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Why Does My Candle Jar Turn Black

    Candles are an excellent method to add some ambiance to rooms while also providing an enjoyable scent when you’re doing it. They are available in a wide variety of colors and fragrances that can be used to create any scent or mood you like.

    There are instances when the candle jars start changing color. It’s ugly, makes the candle look dirty, and often requires them to be thrown away. What is this to do with it, and how is the best way to deal with it?

    You’ve burned a candle and are admiring the new scent, but you notice a thin grey film formed around the outside of the container. The film gets thicker each time you burn it until you’ve got a black band on the top of your candle. While it’s ugly, the black ring has an incredibly standard explanation and is simple to prevent and remove. Find out why candle glass can become black, how to stop this from happening, and how to remove the accumulation.

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    You’re probably wondering about the cause of this unfortunate situation that impacts the beauty in your candle’s jar. You’re not the only one who is wondering about this. So, we’ve been taking our time to answer the questions.

    The article below will address why my candle jar goes black. Then, we’ll tackle the other issues that appear to be crucial, and we’ll also address ways to prevent them from happening and remove them.

    Why Does the Candle Jar Turn Black?

    The dark black appearing within the glass jars is due to an absence of oxygen. The pot can only experience carbon production but not oxygen flow, and then it explodes. The upward flow of the hot gasses from the burning process deprives oxygen of the flame and stops air from moving around.

    The result is a burnt black, smoky look that is often seen on the inside of the candle. If you’re not a professional candle maker, you may not be aware that there are various methods to stop the carbon burning that gives the burnt, black look we all dislike so often.

    What Causes My Candle Jar To Turn Black?

    If the jar becomes black after the candle has been burned, it’s due to soot accumulation. Simply put, soot occurs due to carbon atoms that are not burned being expelled from the candle’s wick and are deposited on the side of the container. Why do sure candles create lots of soot while others don’t?

    It boils down to the specific characteristics of specific candles. Below I’ll outline some of the essential features of candles that create a lot of soot.

    Is Black Smoke From The Candle Dangerous For Humans?

    Perhaps you’ll be wondering about the implications of the black smoke on your health. Who wouldn’t? Some products and services can be harmful to our health. But, we don’t look at them.

    And now, in the smoke that emanates out of it. The result is similar. The truth is that the smoke is not enough to pose any health risk for you, and it’s because the smoke is the same as that generated by a toaster or cooking oil. This means that you don’t need to be concerned about dangers to your health.

    The Right Way to Burn

    There’s indeed more to lighting a luxurious candle than just lighting the wick and then just letting it burn. You can undoubtedly burn it, and however, you’ll likely be left with black marks on the sides of the jar in no time.

    First of all, you must be burning it for about 2 hours or so when you first start using it. This can help extend its lifespan and ensure that you can use it repeatedly. This allows the outer layer of wax to melt entirely.

    How do you clean the black candle glass?

    Your soy wax candle can still produce soot despite all your security measures. If the glass of your candle has begun to turn black, you should regularly clean it to prevent the soot from getting accumulated. The more soot present, the more difficult it is to wash. When cleaning the candle to remove the flame, blow it out and let the candle and the container completely cool. Wet a towel with water and rub it onto the soot, ensuring it is gone. If the soot seems complicated to get rid of, you can use the rubbing alcohol alternative, which will break up the accumulation. Allow the candle to dry entirely before lighting it again.

    If you’ve burned the candle completely down and want to reuse the jar, you could also make use of water and soap to get rid of the candle’s wax. In the beginning, you’ll have to take the candle’s wax from the container (check out the guide linked for the steps to do this). Soak the candle jar in soapy water, then wipe it clean with the softest cloth to ensure that the soot has been removed. The container should dry before making it reusable.

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