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White Iron Chunk Genshin Impact

    How to Obtain

    White Iron Chunks are generally found in mines, caves, and close to mountainous terrain around Tivat.

    They can be gathered by striking their destructible nodes, dropping up to 1-3 White Iron Chunks. However, as with the rest of Geo Constructs, it’s easier to destroy them with Blunt Attacks and Geo abilities. Respawn rates are at 48 hours.

    In Co-Op Mode, each nearby player will receive drops with randomly distributed quantities. Players cannot view the other’s depths in contrast to other materials, which can affect Anemo abilities that could cause them to move.

    Specific Investigation points also drop them, which are presented upon the successful completion of particular Expeditions.

    In addition, these NPCs offer White Iron Chunks following an enumeration branch their first encounter:

    Ikuhara Gai in Kujou Encampment, Inazuma (5 White Iron Chunks)

    Mt Aozang White Iron Chunk farm route Genshin Impact


    There are two White Iron Chunk Genshin Farm routes within the Wolvedom region. The first starts in the Cecilia Garden domain, and the second route begins from the waypoints that lead to Southwest Mondstadt. It is possible to find 20-40 White Iron Chunks here.

    Wolvendom white iron chunk Farm Route Genshin Impact

    Stormbreaker Mountains

    It is believed that the White Iron Chunk Genshin Impact farm route that runs along Stormbearer Mountains is short, but it has a good amount of White Iron Chunks. You can find between 20 and 30 White Iron Chunks in just a few minutes.


    On the floor below Stormterror’s Lair, there is a chance to find more than 20 locations that will produce Crystal Chunks. The most abundant batch has situated southwest of the central tower. If you’re lucky enough, the dungeon of Stormterror could earn you as high as 60 crystal chunks.


    If you’ve gotten access to the crescent-shaped islet which houses the Spiral Abyss located in Mondstadt’s southeast quadrant, You’ve gained access to one of the most efficient locations to harvest a decent amount of White Iron Chunks. If you swiftly through the islet, plenty of White Iron Chunks is ready to be extracted. It’s a small amount of material but easy and quick to collect.

    Genshin Impact White Iron Chunk farm route

    Using a Genshin Impact White Iron Chunk Farm route will allow you to get the most time when working to find White Iron Chunk within Genshin Impact, particularly in areas with large amounts. Here are a few typical White Iron Chunk farm routes in Genshin Impact. There will be running quite a bit, so I suggest using endurance or Consumption food to reduce your weight or include Sayu on your team.

    Mt. Aozang

    From the top of Mt. Aozang, there are three distinct White Iron Chunk Genshin Impact farm routes you could choose to take. When you reach the end of each farm route, you will need to return to the point of departure to choose another path. There are about 30-50 White Iron Chunks, and the process will take about 8-10 minutes.

    Brightcrown Canyon

    Brightcrown Canyon is another location with many White Iron Chunks for you to mine. White Iron Chunk Genshin Impact farm route is straightforward, and you can mine around twenty White Iron Chunks in just 5 minutes.

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    When you reach Adventure Rank 14, you’ll unlock Expeditions in the Adventurers Guild. This feature lets you invite characters that aren’t in your group away for 4, eight, 12, and 20 hours. The longer you put them away, the higher the reward. It’s an excellent method to farm both White iron Chunks and Crystal Chunks passively.

    Mining-related Expeditions are offered on Whispering Woods, Dadaupa Gorge with Yaoguang Shoal. It is recommended to modify your itinerary according to the required materials. If you require Crystal Chunks, 20-hour Expeditions are the best option for those who need them. After 20 hours, your character will be returned equipped with 3 to 4 White Iron Chunks and seven to eight Crystal Chunks.

    However, if you’re looking for greater White Iron Chunks, you must undertake the eight-hour trek. After completion, the eight-hour expedition will yield 7 to 8 White Iron Chunks. It’s quicker than the 20-hour version, which allows you to finish many more pieces in one day.


    If you’re searching for White Iron Chunks, there’s an artisan located in Liyue Harbor who sells ore known as Shitou. He’s located just a bit north of Liyue Harbor’s Alchemy booth. You can buy as many as 10- White Iron Chunks at once. Shitou is also selling Noctilucous Jade and normal Iron Chunks. The stock replenishes every three days.


    Thoma’s kit has been thought to be pretty poor. He needs to be surrounded by several levels of constellations to build his consistency. Players who plan to invest lots of money in this Kazuha banner to obtain C2 will likely get a top Thoma constellation. The best constellations for the character comprise C4 or C6:

    • C4, after using Crimson Ooyoroi 15 Energy, is returned to Thoma. This will reduce the Burst price to 65. It remains somewhat high, but it is much more manageable.
    • C6: When a blazing Barrier is obtained or refreshed, the DMG dealt to each party member’s Normal or Charged Attacks is raised by 15 percent for each 6s. This allows Thoma some more worth as attack support. Best farming spots for white iron chunks

    We now know the methods to extract resources like the white iron pieces; how can you find this precious source inside Genshin Impact? Similar to its predecessors, white iron chunks can be found inside mines, as well as mountains or in areas.

    The best ways to use white iron chunks?

    As previously mentioned, the white iron chunks, the most valuable form of iron chunks, can be utilized for the creation of new weapons as well as to improve existing weapons. They are also used to make Fine Enhancement Ore and other furniture items. Here’s a list of the most effective crafting applications for white iron chunks:

    • Prototype Rancour
    • Iron Sting
    • Prototype Crescent
    • Compound Bow
    • Prototype Starglitter
    • Crescent Pike
    • Prototype Archaic
    • Whiteblind
    • Prototype Amber
    • Mappa Mare
    • Adenoma Kageuchi
    • Hakushin Ring
    • Katsuragikiri Nagamasa
    • Hamayumi
    • Kitain Cross Spear

    This is it! We hope you’ll be lucky to find white iron pieces during your travels, travelers.

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