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why does my spotify keep stopping

    With more than 300 million Spotify users all over the world, Spotify needs no introduction to the majority of people. However, with this kind of popularity, having issues that make Spotify stop working frequently can be an issue. This can happen when you receive a message that Spotify is not responding, and then you see the app going down and going back to the device’s home screen. The application may stop working, and Spotify will stop playing randomly or return to the menu without any notifications. It is also possible that occasionally Spotify will stop playing even when your screen turns turned off. If you’re experiencing one of these issues, take a look further…try these tips to ensure that the app runs seamlessly on your device, whether it’s Android or iPhone.

    Why does my Spotify stop?

    Several reasons could be causing some of the causes that could cause Spotify playback to stop or even cause the whole application to shut down. Corrupted cache files could cause the problem, use by another person with a weak power mode, poor internet connectivity or server failures, among other reasons. To fix this issue, customers could be required to try a couple of solutions before they effectively eliminate the problem. Find answers to solve the issue with Spotify below.

    How to Fix My Spotify Pausing?

    If you’re using one of the wireless earbuds, such as AirPods and have taken an AirPod out of your ear, Spotify will stop playing the song. This happens as the AirPod detects you’re not active. It will contain the music for you. If your Spotify continues to pause, it is possible to explore these solutions.

    First Steps to Fix Repeated Pausing in Spotify

    Here are a few easy things to do if you’re experiencing delays while you listen to Spotify on your smartphone device:

    You should ensure that nobody else is streaming into your account at the time.

    Try clearing out any temporary data. Shut off your mobile for about 15 seconds before switching it on again.

    Turn off the low-power mode. Low power mode may create interference to the Spotify stream. Try opening Battery Options and choosing Settings. Then, turn off the Low Power Mode.

    Disable data saver mode. A decrease in the amount of data Spotify utilizes can cause delays; thus, Try going through Settings, after which you can turn off Data Saver.

    Download the song onto your device to listen in silence in areas with poor mobile coverage.

    How to Fix the Issue Of Spotify Keep Pausing?

    After we’ve discussed the causes of Spotify, which keeps crashing, Let’s look at the solutions. Remember that you must try every option and determine which one will work out best for you.

    1. Restart Your Device

    Turning off your phone and restarting it could aid in resolving the issue of constant pausing on Spotify. Hold the ‘Power button’ within your device for a particular duration. Then, you can choose to switch off or restart your device. This might work because we typically have multiple apps running in the background, making it hard for other applications to function.

    This means that the memory of your phone will be freed after restarting. This will ensure that Spotify runs smoothly on your phone, but if it doesn’t, try the following method.

    Check the Internet Connectivity

    As you may have guessed, aside from offline music, Spotify uses an internet connection to stream online songs. Therefore, you must have an active internet connection to access the library online of the app and its servers. It is recommended to check your internet connection to determine if the network is in place to stream songs. If the internet connection is not functioning, the music will stop playing on Spotify often, and there’s nothing to do aside from ensuring the internet connection is working.

    If you go online to check, you can determine whether the other apps you have installed on the device use the data correctly or not. If they’re not, check if the permissions for your network for Spotify are set or not. If not, then enable the permissions and then run the application. If everything seems right, but you’re experiencing Spotify music that stops working, The next option is what you should proceed with.

    Switch off the ‘Power saver mode:

    If your laptop’s battery is set to the built-in power-saving mode, the Spotify app will not be able to play any tracks smoothly for you.

    To prevent this issue from repeatedly occurring, adhere to the steps in the following steps:

    Step 1: First, go to the settings tab on your PC.

    Step 2: Go to the settings of your system, and you’ll be able to view options for the battery and the power of the device you are using.

    Step 3: Once you’ve reached this window’s section for power and battery settings, you can remove the checkbox “Automatically turn on the battery saver.

    Step 4: You may also choose a customized power mode for your device directly in the control panel. Selecting a sufficient amount of speed will ensure that the programs running on your system offer the best performance for you.

    Sign Out From Anywhere Your Spotify Account is Logged On:

    The third method to resolve the issue is to log off from your Spotify account on every device you’ve been using it on. Follow the steps below:

    Step 1: Visit the official website of Spotify on SPOTIFY.

    Step 2: Sign into your Spotify account using your login credentials.

    Step 3: The procedure will take you to an Account overview page.

    Step 4: Scroll to the end of the page, where you’ll see a choice to sign out from all places.

    Step 5: After you tap on the right button, you’ll finish the logout process from each device.

    Step 6: Now, sign into your Spotify account from your smartphone and observe whether Spotify is still interrupted while playing the song.

    What if Nothing Could Fix It?

    If any options listed on this page resolve your issue, get in touch with your Spotify team. They’ll look into your case and then contact you if something amiss is happening to your account.

    The only way to connect with support personnel is through email. Therefore, you must create your screenshots, provide a short explanation of the issue, and send them an email to

    How can I get Spotify to stop crashing?

    There are a few options you can do. First, ensure that your phone isn’t asleep. If it is, you can turn off sleep mode or turn off automatic updates to apps. Also, try to restart your device. If that doesn’t work, delete and then reinstall the Spotify application.

    What is the reason why my Spotify pauses after I exit the app?

    If Spotify is set to run behind the scenes, the app could stop streaming after users quit the application.

    Does Spotify Stop Playing After A While?

    Spotify may end playing after a few minutes when your playlist has finished, and you’re not enabling replay play.

    What is the reason Spotify stopped for 9 seconds?

    Spotify will stop playing at 9 seconds since it’s the length of commercial breaks. By allowing a pause for 9 seconds, Spotify allows its users to listen to the music they’re currently listening to or skip to the next track.


    Spotify is a fantastic music streaming service and one of the top in the marketplace. But, like every other application, it cannot meet the user’s expectations. However, there’s no reason for you to let a glitch make your audio experience less enjoyable when you know how to resolve these issues in moments!

    If Spotify stops playing, skips or isn’t streaming on your device, follow these steps to fix the problem and enjoy your music.

    Are you satisfied with these solutions? Do you have suggestions for fixing Spotify’s pausing problems? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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