required to comply with data-sharing requirements. Right for which of the following statements applies to the sharing of data and the stewardship of data?

    What is the term “data stewardship?

    Data stewardship involves the administration and supervision of an organization’s data assets to ensure that business users are provided with data of high quality that is readily accessible in a uniform way.

    While data governance typically focuses on high-level procedures and policies, data stewardship is focused on tactical coordination and implementation.

    A data steward is accountable for implementing the security and usage policies for data established through the enterprise’s data governance programs, acting as a link between the IT department and the commercial part of an enterprise.

    The job requires a variety of business and technical capabilities, including data modeling and programming, and a keen understanding of areas like data warehousing and storage concepts and enterprise strategy. The field of data stewards also values excellent communication and collaboration abilities.

    The value proposition for the need to address data asymmetries in open science via access to data from the private sector

    There are many aspects to consider; a shift towards more uniform B2S collaboration in data is aligned with the fundamental principles in the movement for open science. This includes changing the primary research focus away from publication and “toward the sharing of knowledge (Burgelman and co. 2019.).” An increasing and vast amount of evidence proves the value to the scientific community and the public of reusing data collected for a single reason by those working to develop new knowledge and value for the public (Verhulst 2019). However, the availability of information and data-related expertise is currently scattered across the government, private sector, and civil society and, in most cases, is not correctly matched. It is essential to make data accessible and accessible to more people.

    The incidence of (personal) security breaches

    If data is accessible and shared and shared, data breaches involving personal information are more likely. They don’t just cause harm due to the privacy violations of those whose personal data has been compromised. They may also cause substantial economic loss to the company affected, which could include losing competitiveness and a bad reputation. Additionally, additional consumer damage could result from an incident involving data like the damage due to identity theft.5

    Data breaches involving personal data aren’t as frequently reported as other security risks, including malware, phishing, and social engineering, also known as the denial-of-service (DoS)6 attacks. However, the evidence from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse suggests that even though the number of reported incidents could be low compared to other types of security incidents. Still, their impact is growing dramatically as a massive breach of data, i.e., data breaches that involve more significant than 10 million files are becoming more frequent.

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