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Who was Dan Petrescu? Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Wife, Facts

    Dan Petrescu, one of the richest people in Romania was killed in a plane crash near Milan on the 3rd of October. The billionaire was traveling on the plane he was flying along with his wife, son and five other passengers who were also killed in the crash.

    The Italian aviation agency ANSV (Agenzia Nationale for the Sicurezza of Volo) The plane was destroyed after 5 to 11 minutes of its travel. The plane was believed to be a single engine Pilatus PC-12 that could climb at a speed of 1,920 feet per minute at sea levels. This implies that the accident was triggered just as the plane was reaching its maximum cruising height.

    Based on local reports, an plane struck a two-story office building in San Donato’s suburban region. The building was reported to be empty according to reports. The article also noted the fact that the black container was located at the site and is being examined by detectives.

    Dan Petrescu Height & Weight

    How high are Dan Petrescu? Dan Petrescu is tall, at 5 feet 8 inches. He weighs 77.3 kg. He is a fitness enthusiast and also. He is blonde with dark brown eyes.

    Who was the billionaire Dan Petrescu?

    At the date of his death, Dan Petrescu was a real estate entrepreneur and a company director from Romania. According to various Romanian sources the net worth of Petrescu was around 3 billion dollars at the time of his death.

    He was an estate magnate who was the owner of several successful businesses which included a shopping complex chain, as well as huge real estate holdings in the northern region of Bucharest, Romania.

    Dan Petrescu owned stakes in businesses that he co-owned with co-partner Ion Tiriac, including the UniCredit Tiriac Bank. Dan Petrescu allegedly utilized his real estate holdings to build properties, and later sell the companies. The majority of his earnings was derived from rental agreements with retail chains partnership agreements, like Metro AG, Real (Auchan), Jumbo, and Carrefour SA.

    Petrescu left Romania under Communist Nicolae Ceausescu’s regime and is now living in Germany. Petrescu is a citizen of Germany. German citizenship, as does all of his extended family. When the rule of Ceausescu came close to an end he been able to return Romania.

    Dan was a millionaire who ran several businesses from Monaco as per Romania-Insider. Dan was an aviation lover, having been piloting in the aircraft that crashed, and claimed his life, as per the reports.

    Dan Petrescu Wife

    Petrescu was married to Daniela Carmen, who he married in the year 1992. They had 2 daughters: Rebecca (born in 1994) as well as Beatrice Chelsea (born 1998). In honor of one of his former teams, he named one the daughters “Chelsea.” He married Adriana Stan who was a former sportsperson on May 7, 2007. They share a daughter, Jennifer, who was born in the year 2008.

    Dan Petrescu Wiki

    Real Name Dan Petrescu

    Age 54 (Died)

    Birthdate 22 December 1967

    Ethnicity Mixed

    The height is 5′ 8″

    Weight 73 Kg

    Measurements NA

    Children 3

    Wife 1. Daniela Carmen

    2. Adriana Stan

    Net Value $3.2 billion in 2021.

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    Dan Petrescu Net Worth

    Daniel Vasile Petrescu is a Romanian former player who was an winger or a fullback. forward, and is currently a manager at the helm for Liga I team CFR Cluj is estimated to have a Net Worth of about $3.2 billion by 2021.

    Who else was there with Dan Petrescu in the plane crash?

    • Queen Dorotea Petrescu Balzat, the wife of 65 years of Dan along with Daniel Stefan Petrescu, the son of the 30-year-old Dan was also aboard the plane. Claire Alexandrescu and her husband Filippo Nascimbene travelled with their baby son and mother on board the plane. Julien Brossard was also on the plane.
    • The travelers were headed to Sardinia in Italy, where the magnate was the owner of an estate. Although ANSV has initiated an investigation however, no further details on the incident are available.

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