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Which of The Following Statements is True

    Which one of these statements is true? A compound contains two or more elements. B) A compound is made up of two or more elements. C) The elements can be separated into simpler substances. D) Distilled water contains only one element.


    Which of the following statements is true?



    Motorcycles have the right of full lane width. Ensure you are in the left-hand lane and do not attempt to pass a bike.


    The chemical change does not alter the system’s total mass, and this is according to the law of the conservation mass. The entire group in products is equal to the assembly in reactants.

    Sometimes substances (reactants) can react to form a new meaning or product, which then, in turn, can be able to create an original sense under certain circumstances. This is temporary. However, when reactants can be permanently converted into new products, it causes a chemical change.

    Chemical changes are permanent and irreversible. Physical changes are temporary and can be reversed.

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